Oprah and Cat Cora Honor First Responders at Mesa Burger

Oprah and Cat Cora Honor First Responders at Mesa Burger title=
Oprah and Cat Cora Honor First Responders at Mesa Burger
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(Photo: Mesa Burger / Facebook)

Local residents and celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Cat Cora joined together to honor first responders with a meal at Mesa Burger on Thursday.

Cora, world-renowned chef and owner of Mesa Burger on Meigs Road, opened her doors for the special event with Winfrey and served lunch to members of the Montecito Fire Protection District. 

Winfrey read a poem titled "I Owe My Life" to firefighters and first responders with their families. Cora said in an Instagram video the purpose of hosting these heroes is to "celebrate them, feed them, and say thank you."

Cora and Winfrey shared photos and video of the event on their Instagram pages.

Having our local First responders to Lunch.

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a-1558616512 Jun 01, 2018 11:26 AM
Oprah and Cat Cora Honor First Responders at Mesa Burger

Very nice and thoughtful. Oprah was very lucky with the Debris Flow. The major portion passed nearby. In one of these photos, Oprah has her arm around a firefighter, a blond woman, who had saved a woman from the burning gas explosion at the beginning of the Debris Flow. This firefighter took off her clothes and put them on the woman, and then got her evacuated for medical care (not an easy task). A hero, and giant, among giants.

Channelfog Jun 01, 2018 02:43 PM
Oprah and Cat Cora Honor First Responders at Mesa Burger

It is really not luck that protected Oprahs' house, but its' elevated site on a knoll of the former Bacon Estate. The Ennisbrook houses to her East were built a couple of decades ago in a low lying area not far from the creek. BTW the Bacon Estate, now Oprahs', has a well that produces HUGE amounts of water as it is directly North of the Arroyo Parida Fault (the fault that created the knoll/ridge upon which Oprahs' house now stands). While Mrs. Bacon had no shortage of money, she loved and respected wildlife and precious water resources. Every summer she let most of her property turn brown rather than as she put it, "over pumping the ground water". She only irrigated the modest lawns around her modest, copper roofed house. A house that was replaced with a mansion by the Velos after Mrs. Bacons' passing, and further enlarged by Oprah. When Ennisbrook was developed, she lamented having to fence her property as it interfered with the natural flow of wildlife, but she did not like having strangers walking around her place and so fenced it for the first time. I was amused at how she refused to mention the Ennisbrook developer by name, and simply referred to him as "that man" (with an unavoidable note of distaste!). Her driver took her around in an old silver station wagon though she could have afforded a Bentley. Mrs. Bacon did not like to flaunt her wealth; she had real Class. I liked her. Sorry for the historical digression. I like Mesa Burger and appreciate that they honored the first responders. Tasty burgers too!

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