Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Helpline During COVID-19 Crisis

Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Helpline During COVID-19 Crisis title=
Organic Soup Kitchen Introduces New Helpline During COVID-19 Crisis
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Source: Organic Soup Kitchen

In response to the unprecedented crisis facing our community, Organic Soup Kitchen is launching a free call-in Helpline for all of its clients. The Helpline is part of Organic Soup Kitchen’s commitment to support the health and wellbeing of the more than 600 low-income seniors, cancer patients, and those with chronic illness they deliver SoupMeals to each week. The Helpline will provide a friendly, supportive staff member and be a resource to this vulnerable population of Santa Barbara County residents who are isolated at home for fear of contracting the virus.

“Handing food out to the masses is not what we do. Our clients are not statistics who receive a brown paper bag lunch.” says Andrea Slaby, Chief Operating Officer of Organic Soup Kitchen. “We develop a relationship with our clients starting with the intake form we require.” She continues, “Our SoupMeal orders have tripled since the pandemic started and 95% of our clients are struggling with serious medical and financial challenges. We want to provide extra emotional support during this time of extreme fear and stress.”  

Prior to the pandemic, Organic Soup Kitchen volunteer drivers checked-in face to face with each client as they delivered soup. Since they are no longer able to do that safely, the Helpline offers an alternative opportunity to break the cycle of isolation and provide additional support. The Helpline will operate as a 2-way resource and be available for any client to call in for specific support or simply to talk. In addition, Organic Soup Kitchen staff will make weekly calls to each client to assess their emotional and physical health and wellbeing. All of this information will be entered into their personal chart to help staff better meet each client’s specific nutritional needs. If a client requests specific support outside of what Organic Soup Kitchen offers, staff can refer them to the appropriate service. 

Since 2009, Organic Soup Kitchen has been the only organization in Santa Barbara County delivering nutrient dense SoupMeals to the community’s most vulnerable residents. We work with leading cancer specialists to formulate recipes that strengthen the immune system, increase energy and promote healing. We hand select organic produce, healthy fats and oils and non-irradiated spices to create our proprietary soup base of essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving is a medicinal quality, balanced meal containing more than five different vegetables, whole grains and a full spectrum of plant-based nutrients. Our small batch SoupMeals are made weekly, hermetically sealed for 100% safety and hand-delivered throughout Santa Barbara County.

For more information, visit or call 805-364-2790. 

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