Orcutt School Closes as Goleta School Board Plans Reopening

Orcutt School Closes as Goleta School Board Plans Reopening title=
St. Joseph High School parent volunteers prepping the school to meet guidelines this summer (courtesy photo)
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By edhat staff

A private high school in Orcutt closes after reopening as the Goleta School Board voted to resume in-person learning in January.

Saint Joseph High School reopened its doors for in-person learning last month but after a student tested positive for COVID-19, Principal Erinn Dougherty decided to close again as an extra safety precaution.

"In an over abundance of precaution we decided that the safest course of action would be to close the school for two weeks," said Dougherty in a Facebook Live video.

Dougherty confirmed there is not an outbreak at the school and students have reverted to distance learning for the time being.

In Goleta, board members of the Goleta Union School District unanimously voted Wednesday evening for students to return for in-person learning starting January 11.

While classes will resume five days a week, it won't be fully back to normal. COVID-19 screenings would take place first thing in the morning with staggered start times and dismissal between 9:00 a.m. and 2:35 p.m.

Additional precautions to minimize interactions would include class sizes of 19 students or less, school bus capacity limited to one-third, and pop up tents in outdoor spaces.

Virtual learning will no longer take place unless students had previously enrolled in the year-round remote program.

The district oversees approximately 3,500 students in nine schools.

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dukemunson Nov 05, 2020 01:21 PM
Orcutt School Closes as Goleta School Board Plans Reopening

GUSD is opening 5 days per week starting January 11...they finally listened!!!! Here's the Noozhawk article:


dukemunson Nov 05, 2020 07:25 PM
Orcutt School Closes as Goleta School Board Plans Reopening

Plan b is we shut down again.... as it should be. We follow the science and logic... and if that means we have to shut for 2 weeks or 2 months... we do! But this limbo of being able to open and public health saying we should open but not opening is insane! This thing is here to stay. Wear a mask and distance when/where possible. But life goes on. So if we have to close in February for a week and all Of may... ok... that’s life! But we follow the experts... not the teachers union ...

dukemunson Nov 06, 2020 10:34 AM
Orcutt School Closes as Goleta School Board Plans Reopening

And it’s good to be sensitive... but one must also be realistic and Honest. Take a step outside... you will see Life... going on. If public health says schools can open in a safe way (just like grocery stores, nail salons, restaurants, etc) what is the argument against them opening? If we need to close... we close. But we don’t allow one thing to be closed against the advice of experts because their union is very politically powerful. We follow science... not those in power exerting leverage

bosco Nov 06, 2020 11:41 AM
Orcutt School Closes as Goleta School Board Plans Reopening

Of course it will spike. It's naïve to think rates won't go back up. That's to be expected. The reality is we can't be surprised with cases going up and students, and teachers will test positive (just like any other part of society). However, none of that means we have to shut down. Like we keep saying, it's not going away. What matters is how much of a spike can our health system tolerate? I will leave it up to the Public Health officials to make the call, but so far we have been through 10x the levels we're at now and still managed successfully. We shouldn't panic every time the numbers go up

PitMix Nov 07, 2020 08:03 AM
Orcutt School Closes as Goleta School Board Plans Reopening

Remind me what "experts" said that we could go back to reopening schools for everyone? Was it the Orange County Board of MisEducation by any chance.? Is Goleta going to double your taxes so they can hire teachers for the 19 student classes? I would think schools will not be able to fully reopen until there is a vaccine and a bunch of people have decided it is safe to get.

dukemunson Nov 07, 2020 08:47 AM
Orcutt School Closes as Goleta School Board Plans Reopening

You obviously didn’t listen to the Goleta school board meeting, where it had public heath reps present. If you had though, you’d have seen that they did present school opening as safe and confirmed what we all knew (from a GUSD perspective) that opening with 19 kids per class wasn’t a problem. They have the resources, teachers and facilities... finally, after some pushback from parents and guidance from the state and local health, they found the initiative...

Any time you write “I would think...” just stop and don’t write anymore pitmix... because you haven’t and aren’t thinking...

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