Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

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By Joan Albion

Not long ago I posted a comment on the edhat board about some headlines the local GOP party was putting out to its members. An especially quarrelsome frequent commenter said I was making those headlines up and I responded with links and said I'll put together an opinion piece on what I've seen lately. So, here it is. 

A little about me: I'm a registered Independent. In years past I've voted for Republicans, I've voted for Democrats, I've voted for Libertarians, heck I even voted for Ross Perot once. I like to watch/listen to MSNBC, NPR, Fox News, and conservative leaning podcasts to see what all sides are saying. I'll do my own research and then make up my own mind. Both major parties are quite skilled at twisting narratives and pushing their agendas, it's politics baby!

But we can't deny in the last 5 years or so things have taken an aggressive turn for the worse. Misinformation and fear is running rampant and people are more obstinate than ever. I subscribe to both the Santa Barbara County GOP and Santa Barbara Democrats email newsletters and here is what both sides have been sending out this past month.

For the local Republican Party, I've gotten various emails from "Take Back Our Schools," "Santa Barbara Republicans," and "Santa Barbara County GOP." I only signed up for one of these so it seems I was added to all of them, but they are all signed by the SB Republican Party chairwoman Bobbi McGinnis.

1. August 7, 2022, the top image has a headline from Fox News that reads "Hormone Blockers and Trans Surgery for minors is the Biden admin's version of "normal." Bobbi then writes, "the Biden administration is promoting dangerous hormone blockers and life-altering surgeries for minors... the Left has declared an all-out war on the basic biology of helpless children!"

These and similar sentiments have been swirling in right-leaning circles this summer as the education system has been targeted. It's a pretty obvious attack on the LGBTQ+ community as a slew of anti-trans bills have been passed in varying states. Also of note, when clicking on the image it links to a fundraiser page for the local GOP party that reads "Support Conservatives Who Will Oppose The Left's Racist, Transgender Agenda in Our Schools!"

FACTS: Biden signed a bill this summer that protects transgender children to seek medical care in states that are now attempting to charge parents with abuse for their child simply identifying as trans. Gender-affirming care is recommended by all major medical associations and can range from social transition — changing pronouns or dressing differently — to medical transition, including reversible puberty blockers and hormone therapy. For pre-pubertal transgender children diagnosed with gender dysphoria, doctors recommend avoiding gender-affirming medications, according to the Endocrine Society’s Clinical Practice Guideline, which sets standards of care for transgender people. Read more facts on this topic here.

Conclusion: Misleading, Misinformed, Transphobic, Discriminatory.

2. August 9, 2022:  Bobbi sends out another email titled "Take Politics out of school" seemingly contradicting the above message just two days prior. She further states, "We must put education over politics -- the future of our kids and Santa Barbara County depends on it!" Can't make this stuff up, the email goes on to bullet point the following in bold. 

  • Parents have a right to be involved in their child's education;
  • Racist propaganda is banned from the classroom
  • Our schools are safe learning environments! 

FACTS: The hypocrisy is astounding but let's break it down. True, parents do have a right to be involved in their child's education, but it seems like both sides are frustated with the other. Although, when books are being banned and historical facts and events are questioned it makes one wonder. 

Racist propaganda. This one is interesting because it seems to touch on Critical Race Theory, which has been proven numerous times is not taught in public school and is ONLY a graduate level law school course. However the talking points on this one seem to suggest that basic American history should be excluded from children's learning as it doesn't paint white people in a good light. 

Schools are safe learning environments. Hmm.. well based on the previous email it appears it's not safe for transgender or non-binary children. 

Conclusion: More Misinformation and Contradictory Statements

3. August 9, 2022: Title reads "FBI Raids Trump" then goes on to further state, "If we let the Radical Left get away with attacking the 45th President of the United States like this, just think what they will do to you!!!" ... Just think... if a judge also thinks you broke the law and you fail to respond to numerous requests from the court to answer, and your lawyer signs off on it, they'll do the same to you!

FACTS: The investigation is still in its early stages but some of the facts are, a federal judge magistrate signed the warrant after “finding probable cause that evidence of multiple federal crimes would be found” at Trump’s property.  A property receipt of the items taken from Mar-a-Lago listed 11 sets of classified records, including four sets labeled “Miscellaneous Top Secret Documents” and one marked as “Various classified/TS/SCI documents,” which stands for “Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information.”

Conclusion: While all the evidence thus far points to either ignorance, guilt, or both, rhetoric like this continues to call the rule of law and our justice system into question, rattling the core of our democracy. If everything is an attack, everything is political, no one or anything can be trusted but one man, where does that leave us as a nation? 

Now, let's compare with the emails from the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party within the same time frame. 

  • August 12: Save the Date! Labor Day Picnic and November Election Filing Deadline. Literally that's all. Reminders for upcoming events.
  • August 16: "Help us kick off our campaign in Goleta! Join us Sunday, August 28th at 1pm at Stow Grove Park for a fun afternoon with Democratic candidates and door knocking!" and Labor Day Picnic Reminders
  • August 22: Tickets now on sale for Labor Day Picnic, canvassing reminder, and list of potential local endorsements
  • August 29: Final endorsement list
  • August 31: Labor Day Picnic reminder


It's important to call out lies and stick to the facts, now more than ever. So after all of that, which local party seems unhinged to you? The answer is obvious to me.

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chico berkeley Sep 02, 2022 02:35 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Your political description of yourself, fits me to a T.
I find politics in mailbox or e-mail to be nothing but a sales pitch.
Both sides do it.
I even had a Ross Perot VHS tape that my family has used as a white elephant gag gift.
I think it still has the wrapper on it.

a-1662155788 Sep 02, 2022 02:56 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

CHICO - No, both sides DON'T do this outlandish, hateful fearmongering. Joan provided her references. Where are yours? This is a MAGA Republican issue, in and out, soon to be (perhaps already) a complete GOP problem the way things are going.

GeneralTree Sep 02, 2022 02:59 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Republicans want young girls to carry rapists babies, sometimes when a family member is the father, to full term. The GOP has become a dystopian terrorist cesspool.

chico berkeley Sep 02, 2022 05:18 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

People that foam at the mouth should probably see a specialist.

a-1662164386 Sep 02, 2022 05:19 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

2:35 :
It seems clear you lean quite heavily toward right-wing memes.
Do you always parrot their propaganda?
Is willful ignorance that easy to sustain?
Obviously, you tout reactionary nonsense.
Too little critical thinking behind such disinformation.

MarcelK Sep 02, 2022 08:04 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"Your political description of yourself, fits me to a T."

Hardly--you consistently take far right positions.

a-1662241869 Sep 03, 2022 02:51 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

CHICO, that's an awfully strange response. Where are your examples of democrats acting as batshit-crazy as MAGA republicans?

chico berkeley Sep 03, 2022 04:49 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Alright, this is the last time I say this I am a registered INDEPENDANT.
Some people here can see both sides, unlike you that have such narrow band width that you only see one thing, even when it isn't there.
I have never posted any thing that allows small minds like yours to ever believe any of the lame shit you fling.

MarcelK Sep 03, 2022 04:55 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"Where are your examples of democrats acting as batshit-crazy as MAGA republicans?"

It's almost like Chico didn't read the op-ed that compares the GOP newsletters with the Dem newsletters all the way through.

MarcelK Sep 05, 2022 12:30 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

How you're registered is irrelevant and it doesn't matter what "sides" people see. It's a fact that you consistently take far right positions here ... everyone has seen it; "never posted" is simply false, and your insult is childish. Man up and own your own views.

GeneralTree Sep 02, 2022 02:39 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

In conversations on this website there are unfortunately so many Republicans that condone election lies, election fraud, support hate groups as well as far right terrorist militias and the attack on our capitol.
They support Jim Crow Era laws, phobia of the LGBTQ community, xenophobia, outright propaganda and lies, not to mention unconcealed racism. They are underwater in conspiracy theories and support authoritarian government regimes. These are the redemtionists that wanted to return to slavery after the Civil War.

ChillinGrillin Sep 02, 2022 03:38 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Yeah the love affair with the dictator of Hungary is pretty puzzling. Sure, that's a real good role model, let's be more like that mess. Or Dump "falling in love" with Lil Rocket Man lol

doulie Sep 02, 2022 03:54 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

GT - Wow. Are you spoofing us? Republicans do all that you described? Who 'woulda guessed?

MarcelK Sep 02, 2022 08:02 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Not puzzling at all, really. Orban's one party locked in "illiberal democracy" is exactly what Republicans want.

a-1662339733 Sep 04, 2022 06:02 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Like Biden calling the Georgia election reforms Jim Crow Era laws while the state he was the senator of for 40 years has stricter laws?

MarcelK Sep 05, 2022 12:38 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

6:02 Whataboutism is moral bankruptcy and is almost always based on a lie. The state that Biden was a Senator from is irrelevant to the truth of his charge ... but the fact is that Delaware is making voting easier while Georgia is making it harder and is passing laws targeted at reducing Black votes. But you've been handed your talking points from Tucker.


chico berkeley Sep 02, 2022 03:08 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Uh, I am not disagreeing with her....
Both sides DO F things up.
You can't see because of the tree in your way.
When you live long enough you will recognize when the pendulum swings.
Politics is war with neckties on.
That's why people like myself don't like either side, with a large dose of skepticism.

MarcelK Sep 02, 2022 08:05 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"That's why people like myself don't like either side"

There's a spectrum, and even then it's not linear, but you consistently take far right positions.

a-1662241997 Sep 03, 2022 02:53 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

CHICO - we "can't see" because you, and other MAGA republicans, appear to be completely unable to provide concrete examples. Consider if this is because examples don't exist...

a-1662339434 Sep 04, 2022 05:57 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Examples like the uproar when gop bans books but Dems banning books is completely ignored ? Going to forget about all the Dem politicians who straight up lied about having proof trump colluded with the Russians? Most of the same ones that encouraged and incited violence during the blm riots and bailed our rioters? Claims of “saving democracy” when the Dems actively sue to get third parties off the ballots? Or how it’s racists to require voter Id but are ok requiring ID and proof of vaccination for basics like dining, going to the gym, even though it disproportionately affect the POC communities? Or how they changed the name of the Florida bill to Don’t Say Gay to rile people up while naming a bill the Inflation Reduction Act which does nothing of the sort? Or trying to cancel student loan debt to buy votes without proposing a single thing to prevent an entire new generation of students from taking out that same debt tomorrow, and certainly not mention a peep about the mostly liberal universities who charge outrageous tuition, their non profit status and their hundreds of billions in endowments? I could go on and on but CHIP is right, the projection and hypocrisy here is astounding and you do need to cut that tree down to see it.

Chevy67 Sep 04, 2022 08:10 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Welcome back Voice @5:57, was starting to get worried about you. Nice word salad conflating a dozen different issues and ignoring the Op-Ed. Pretty sure Joan is referencing you in the first few lines too. Enjoy Labor Day!

bicyclist Sep 04, 2022 08:18 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Chevy67 someone called it a "feeding trough", I thought that was pretty accurate(and humorous).

MarcelK Sep 05, 2022 12:40 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"Examples like the uproar when gop bans books but Dems banning books is completely ignored ?"

Aside from the blatant hypocrisy of this statement, the claim that Dems are banning books is a lie, the first in a series, which is what we always get from you.

MarcelK Sep 05, 2022 01:06 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

And yes, the ever so hypocritical Chip hypocritically accused others of hypocrisy. I think my response hit the nail on the head:

Chip: "Would you apply the same level of scrutiny to the other side?"

Me: Every accusation by a right winger is a confession.

Chip: "There seems to be a bit of a double standard..."

Me: Yes indeedy. About Hillary: "Lock her up!" About Trump: "You just hate him! He didn't do anything wrong!"

The hypocrisy of the right wing in this regard is so blatant that you folks really would be better off to give it up. It's bad enough that you defend a guy who has done what Trump has done, but to do so by deflecting with "but Hillary!" shows that it's just a game by people with no moral character.

MarcelK Sep 05, 2022 12:54 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"the projection and hypocrisy here is astounding"

Somewhat, but it's SOP for right wingers. Whataboutism is fundamentally hypocritical. Whenever someone says "you're complaining about X (e.g., banning books) but you guys do it too" they are excusing X on their part while criticizing the other party for it (without any support for the claim that they do). This is one of the oldest fallacies--tu quoque, sometimes called "appeal to hypocrisy" ... it charges the other party with hypocrisy, when it's actually the fallacy wielder who is committing hypocrisy. It's the playground fallacy--"Bobby did it too!" People who use this fallacy are morally bankrupt.

MarcelK Sep 06, 2022 07:13 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

I see that VoiceOfProjection said something about me. It's a fact that Republicans are banning books and Dems are not. VO says "google" but doesn't actually read what he finds beyond cherrypicking bits that suit his ideology. GOP state legislatures are banning books. No Dem legislatures are banning books. The state of California has not banned books. The *Burbank Unified School District* foolishly banned some books under pressure from some parents. The political party registration of the people involved has not been published.

sacjon Sep 07, 2022 08:30 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"Projection and hypocrisy"
"Rules for thee, not for me"
"CHIP is right, right CHIP? CHIP? Hey CHIP, we're right again, right? Gee I wish CHIP publicly backed me as much as I support him with copious and instantaneous upvotes"
"Only the liberals spew hate, condescension and insults, NEVER the conservative commenters"
"Oops...better hide my name"
[Snores himself awake]
"Rules for theeeeeeeeeeeee!"

SantaBarbaraObserver Sep 02, 2022 03:13 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Simpletons need simple explanations to help calm their insecurities and fears. False equivalencies and what-about-isms are tantamount to their abilities. They are incapable of nuance nor critical thinking and as we've seen play out, very, very, very, easy to fool and manipulate. I am talking about MAGA R's who are almost always Boomers (the biggest group of fools who fall for fake news and propaganda) or lonely, uneducated younger white men, who are virgins and spend their whole lives online, alone...
As for the GOP. They are high on their own supply. This is what happens when you live in an info silo. Insularity always breeds insanity. Look at any cult, religion or following. The more insular the group, the worse the behavior. Its never healthy and never, ever ends well for the participants.
When the indictments come in the winter (post election), most of these people will fall away. There are going to be serious crimes charged and many big names will go down. The GOP is about to find out what happens when you push too far and think you're invisible. As for their "base" they're bluster and couch-cowards. Like Mike Tyson says, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face"... They're about to get punched in the face.

MarcelK Sep 02, 2022 08:10 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

" I am talking about MAGA R's who are almost always Boomers "

Not actually ... Turning Point, the people who marched in Charlottesville yelling "Jews will not replace us", the J6 rioters, Boogaloo Bois, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers ... few of these people are boomers.

"the biggest group of fools who fall for fake news and propaganda"

It's a big group by definition--the post-war baby boom. But by percentage there are more such people in the prior generation.

SantaBarbaraObserver Sep 03, 2022 07:20 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

If you slowed down a bit Marcel and read the words of what others write before jumping into a reply, you'd have read the line "...or lonely, uneducated younger white men, who are virgins and spend their whole lives online, alone..."
Those are the young white supremacists and pseudo-libertarians who have gathered together in chat rooms the last decade and then, under Trump suddenly felt embolden to come out of their basements, garages, trailers and of course, their mother's houses... They have always existed, but were shamed by their local communities and kept in check by society. The internet brought them together and made them believe there were more of them then there actually are... This is something to pay mind. People are easily fooled into thinking what they're into online is reflected in what happens in real life. We know that's not the case.

MarcelK Sep 03, 2022 04:39 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

I read it carefully, and responded to "almost always Boomers" which, again, is false. Your "... or ..." doesn't change that.

SantaBarbaraObserver Sep 05, 2022 07:57 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Ahh yes, a Boomer! The worst generation in American history and the ONLY one to leave their children / grandchildren worse off then they... In 40 years the Boomers inherited the greatest economy in history but indebted their great, great, great grandkids while sucking up all the wealth and giving NOTHING back or PAYING ANYTHING forward.
Your generation is and will forever be known as the Locust Generation. You arrived when everything was fertile and left nothing in your wake but death and destruction.
Every other generation but the Boomers hates the Boomers... Good thing time is on our side and in the next decade, you're all but dead and gone. It's time for the Boomers to sit down and shut up. They've done enough damage. We'll keep Rock-n-Roll, but you can have everything else back...

MarcelK Sep 06, 2022 07:15 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"Ahh yes, a Boomer! "

I'm a socialist.

"Every other generation but the Boomers hates the Boomers."

You hate them, ignorantly and irrationally.

MarcelK Sep 06, 2022 07:19 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

It's fascinating how some people, when called out for a factually erroneous statement, will pull a Don Jr. and go on what strongly resembles a coke-driven ad hominem rant to avoid taking responsibility. The fact is that no decent human being hates an entire generation of people.

SantaBarbaraObserver Sep 07, 2022 07:31 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Typical Boomer. You make it all about you! Marcel, I realize you're old, angry and scared, but know that nothing you say or do will change the fact that the majority of younger Americans believe that the Boomers are the worst generation is our history. And the facts and figure support this belief on practically every measure.
Regardless, you've only got about a decade left. So what are you going to do to pay back the future generations for all your theft, greed and myopia? Better hurry, times almost up!

ChillinGrillin Sep 02, 2022 03:27 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

The "both sides are terrible" argument doesn't really work anymore when one side is advocating violence and treating top secret documents like comic books in a closet. And the other is what? Trying to give people healthcare? Addressing global warming? I used to be a Republican but never again. Complete out-to-lunch whackjobs now, the whole lot of them! Get a clue!

Chip of SB Sep 02, 2022 04:11 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Chillin, do you really have an issue with protecting classified documents, or do you just hate Trump? Would you apply the same level of scrutiny to the other side? There seems to be a bit of a double standard...


ChillinGrillin Sep 02, 2022 04:24 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Chip: It's apples and oranges. Idiot had them in boxes, in his desk, and empty folders with who-knows-what originally in them. Accessible to his housekeepers, assistants, lawyers, whoever. No security clearances. In a country club! And how long can you really beat the dead horse of "hIlLaRy'S eMaILs" before it gets laughable. Don't let the least likeable politician in recent history live in your head rent free like that lmao

ChillinGrillin Sep 02, 2022 04:26 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Oh Chip, and just in case you weren't keeping track Jared Kushner and other sycophants were exchanging classified documents via private email. Hypocrite scumbags, the lot of them.

GeneralTree Sep 02, 2022 05:44 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Tru.p hid classified material, moved it around, and said he had returned it all. So there is that.

MarcelK Sep 02, 2022 07:43 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

But her emails! That article that whataboutist (= morally bankrupt) Chip dragged out from January 20, 2016 (well before the facts had been sorted out) has a highly misleading headline, as the body of the article itself makes clear: ""None of the emails that are alleged to contain classified information were written by Secretary Clinton. The question of whether she received emails with classified information has nothing to do with any action taken by Secretary Clinton," she said. "Additionally, none of the emails that were sent to Secretary Clinton were marked as including classified information, a requirement when such information is transmitted.""

And from https://www.factcheck.org/2016/07/revisiting-clinton-and-classified-information/

"Comey said three emails had “portion markings” on them indicating that they were classified, but they were not properly marked and therefore could have been missed by Clinton. He said the emails were marked as classified with the letter “C” in the body of the email.
Kirby said the State Department believes that at least two of the emails were mistakenly marked as confidential. He could not speak to the third email, saying ​the department didn’t have​ “all of the records and documents that the FBI used in their investigation.”
Comey told the committee he is “highly confident” that FBI investigators consulted with the State Department about the marked emails. But he said he did not know that the department believes that any of them were marked in error.
The issue is a bit complicated, but important, because it provides Clinton with a stronger defense against claims that she sent and received material that was marked as classified over her private server when she was secretary of state."

Meanwhile, we now learn (from the unsealed property receipt) that the DOJ recovered *10,000* classified documents from Mar-a-Lago in August, and 43 empty folders with "CLASSIFIED" banners and 28 empty folders marked "Return to Staff Secretary/Military Aide"

Trump is a lifelong criminal and this is just the latest in a long list of such crimes. His defenders are pathetic hypocrites, dishonest to the bone.

MarcelK Sep 02, 2022 07:47 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"Would you apply the same level of scrutiny to the other side?"

Every accusation by a right winger is a confession.

"There seems to be a bit of a double standard..."

Yes indeedy. About Hillary: "Lock her up!" About Trump: "You just hate him! He didn't do anything wrong!"

MarcelK Sep 03, 2022 05:29 AM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"the DOJ recovered *10,000* classified documents from Mar-a-Lago in August"

My mistake ... 10,000 documents belonging to the U.S. Government were recovered ... they are not all (or mostly) classified. But the criminal statutes that the DOJ is investigating violations of don't hinge on classification.

Babycakes Sep 02, 2022 03:38 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Wheels falling off in a Dem city in a Dem state and Dem Fed, and yet the GOP is responsible for all that is not well. It is obvious that the author does not have a legit concern about the GOP. The article is a setup for bashing you-know-who. Bash away ...

ChillinGrillin Sep 02, 2022 04:57 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

The "Dem city" just elected a conservative business owner who threw out the ineffectual and polarizing Democratic Party favorite. The Dem state is led by a governor who ran against a radio host. And the "Dem Fed" is led by a chair picked by the last administration. But sure, keep throwing the blame on the only adults left in the room.

a-1662164338 Sep 02, 2022 05:18 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

Rowse hid from Republicans and only won because the Dems spilt the vote 3 ways. The Left is only fighting themselves since the GOP is so weak here.

MarcelK Sep 02, 2022 07:49 PM
Op-Ed: Is the Local GOP Ok?

"It is obvious that the author does not have a legit concern about the GOP."

I suppose one might conclude that if they completely ignore the content of the piece.

"yet the GOP is responsible for all that is not well"

No such claim was made. Right wingers lie CONSTANTLY.


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