Over $100 Million Allocated for Local Transportation Projects

Over $100 Million Allocated for Local Transportation Projects title=
Over $100 Million Allocated for Local Transportation Projects
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Highway 101: Carpinteria Project, Carpinteria Creek Bridge with carpool lane rendering

Source: SBCAG

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) allocated $107.54 million to SBCAG at their March CTC meeting which was originally scheduled to be held in Santa Barbara, California. The CTC meeting was held via teleconference in response to Governor Newsom’s March 17, 2020, Executive Order N-29-20 related to COVID-19. The funding supports high-priority multimodal transportation projects in Santa Barbara County to relieve congestion in the U.S. 101 Corridor. A significant portion of the state funding comes from Senate Bill 1, known as the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. SBCAG, in partnership with Caltrans, was able to leverage this state funding due to Measure A, Santa Barbara County’s local transportation sales tax to support local government partners in the construction of five projects benefiting the public and local economy.

“We are very grateful to receive this funding from the California Transportation Commission,” said Gregg Hart, Chair of SBCAG Board of Directors. “Now, more than ever, as we are faced with impacts on health and the economy as a result of COVID-19, we recognize the critical role transportation projects will provide in creating jobs and in helping to foster economic growth.”

The following is a list of the CTC funded projects for Santa Barbara County:

Highway 101: Carpinteria
$105.5 million
The project will add a peak-period carpool lane to the freeway in each direction within the City of Carpinteria between Bailard Avenue and the southbound Highway 101 on-ramp at Santa Claus Lane. The new lanes will tie into recently added third lanes to the south and upcoming projects to the north. New bridges will be built over Franklin and Santa Monica Creeks. There will be freeway on- and off-ramp improvements at Santa Monica Road, Carpinteria Avenue, and Reynolds Avenue. Six new sound walls will be constructed to reduce freeway noise for neighbors. On local streets, there will be improvements to the intersections at Santa Monica Road & Via Real, Reynolds & Carpinteria Avenues, and Bailard Avenue & the freeway ramps. $96 million is designated for capital costs, highway and landscaping.
Santa Claus Lane Class I Bike Path 
The project will construct a Class I Bike Path adjacent to the southbound lanes of Highway 101 between Estero Street, near Carpinteria Avenue off-ramp in the City of Carpinteria, and Sand Point Road in the County of Santa Barbara.
Rincon Multi-use Trail
The Project will construct a multi-use pedestrian and bicycle Class I path connecting Carpinteria Avenue to Rincon County Beach Park
Summerland Area Coastal Access Improvements
The project is located in the County of Santa Barbara, near the community of Summerland. This project will construct 0.4 miles of sidewalk and add coastal access parking along Wallace Avenue. This project will also construct 0.4 miles of sidewalk to complete a gap in California Coastal Trail between Greenwell Drive and North Padaro Lane and add a Class I multi-purpose path.
North Padaro Lane Coastal Access Improvements
The project will construct 0.2 miles of sidewalk to complete a gap in California Coastal Trail between Highway 101 and Loon Point Beach Parking area where coastal access exists. This project will also add coastal trail signage along North Padaro Lane and for vertical access to beach.
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a-1586187393 Apr 06, 2020 08:36 AM
Over $100 Million Allocated for Local Transportation Projects

Cur: After they finish the bicycle lanes which will be after they finish the Carpinteria section. Dontcha remember: they're punishing Montecito for being so bold as to want to keep that area attractive, rather than mini-LAesque.

Lucky 777 Apr 06, 2020 08:34 AM
Over $100 Million Allocated for Local Transportation Projects

Remember how there used to be the massive oleander bushes filling the center of 101? And the summer (late 1970's-early 1980's ?) they decided to yank them all out, and we all were poisoned by the continuous poisonous dust kicked up? Then they changed it to the raised center median filled with sad plants they insufficiently watered. Now, it'll just be a low concrete wall. Not progress.

PitMix Apr 06, 2020 11:31 AM
Over $100 Million Allocated for Local Transportation Projects

Kudos to the 3 workers on the lane widening project between Carpinteria and Summerland. That $105M contract should keep them busy for decades. I wonder if I will still be alive when they finally widen through Montecito? Will the 3 workers still be alive?

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