Over 300 Mathletes Competed at Math Superbowl

Over 300 Mathletes Competed at Math Superbowl title=
Over 300 Mathletes Competed at Math Superbowl
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Source: Santa Barbara County Education Office

Over 300 mathletes gathered on May 29 at Earl Warren Showgrounds to test their math skills at the 38th Annual South Coast Math Superbowl. Fourth through sixth graders from 32 public and private schools in Carpinteria, Goleta, and Santa Barbara competed in this annual event sponsored by the Santa Barbara County Education Office, Montecito Union School District, Cold Spring School District, and Peabody Charter School.

“This event brings together students who love math to compete in a subject they are passionate about. It not only tests their individual acumen, but promotes collaboration and teambuilding in a fun, positive, and motivating environment,” said Jeff Linder, Math Superbowl coordinator and math specialist at Montecito Union School District. “It’s great to see the joy on their faces as they tackle these challenges.”

The competition includes two individual and one team round at each grade level. The first part focuses on mathematical concepts and the second part includes five problems for each student to solve. The team round is a collaborative problem solving contest with five challenging problems. 

This year’s winners are as follows:

Overall school scores

  • 1st Place:       Washington Elementary, 729
  • 2nd Place:       Mountain View, 686
  • 3rd Place:       Montecito Union, 678
  • 4th Place:       Isla Vista Elementary, 626
  • 5th Place:       Kellogg Elementary, 575
  • 6th Place:       Monte Vista, 573

Grade-level winners

4th grade overall   

  • 1st Place:       Montecito Union, 245
  • 2nd Place:       Washington, 232
  • 3rd Place:       Monte Vista School, 212; Peabody Charter, 212
  • 4th Place:       Mountain View, 201
  • 5th Place:       Crane Country Day School, 196
  • 6th Place:       Foothill Family School, 191; Kellogg Elementary, 191

5th grade overall   

  • 1st Place:       Isla Vista, 222
  • 2nd Place:       Mountain View, 217
  • 3rd Place:       Washington, 211
  • 4th Place:       Monte Vista School, 190
  • 5th Place:       Hope, 184; Montecito Union, 184
  • 6th Place:       Kellogg Elementary, 177

6th grade overall   

  • 1st Place:       Washington, 286
  • 2nd Place:       Mountain View, 268
  • 3rd Place:       Montecito Union, 249
  • 4th Place:       Vieja Valley, 240
  • 5th Place:       Foothill Family School, 227
  • 6th Place:       Isla Vista, 218

Fourth grade individual scores

  • 1st Place: Eddie Perko, Adams Elementary
  • 2nd Place: Jasper Fischer, Washington Elementary
  • 3rd Place: Atria Husein, Peabody Charter; Caroline Wang, Foothill Family; Charles Le Renard; Montecito Union; and Tosh Whitworth, Montecito Union
  • 4th Place: Maddox Denver, Montecito Union and Santhosh Srinivasan, Isla Vista Elementary
  • 5th Place: Ethan Coombes, Monte Vista; Izzy Schow, Mountain View; and Paloma Rudnicki, Montecito Union
  • 6th Place: Elaine Hu, Kellogg Elementary and Kellan Cotter, Washington Elementary

Fifth grade individual scores

  • 1st Place: Bennett Sullivan, Mountain View and Mel Mayo, Washington Elementary
  • 2nd Place: Noah Slotnick-Lastrico, Washington Elementary
  • 3rd Place: Joy Xie, Brandon Elementary and Levi Reece, Washington Elementary
  • 4th Place: Angelina Bustillo, Isla Vista Elementary and Jonathan Yang, Mountain View
  • 5th Place: Brian Chen, Kellogg Elementary; Liam Hickey, Washington Elementary; Malia Hetrick, Monte Vista; and Ryan Shen, Kellogg Elementary
  • 6th Place: Dale Polchin, Roosevelt Elementary and Ruby Bargiel, Vieja Valley

Sixth grade individual scores

  • 1st Place: Charles Palmer, Montecito Union and Cooper Salts, Washington Elementary
  • 2nd Place: Alexander Hajda, Mountain View; Liam Avolio, Santa Barbara Charter; Rainier Mayo, Washington Elementary; and Sophia Hale, Washington Elementary
  • 3rd Place: Jack Gainer, Isla Vista Elementary
  • 4th Place: Kaya Gehlbach, Foothill Family
  • 5th Place: Anna Butler, Montecito Union and Rio Valle, Montecito Union
  • 6th Place: Hailey Haslem, Marymount of Santa Barbara and Joshua Hahs, Vieja Valley
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SBWoman Jun 03, 2019 12:15 PM
Over 300 Mathletes Competed at Math Superbowl

Congrats to all Mathlete Competitors and those trying out for their school teams. You are the future! Math is sequential learning like mastering an instrument. You bring great hope to our community for your discipline and commitment to learning!

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