Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

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By Lisa Sloan of Goleta

Dear Honorable County Supervisors,

Thank you kindly to Chair Hart and Supervisors Hartman and Williams for responding to my letter from last week.  You each described the plan to send a letter formally requesting Governor Newsom to ungroup our county from the Southern California Region and to form a Central Coast region with Ventura and San Luis Obispo.  Meanwhile, each day that goes by waiting for a response, our county continues to suffer.  

Would you please help your constituents who wish to make a living, go to school, and worship God in church? These lockdowns are political and are not based upon science.  The data does not warrant the closures for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, according to the CDC.  Besides, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is there a provision for the Bill of Rights to become void in time of pestilence or any other emergency crisis.  

What makes us think that a tyrannical Grinch Newsom will respond in a timely manner to our pitiful letter?  Businesses that have submitted their attestations obviously intend to be protective of their customers.  Meanwhile, Newsom breaks his own guidelines.  Do his actions demonstrate that he believes his guidelines are effective?  No, the only goal of this Grinch is to steal Christmas.

Stop the interminable unscientific and unconstitutional closures of businesses, schools and churches, whether our hospital capacity is measured as a sole County or as the entire Southern California region.  Don't wait for a response to your letter that may never come!  Please protect your constituents now.  Uphold your oath of office.  Defy the Grinch!

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a-1607991538 Dec 14, 2020 04:18 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

"These lockdowns are political and are not based upon science" - and no need to read any further than that. smh.

a-1607993526 Dec 14, 2020 04:52 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

I agree. Sounds like another "magical thinker", like the lame duck.

running_mike Dec 14, 2020 09:35 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

AGREE 100%
It is all about controlling the population. Don't fall for it.

a-1607991798 Dec 14, 2020 04:23 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

I'm guessing Lisa also doesn't believe in gravity, vaccines, and the Earth being round since the lockdowns aren't based on science.

Voice of Reason Dec 14, 2020 05:27 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

How does "science" say it's safe to sit on full plane, mere inches from strangers, while taking off your mask to eat and drink, while flying for 7 hours cross-country, but it is not safe to eat outside? California Health and Human Services Mark Ghaly: “The decision to include among other sectors outdoor dining and limiting that — turning to restaurants to deliver and provide takeout options instead — really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home, not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining,” Here the state is admitting that the "science" behind banning outdoor dining is psychology not epidemiology. The federal government didn't shut down any business, the state did, while admitting is was to compel a different action and not because outdoor dining was a problematic source of the spread. It is simply not okay to use this rational to destroy the lives of so many people in California. I can't express how disappointed I am that so many in our community support these tyrannical actions that don't effect themselves while having serious and long-lasting health and wellness consequences for those directly impacted by it. It isn't like there are no alternatives to this, there are! There is a 100% guaranteed way to keep anyone who chooses safe, JUST STAY HOME.

Voice of Reason Dec 14, 2020 06:12 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

That was two quick downvotes from the usual crew but neither bothered to answer how flying is safe but outdoor dining isn’t.

a-1607999005 Dec 14, 2020 06:23 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Voice: It's NEVER been a safe bet to fly during a pandemic and no one has ever said it is, yet it is allowed because flying is a necessity is some cases (business, medical, etc), eating outdoors isn't. You can purchase take out from restaurants or cook for yourself.

a-1608005440 Dec 14, 2020 08:10 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

VOR, it is possible that there is an essential reason to travel cross country. It's absolutely not essential for you to enjoy your meal at Chili's. It all comes down to risks. And your right to dine at your establishment falls way down on the chain of potential necessary risks. Stay at home, don't eat out at restaurants, and only travel if you need to. It ain't that hard

OpossumBoy Dec 15, 2020 07:35 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

VOR, your post at 5:27pm makes incredibly good sense to me. I like to eat out once or twice a week, and feel perfectly safe with the mandated outdoor seating and distancing. I don’t think hindering the operation of restaurants is the right thing to do, given our struggling economy. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to pay rent to the property owner. Some restaurants have already shut their doors forever.

Eggs Ackley Dec 16, 2020 04:00 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

“I...feel perfectly safe” “given our struggling economy” You attitude will prolong the pandemic and destroy more lives and businesses. Do no harm/Don’t be an idiot

Shmonk Dec 14, 2020 04:24 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Your anger should be directed towards the federal government, who actually has the power to pay us to shutdown and get healthy.

macpuzl Dec 14, 2020 04:51 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

The gist of this opinion piece, expressed much more succinctly:


Ahchooo Dec 14, 2020 06:17 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

The California government doesn’t have the authority to restrict airline policies. Our state and local governments tried to do what they could. They want people to wear masks and stay away from each other. The shutdowns are their only tool. Not ideal, by far, but stepping back and making no attempt to lower infections would be dereliction of duty.

kids Dec 14, 2020 08:35 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Thank you Gavin Newsom for shut down!! Hang in there people. This is an awful pandemic. I've lost loved ones,

GeneralTree Dec 14, 2020 08:42 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Hogwash. There is always someone who would gladly help you along to the end of days to meet Jesus without even trying to avoid the end. I can now actually see why the Salem Witch Trials happened . My guess is the herd will be thinned.

mtndriver Dec 14, 2020 09:25 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

360 cases today in our county. No time to open up. Support those who are affected financially to get through this period, pass legislation that will provide that.

sbmh2015 Dec 14, 2020 11:59 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Is this the same Lisa Sloan who works for Santa Barbara County in Environmental Health Science for over 26 years ? If so, boy oh boy. Disgraceful

a-1608075806 Dec 15, 2020 03:43 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Yes same one, she read this same letter at the supervisor mtg this morning.

rubyfoo Dec 15, 2020 07:33 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

The 99.8% survival rate figure quoted, neatly sidesteps the issue of long haulers who experience extensive damage from the virus that lasts for months or longer. A number of studies have shown that 78%-87% of all infected individuals are included. For details read the 11/28 article from EMS World. https://www.emsworld.com/article/1225291/long-haulers-continuing-casualties-covid-19 BTW, the mortality rate for over-60s is 1.71%.

PitMix Dec 15, 2020 07:39 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Pursue your freedoms all you want. Just agree to stay away from hospitals if you get sick. Save the beds for people that are masking and isolating as much as they can but still get sick. God will take care of you at home.

Voice of Reason Dec 15, 2020 08:38 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Pit, that's like saying continue the lockdowns all you want just give your paycheck to those that can't get one....but you won't do that will you? "God will take care of you at home" you realize many won't have a home when the eviction moratorium ends? Thank you for pointing out that those masking and isolating are still getting sick, I said that yesterday and several thought I was full of it. It is clear 9 months in, the extreme measures we're taking only have a nominal effect.

Voice of Reason Dec 15, 2020 10:02 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Many here don't care @ 420722, it's all about self preservation hidden behind false notions of altruism and phony "all in this together" attitudes.

sacjon Dec 15, 2020 10:05 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

420722 and VOR - yeah yeah we get, it's really all you ever say - "if you support the restrictions, you must not care about people who aren't working blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" - rinse and repeat. You're both intelligent enough to separate ideas in your heads. Just because we support restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of a deadly virus doesn't mean we don't care or somehow should be responsible for the people who can't work. Where's your outrage at our government for failing to provide ANY relief other than a 1200 check to last them for 10 months? It is not Pit's, nor mine, responsibility to care for anyone other than our selves and our families. I'm sorry people are losing money. I am. My family has been eating into our savings to make up for the lost of income since March. BUT.... we are able to see the bigger picture. Why aren't you?

letmego Dec 15, 2020 10:13 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

I'm with PITMIX and SACJON here. I actually think the shutdowns are appropriate (and WORK if people do what they are supposed to) ... but I also think that the Federal Government should do their part and actually pay people to stay home. The money should go to the people who need it the most, not big businesses. Let people stay home, still be able to pay rent and mortgage and buy food and necessities.

And yes, that means taxes will go up on people who are still working (like me), and I also in the meantime put my $ where my mouth is and donate to the food bank, the homeless shelters, boys and girls club, etc.

sacjon Dec 15, 2020 10:42 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

VOR - I'm not hiding my "self preservation" at all. My family's safety is FAR more important to me than a restaurant losing money (like I am) because they have to switch to take out only for 3 weeks. Again, it's not my responsibility to pay anyone. My lost income is coming from a business that is shut down entirely, no alternatives like take out, or home hair cuts. We have completely shut that income source down since March. It sucks, but during a pandemic, it makes sense.

No, we're not "all in this together" except in the fact that we're ALL getting screwed by our government. Some of us choose to accept it, others (like me) are not happy about it. Doesn't mean though that I'm going to put my family at risk.

sacjon Dec 15, 2020 12:15 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

420722 - I'm talking about the 3 week regional stay at home order that was implemented a little over a week ago.

420722 Dec 15, 2020 12:40 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

I know what you meant, my point is do you really think it’s going to be just three weeks after everything we’ve seen? Probably not.

Voice of Reason Dec 15, 2020 12:56 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Sac, all you have to do to keep your family 100% safe (from covid anyway) is to just stay home...

sacjon Dec 15, 2020 01:05 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

VOR - I'm well aware of that. My point is and has been, you're blame is misguided. Stop lashing out at those who support the restrictions as being selfish. We're not the ones refusing to pay people to shut their businesses. It's getting old.

a-1608088763 Dec 15, 2020 07:19 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

This is why it's up to people who have money to give it away!
I'm continuing donations to SB Food bank, Unity Shoppe, and SB Foundation/United Way housing fund.

I've also joined Feeding America, and donated to Imperial County.

The current conditions make me question life -- how so many manage to keep going -- desire to reproduce. I want to lower the pain of life. But there's no solution.
The upcoming evictions and homeless crisis -- you thought it was bad before...

420722 Dec 16, 2020 12:28 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Sacjon for the win and the final answer as to why people are fighting against the shutdown and pushing to reopen, “ It is not Pit's, nor mine, responsibility to care for anyone other than our selves and our families”, EXACTLY! It’s not anyone’s responsibility to shutdown and lose it all so that you feel safe.

letmego Dec 16, 2020 10:56 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

In other words, screw the rest of you, don't care if your mama dies or you lose a leg to COVID ... MEMEMEMEME

Eggs Ackley Dec 16, 2020 04:03 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Seems to work in a lot of countries where people use common sense instead of whining about their “rights to be a public health hazard”

Voice of Reason Dec 16, 2020 04:41 PM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Eggs, no one isn't masking nor is anyone here saying we shouldn't take covdi seriously. We also wouldn't be contesting the restrictions if the government didn't force small businesses to close without providing relief (whose responsibility to provide the relief would be the entity forcing the closure), if the people or entity imposing the restrictions actually followed them, and more importantly, after 9 months if we had data showing these restrictions significantly slow the spread. To often these restrictions have been arbitrary and non-science based (like the recent outdoor dining ban). 420722, you hit the nail on the head.

oops Dec 15, 2020 07:46 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

VOR- I support your common sense posts. Open up!
Others- if I had a choice which WE don't, I would rather put my 90 year old father at risk of dying then what is happening to my 2 recently graduated adults which are having their life, mental well being, & future impacted for this politicized virus.

PitMix Dec 15, 2020 09:47 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Does your father know that you have chosen your kids over him? Must be so proud.

Ahchooo Dec 15, 2020 08:44 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

If our government would provide adequate financial relief to those forced to shut down, as they do in some more civilized countries, then our economy would not have suffered so.

sea dog Dec 15, 2020 09:02 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

NYC said yesterday contact tracing showed only 1.5% of COVID cases came from restaurants. 75% came from people's homes. They also admitted closing restaurants was just a way to keep people home.

Voice of Reason Dec 15, 2020 09:29 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

Sea Dog, the head of California Health and Human Services, Mark Ghaly, said the same thing about outdoor dining. It is not about the science anymore. Also crazy they prohibited an activity that as a direct result, will increase private gatherings in homes, where the majority of spread is occurring. Mr. Slug, that would require an efficient and well run government with leaders that put the needs of their constituents first rather than prioritizing their next election and toeing the party line.

PitMix Dec 15, 2020 09:45 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

This is like the old statistic where they say most car accidents happen close to home. That is because with every trip you are going to be close to your home at the start and end. 100% of us are in our homes most of the time, so most transmissions are going to occur there. What percent of us and for how long are we in restaurants? Once you factor in the time of stay in each location, that 1.5% starts to look pretty big.

MrSlugWilson Dec 15, 2020 09:07 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

It seems to me that in advance of an impending shutdown, the government should have a small team research each community for their restaurants, salons, gyms, etc. that will be severely effected by the mandated shutdown. With those figures, names and addresses in hand, they would be able to provide immediate financial support to the folks who are being put out of work for the safety of the community. - The way things are done now; we close you down and you can file some paperwork and maybe get relief at some point.... seems like a very poor system.
How hard is it to have 2 or 3 government desk workers use google and locate the service businesses in each community? Not hard.
The amount of thought, or really the lack there-of, is disheartening.

I do agree the shutdowns are necessary to prevent rampant spread and protect our community, but I also am saddened by the lack of out-reach towards affected shops/restaurants being performed by all levels of government.

SB Barbarian Dec 15, 2020 09:26 AM
Opinion: Defy Grinch Newsom

I can't believe the number of ignorant and self-centered comments on this thread. I won't point out which ones, since you know who you are.


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