Op-Ed: School Board Should Not Remove San Marcos Safety Officer

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By Rosanne Crawford

Public comments continued to come in at the Santa Barbara Unified School District board meeting on 10/26 that included Sherif Bill Brown, A Ventura District Attorney and students and parents that have started petitions on their campus.

Recently,  action agenda item 7 on the 10/12/21 School Board meeting was set for approval of the contract with the School Resource Deputy. A School Resource Deputy is a sworn Law enforcement officer responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools.  For Agenda and documents attachments see  https://go.boarddocs.com/ca/sbunified/Board.nsf/Public

Unexpectedly, however, Superintendent Maldonado however took the Board in a different direction and made a special request to change the action 7 from approval of the contract to a discussion item. The president of the Board Kate Ford granted the request.   What was even more unprecedented was after discussion and comments  they changed it back to an action item.

The entire youtube of the meeting is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfX4JICaEHM Buffer to the time towards the end of the meeting at  4:18:59 thru 6:04:56 for this item to hear discussion details.

The reversal was questioned by the astute Student Board representative who stated that public comments of some invited groups were opposite of what he had been hearing from his constituents who are students on the campus and asked that it be postponed so others could be included in the discussion.

The board however unanimously decided to go against the prior motion to approve the placement and funding of a School Resource Deputy ( SRD) at San Marcos High School for the 2021-2022 school year. (Source: Independent)

One of the strongest statements in this article was: “There is just not enough evidence that a [School Resource Officer] prevents gun violence,” Board Member Laura Capps said. “It’s not something I can support going forward.”

The security officer had been put in place because of an increase in violence and drug use on campus as well as increased incidences of cyber bullying and sexual misconduct. Since 2016 there had been a 41% increase of weapon related offences. (Source: Noozhawk)

Only weeks ago a San Marcos tennis coach and physics teacher was arrested at school after the juvenile male victim reported the incident to local law enforcement. (Source: Independent)

In March 2019, a Goleta man was charged with multiple felonies of child molestation and pornography after the investigation of a case which began when San Marcos High school was notified  the student victim had reported to the School Resource Officer that the individual was attempting communications of a sexual matter. (Source: Noozhawk)

What you can do

Email your opinion to the Superintendent and Board members.

 Superintendent Maldonado    hmaldonado@sbunified.org
Kate Ford President of board   kford@sbunified.org
Rose Munoz Vice President      rmunoz@sbunified.org
   Wendy Sims-Moten       wsims-moten@sbunified.org
   Virginia Alvarez           valvarez@sbunified.org
       Laura Capps       lcapps@sbunified.org
Student Board member Dawson Kelly  studentboardmember@sbunified.org
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GeneralTree Oct 28, 2021 01:24 PM
Op-Ed: School Board Should Not Remove San Marcos Safety Officer

Who said the dads would be in charge of safety? Who said they were going to protect everyone? I like the idea of families volunteering more at schools and being on campus.
Are you against families being a part of schools to make it a better place?

sacjon Oct 28, 2021 01:20 PM
Op-Ed: School Board Should Not Remove San Marcos Safety Officer

Wait, what? Dads patrolling instead of cops? I definitely don't want a stay at home dad in charge of my kid's safety. Where on earth is this even a thing? If we're going to rely on parents to protect everyone, throw a gaggle of stay at home Karens in there. At least they'll be in constant communication with the real police.

ZeroHawk Oct 28, 2021 12:34 PM
Op-Ed: School Board Should Not Remove San Marcos Safety Officer

yeah dads on duty. ok so how many CAPABLE dads don't work and can hang out on campus? How many of them have training and have taken courses on how to manage kids? How many of them have completed intensive background checks? None? Thought so. And Honestly...if some gang bangers want to roll onto campus, some kids dad isn't going to stop them, but a cop with a gun will. That cop also has back up, it's called the police department. What does your dad brigade have? Nothing.

GeneralTree Oct 28, 2021 12:06 PM
Op-Ed: School Board Should Not Remove San Marcos Safety Officer

Sac - your anecdotal story doesn't sway my opinion on all of the research I've read on the subject.

Lot's of research on the subject available to you. Lot's of evidence pointing to more harm than good.

With that being said - I'm all for the "Dad's on Duty" concept we've been hearing about in the news this week.


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