Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

Package Thief Spotted off Hollister title=
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister
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Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

Warning: Male Suspect seen in the photographs below was observed stealing packages off of porches in the area of Hollister and Evonshire. If you have any information regarding the identity of this person or information that may be helpful to investigators please contact the Sheriff's Office at 805-683-2724 or call our anonymous tip line at 805-681-4171.

We see a lot of package thieves this time of year especially. Please be vigilant.

To ensure safe delivery of your packages and keep them out of the hands of thieves, follow these security tips:

- Set up alternative delivery/pickup options through your local delivery services. Whether the majority of your packages are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx, each offers alternative delivery and pickup options. For example, UPS has an expanding Access Point network that provides for delivery and pickup of packages at local grocery or convenience stores in various neighborhoods. Let the delivery company know when you will be home.

- Discourage thieves from targeting your residence with a few strategic home security devices. Home surveillance cameras can be effective crime deterrents. Your home security cameras should be prominently displayed where potential criminals can see them, yet high enough to prevent them from being tampered with. Outdoor security lighting and a home alarm system can also be effective crime deterrents.

- Keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles and subjects in your neighborhood. Putting a stop to package theft and residential burglaries is a team effort. Talk to your neighbors and encourage everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious activity (an individual or vehicle following a delivery truck, a stranger removing a package from outside a residence, etc). Please report suspicious activity to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office by calling 911. If you need to report a theft which occurred earlier, you may go to to file an online report or call our non-emergency number at (805) 681-4100.

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djalan2000 Nov 30, 2018 08:02 AM
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

After you get a delivery, take out your contents, replace the label with a fake one (they never look anyway), fill the box with food scraps or some other biodegradables and seal it back up. Then put it back on your porch and let them take it! If EVERYONE did this, these crooks would likely either A) Get caught easier or B) Stop doing it because there's no payoff for the risk involved. I do the same thing with telephone scammers. I play along with them, putting them on 'hold' frequently during the conversation and giving them phoney information. If it's the "We're sending you a check, do you mind paying the other people?" I say "Not at all, anything I can do to help." They end up SPENDING money to send those phoney Money Orders (which I take to the Post Office to turn in) and if I can keep them on the line for 10 minutes or more, that means that many less people they can call to try and scam that day. Plus, it's kind of fun. I just act stupid a lot, do things like dropping an empty pot and saying "Oh crap, hold on" and leave them hanging for several minutes, etc.. It's really fun coming up with different things to tell them.

a-1571049190 Nov 29, 2018 10:47 PM
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

Never ever "say something" to someone while that perp is in the act of committing a crime. Not unless you're prepared to defend yourself and possibly wearing body armor at the time. That said, I've said things. Just been lucky so far not to get stabbed, clocked in the face or shot.

pxn Nov 29, 2018 08:24 AM
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

After you get a package and take out the contents, reseal it and put it back where it was left. A lot of empty targets for thieves will frustrate them. You can also refill it with some trash as an option.

a-1571049190 Nov 29, 2018 10:23 AM
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

The only downside to that is the package full of trash will then be tossed to the side of the road and your name will be on it.

EastBeach Nov 29, 2018 12:55 AM
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

When I receive my UPS or Fedex tracking links via email, I usually use them to setup delivery hold at a UPS Store or Fedex Ship location near my workplace. For Amazon deliveries, I send them to the Amazon Locker in IV, also near my workplace. For DHL, I also setup for hold and pickup on the way home.

a-1571049190 Nov 28, 2018 09:40 PM
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

A few months ago I called OnTrac about their delivery people leaving my packages far, far from my front porch. One time the OnTrac delivery person set a "delivered" package atop my trash can. Just lucky trash pickup had already happened earlier that day.

a-1571049190 Nov 29, 2018 01:05 PM
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

OnTrac should be shut down. They are absolutely terrible. They've left packages at the end of our driveway (not even walked the 10 yards to the house), dropped our Blue Apron boxes so the contents break (repeatedly), and on more than one occasion delivered our packages to a completely different address!! It's always an angry person driving a beat up van with an OnTrac sticker slapped on it. AWFUL!

a-1571049190 Nov 29, 2018 10:20 AM
Package Thief Spotted off Hollister

Y'know the stereotype... hoodie means outlaw with strong racial undertones 'coz, y'know, it's the POC who favour that sort of garb. Though it's ironic this guy looks awfully pasty to be a POC.

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