Pallet Fire at Lompoc Walmart

Fire at Lompoc Walmart (Photo by the Santa Maria Fire Department) title=
Fire at Lompoc Walmart (Photo by the Santa Maria Fire Department)
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By Bob on the Scanner

Structure fire at the Walmart department store in Lompoc on Saturday night. 

A large fire of mostly wooden pallets.

Santa Maria and Lompoc Fire Departments on the scene. Able to contain it quickly.

No injuries that I heard.

Photo: Santa Maria Fire Department

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ChillinGrillin Mar 12, 2023 09:25 PM
Pallet Fire at Lompoc Walmart

Ah so they infiltrated the loading docks and did it with Colonel Mustard in the billiard room with a candlestick? Edhat Sherlocks on the case again. Capital work, old sport.

Benicee Mar 12, 2023 05:34 PM
Pallet Fire at Lompoc Walmart

And? Sac think it’s pretty obvious fitz is trying to say probably homeless caused the fire. Why don’t you go down to the riverbed and become one of the many victims that don’t get reported.

sacjon Mar 13, 2023 01:53 PM
Pallet Fire at Lompoc Walmart

BENICEE - that's a whole lot of aSSumptions and whatabouts there, kid. Was this started in the riverbed? No. So your whole wishing that I would "go down to the riverbed" and become a "victim" makes no sense. Also, wishing harm (even death?) on me because I had the audacity to question a comment isn't very Christian like of you. In fact, it makes you an awful person.

a-1678687905 Mar 12, 2023 11:11 PM
Pallet Fire at Lompoc Walmart

Firefighters from the Lompoc Fire Department were dispatched at 7:45 p.m. to the incident at 1501 North L St. at an ag business behind Walmart on West Central Avenue, Battalion Chief Scott Nunez said. “Crews made an aggressive exterior attack and were able to contain the fire to the pallets of boxes and prevent any extension to the structures.” The fire occurred at Lompoc Valley Cooling, built 10 years ago by fourth-generation local farmer Bob Campbell. The site also is home to EpicVeg and the Campbell Ranch offices.

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