One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

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By Brandon Priest

Hello to the 70 - 80% of Goleta Union School District (GUSD) families that want in-person classes to open.

GUSD continues to fail our children both educationally and socially.  They have continued to ignore the CDC's recommendation to open schools. I encourage you to PLEASE read: .  

GUSD didn’t even bother to apply for a waiver while 30 other schools in our district jumped on the chance. Why not at least try? This signifies pure negligence from our administrators. 

GUSD’s “robust” distant learning program is abysmal at best. Less than 2 hours of instructions by a teacher and the rest of the day is scheduled for “independent studies”.  Good luck getting our younger children to work independently.

My child's teacher told her entire Zoom class that "GUSD has no intentions of opening until January at the earliest."  Regardless of what the CDC recommends or what science is telling us?  We just moved into the RED Tier which allows schools to open in 14 days under some modified conditions.  Our administrators said they have been working on in-person modifications since March.  Are they going to open Oct 13th?  According to one teacher, NO WAY.

My child is a good student, above average on every assessment test since kindergarten, actively participates in class, received achievement awards every year and never missed a day of school or been late.  Now, according to her schools "assessment data", under their "ROBUST" online teaching program she has fallen below the 28th percentile in math and 16th percentile for reading.  I will gladly take some responsibility for this drop as I try to work full time from home and teach during "independent work" time.  But, as I'm not a teacher and I am working, I can only do so much of THEIR job.  

In the meantime, they rearranged her daily schedule (ZOOM class time), without any notice and without consulting me first, to accommodate their time slotted groupings for underachieving students. smh!  Just because I work remotely doesn't mean I can change my schedule on the drop of a dime. 

GUSD refuses to listen to their student families so our voices need to be louder. Make a difference and be collectively heard by boycotting Zoom for one day on Monday 10/5. Spend the day with your kids teaching or doing fun activities or going outside getting some fresh air and exercise. 

Thank you for your time.

P.S. One of the reasons I like EdHat is that it allows comments/public discussion. Please voice your thoughts. I'm sure there is a lot more to add to this OP-ED.

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Annps Oct 13, 2020 11:28 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

To all those who think teaching with your lower face covered while all your students have their lower face covered is better than Zoom teaching... think again. Seeing a student's mouth as they are speaking and vice-versa is incredibly important. And what about having teachers constantly having to remind them of the need for social distancing and correct mask wearing? How much learning time will be lost to this? How will children be affected by only seeing masked faces all day?

To all those who think going back two days while students sit around the other three days sitting around at home possibly ignoring the asynchronous work the teacher prepared for them is better... think again. There are going to be a whole lot of students sitting around at home doing nothing all day, and a whole lot of the people here advocating for a 2 on 3 off model will start whining about having their children home for three days straight with absolutely no teacher contact. Let that sink in...

To all those who think these professions are equal in safety to a teacher working with young people who will pull down their masks and sneeze on them for a million reasons... think again.

Teaching in a closed classroom is NOT the same as:
... selling groceries from behind plexiglass in a large, high ceiling grocery store to adults.
... taking orders and delivering food outside, again to mostly adults.
... working at the zoo outside.
... working in a clothing store where most of your clients are adults, and the square feet-to-person ratio is easily 30 times higher than that of a classroom.
... private schools and higher-reserves schools and much smaller classroom space to student ratios.

And to those of you who equated "support staff" with admin., you might want to get a dictionary, or at least have some kind of personal experience with how children are taught.
If you think GUSD has a lot of support staff, you should see private schools! My sis-in-law is a grade-school teacher and she has a full-time teacher aide who does all her filing, a lot of her grading, runs all her school-related errands for her, and all the while the students are mostly taught using worksheet-filled workbooks.
I know a whole heck of a lot of GUSD teachers. Many (a majority) of them continued Zooming throughout the summer with their 2019/2020 students. This was apparently fairly commonplace. The majority of them also started working with their teammates during the summer long before they were contractually obligated to do so. I can easily ask them to make a ballpark guess as to when and how many hours. However, since it was done through phone calls and Zoom, they would have the actual hours.

Oh, by the way, SB Unified is going back in a hybrid model beginning Jan 19th, 2021.
Oh, and by the way, this was in response to the PARENT survey they sent out, not the teachers' requests.

Voice of Reason Oct 14, 2020 07:55 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Unfortunately the continued school closures and poor reopening option of 2 days per week have nothing to do with the health and well being of our children, the science is clear in that. It's about the politicians and unions now.

dukemunson Oct 14, 2020 07:14 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

And yes, going back 2 days per week is better than no days. That is obvious. But I honestly do appreciate you arguing such a nonsensical point with such passion, it literally brings a smile to my face and warm memories of debate classes from school 25+ years ago... it was fun to sometimes get the impossible side but try and make it work. On the other hand, in a practical real sense, your basically the Edhat version of the current White House press secretary. A lot of words that Are just completely at odds with logic, reality, common sense and an connection with the real world. And as for safety... we’d be in the orange tier (4 people per 100k) if you take out Santa Maria. There is no logic or reason for school to not be in session right now in SB and Goleta. And ANNPS, your line of thinking has slowed that down, and that truly and definitively to the detriment of our children.

a-1602684599 Oct 14, 2020 07:09 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Sweden kept schools open throughout the peak of their cases in spring, no social distancing, no masks, no student deaths and a handful of hospitalizations out of 1.8 million kids. Get our students back in school full time ASAP.

dukemunson Oct 14, 2020 07:01 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

ANNPS - you can try and make a safety argument, I think it falls apart retry quickly when you actually looks at the numbers, but OK... but you absolute can’t argue that zoom school is better than in person (or I guess you can, as you have, but it’s ridiculous). “How will children be affected by only seeing masked faces”... seriously???? Your arguments are ridiculous to the point of parody. You really think the time spent Reminding students to socially distance would take away enough learning time that it would be better to just do it all via zoom? It’s an incredible take that just shows absolutely no understanding or context of the actual world. And what are you talking about in terms of teachers zooming all Summer??? It’s like you are in an alternate reality... the Schools shut early in June and that was it all Summer. Did you anecdotally hear about one teacher who talked to a student again and then projected that over the whole GUSD?

And yes, they are going back because of the parents and kids... which is the way it should be!!!! School is supposed to be about and for the kids!!!

Pre-schools have been open since May,

bpriest Oct 13, 2020 10:59 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

ANNPS - Let it all out..... You will feel better! I encourage anyone, interested in this op-ed, to read ANNPS impassioned comments in totality and form your own opinion, if you haven't already.

a-1602655288 Oct 13, 2020 11:01 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

You'll find that ANNPS is just about the only one making sense, and arguing from facts, rather than just blathering and switching topics in midstream.

Simpleton Oct 13, 2020 09:59 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Those "rational adults" making decisions at the GUSD won't even confirm that they have staff's PPE ready for the Monday, October 19 onsite return of the special education (SPED) students. There are rumors that they may not have any PPE in stock at all. They are way out of their depth.

Lucky 777 Oct 13, 2020 09:23 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Don't make perfection the enemy of the good. The kids are suffering scholastically and emotionally, and dual-income parents who must sacrifice one bread-winner's career to accomplish home-schooling are hard hit. Vote out any school board incumbents and get the schools open.

SMOKIN JOE Oct 12, 2020 08:27 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

I vote that we keep the schools closed, forever. Except for 4th grade, the mission projects were cool

a-1602552065 Oct 12, 2020 06:21 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

ANNPS - As you can see, these people who don't care about the safety of school children will not respond with anything substantive, and merely pour out more low-information logorrhea.

Goletares2 Oct 13, 2020 08:39 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Yes, let’s pretend the teachers and administrators are thinking about the safety of the children and not about themselves as they ALWAYS have. As a parent, I have been completely baffled by the inability of GUSD to realize that they are expect to step up to the plate. GUSD always wants more money with little effort given in return. Many parents have had no choice but to go into work throughout this pandemic AND had to do the teachers job on top of it, so spare me the sob story for the teachers.

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 09:13 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

(And yes again, I’m on a 3.2” screen... so autocorrect is not my friend and my apologies for the many misspelled words)

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 09:11 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Honestly... Not at all! I have a decent IPA in hand.. life’s pretty good!!! my anger and frustration is more just based around how insanely hypocritical your line of thinking is. You probably view yourself as a science based... Yet you are completely ignore science and logic to fit what I’m guessing is a politics thought. It’s embarrassing. So I’m going to apologize now... because next time I see you driving with your mask on by yourself I’ll almost definitely be shaking my head in a way that you would notice.

macpuzl Oct 12, 2020 09:01 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Deflection combined with projection. Are you stomping your feet and turning purple, too? I know somebody who needs to go back to school desperately.

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 08:55 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

I get it you drive by yourself with a mask on and are committed to that plan/thinking no matter what the numbers say. Ok great... that’s your thing macpuzl... the thing is though, life goes on. And it’s straight insanity that I can go to a bar, the gym, the golf course, the museum and everything else... but my 8 year old cant do at least 2 days per week at school. That’s avoiding and dismissing logic, science, reason and thought... but hey... if that’s your thing, go with it. Embrace it.

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 08:50 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Private schools have been open for a month. Montecito schools too. Sb unified opening next month. Everything is open. You want to give up and stay closed forte citing Santa Maria numbers... the thing is you aren’t following science. And my guess is you realize that.. like or President though you can’t admit your wrong. You are pot committed to crazy... science logic (and elementary school kids) be damned!

a-1602560099 Oct 12, 2020 08:34 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

DM doesn't realize that until those problems are solved, reopening is not safe. And those are just the simple examples. Obviously a case of not thinking things through befor engaging the keyboard. Armchair experts always think that there's a simple answer.

macpuzl Oct 12, 2020 08:31 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

That's it, start deflecting. Those rational adults work at SB PHD and the school districts. If you haven't noticed, everywhere that societies have opened up, worldwide, cases are surging. Let's be lemmings, too! Of course, we've already thoroughly botched our response so much, that even very limited openings will be much tougher for us, given the prevalence of the virus and the behavior of our freedumb lovers.

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 08:29 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Well... we hired 21 new teachers and are currently paying everyone to not work. We Could continue paying the Lompoc based janitor to just not come... I guess, right? Then again, do You really want to keep thousands of kids out of school because of the Potentially handful of out of town school staff??? I mean that’s the most embarrassingly defeatist and just lack of reality comment possible. Have you ever problem solved in any capacity? Or did you get the long bar in Tetris and just immediately gave up? Can’t figure it out... Lompoc janitor... long bar that doesn’t immediately make a Tetris line... I quit !!!

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 08:24 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Everyone is gathering... our kids included. Just not at the one spot that we all agree should be open!!!! The one spot that has to be open!!! The one spot that the experts all agree must be open if possible!!! The numbers say it’s not only possible but should be happening now... macpuzl and his ilk though ignore science. You Probably think Climate change is a hoax too don’t you?

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 08:21 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Who are those rational adults again? Because if everything is open, from hotels to museums to restaurants to bars to camps to Private schools to rich public school to clubs to... well... literally Everything else... how are you justifying keeping this one thing that everyone agrees is absolutely necessary, closed? Schools are open... just not the ones with no incentive to open. Tell me macpuzl... why? And what makes this one thing staying closed a good rational thing?

macpuzl Oct 12, 2020 08:11 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Luckily for us, there are rational adults making the decisions about when schools may be reopened safely.

a-1602558504 Oct 12, 2020 08:08 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Yes, schools do not operate in isolation. And we've had a great recent example of the effectiveness of even frequent testing, if people are allowed to gather

macpuzl Oct 12, 2020 08:04 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Who works in the school cafeteria? Where do the janitors live? Where do the teachers live? Do you think that schools are stovepiped enclaves that only consist of people living within 100 yards?

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 08:04 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Your point/argument could have some merit regarding the sea center and natural history museums planned reopening this week... which will get visitors from la, Santa Maria and Lompoc. Our elementary schools Though are bubbles of kids who all live within 2 miles of campus... so your point (from a GUSD perspective) literally makes no sense

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 07:58 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

What’s your porn? I mean, How much interaction is my 8 year old having at school with commuters from Santa Maria? I’m pretty sure the school district lines are a little tighter around Kellogg than say betteravia and Santa Maria way...

a-1602557527 Oct 12, 2020 07:52 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Where do the people who work in Goleta commute from? I gather you think the virus spreads by hiking across country, and not person to person?

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 07:39 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Kellog school is 58 miles from Santa Maria... 50 miles of which is pretty much completely empty... so... by definition the Kellogg 8 year olds are isolated from that. Unless you are a teacher or admin (and there is no incentive to go back!!!) Why hide behind that? We’re at the numbers that science and the experts say we should open... that we NEED TO OPEN for the kids... how can you with any credibility hide behind the arbitrary county line that includes Lompoc ?

a-1602556166 Oct 12, 2020 07:29 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Call us back when you have a plan to isolate those parts of the county from Goleta.

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 07:19 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

We’re not in an area of 5-8% though... and you know that. Yes... our county is... but is Lompoc and Santa Maria really “in our area” from a Goleta school district 3rd grade opening perspective? The answer is obviously no... something you (and the school district) seem hell bent on ignoring...

a-1602554646 Oct 12, 2020 07:04 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Guess you missed, or didn't comprehend, that he said opening in an area with a positivity rate above 5% would be problematic, and lead to outbreaks. By the metrics, we're still clasisified RED, which is 5% to 8%. Our rate today is below 5%, but we have to keep it there for a while before we transition to a safer tier.

dukemunson Oct 12, 2020 06:42 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Wait... are you Calling the CDC and dr Fauci “low information logorrhea”? Interesting take!!!!!

Basicinfo805 Oct 12, 2020 05:37 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Hey you guys, check out the Noozhawk article today : Santa Barbara School Board Considering 2 Dates for Return to In-Person Class Schedules

"Karen McBride, president of the Santa Barbara Teachers Association, said “there are many unanswered questions.”

Of course there are. Wake up teachers! This is your representative and her response to what we're seeing? Wow. Wake up and get real Karen McBride, life is not perfect. Hello? Everyone's sacrificing, especially the kids and parents. But you come up with this: "there are many unanswered questions". When won't there be unanswered questions in real life?

Teachers either have to step and respond or they're complicit in this situation. She's the Rep right?

dukemunson Oct 09, 2020 08:04 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

I keep coming back to what the school district said about why they aren’t opening (and private schools and montecito schools are opening): “They are much smaller than us”. And it’s true! My Goleta Union School is small... but when you add in the other schools and the school board and the off campus administrators it becomes quite large. And in a lot of ways (magnified of course with this current situation), it’s probably too big to succeed.

Voice of Reason Oct 09, 2020 08:45 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

I've had several emails/conversations with the board. It seems they trying to achieve perfection with their reopening. My problem with this 1) since when has perfection been a requirement, not for test scores, reading comprehension, attendance, bullying, etc., 2) in that push for perfection they're not factoring in the negative consequences of keeping school closed, why covid safety above all else? 3) they have no appetite whatsoever (probably due to the unions) to push back on county and state public health and the governors office and say NO, this is not what's best for our community. Due to an arbitrary line on a map we're not allowed to open. Currently there are 13 active cases in the GUSD attendance area. 13! MY GOD WE CAN'T OPEN SCHOOLS....

Justavoice Oct 09, 2020 07:39 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

I hope this comment isn’t offensive its just an opinion. Hopefully not censored as Edhat loves playing god with the comments....
But the this is not about the Children, its anout how almighty and powerful the teachers union is and how they get what they want. They dont care about the children just money

Voice of Reason Oct 09, 2020 08:28 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Unfortunately I believe you are correct Just a Voice. That and our
governor cares more about his political ambitions than our current lives and livelihoods.

oops Oct 09, 2020 06:10 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Open up the SCHOOLS. If its ok for truck drivers, cashiers at Von,TJ's, liquor stores, dispensaries, gas station attendants, trash pick up, mail carriers (carrying all your PRIME pkgs) to work then it is certainly ok for the TEACHERS go back to work. Are they some protected class versus all the others??

Voice of Reason Oct 13, 2020 11:30 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

No Annps, I'm not. The shift to remote wasn't easy for the teachers either, this is hard on all of us. Doesn't change hiw kids should have never been out of school this long.

Annps Oct 13, 2020 10:38 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Voice of reason:
Are you implying that teachers aren't working? News flash - they're working so much that they are missing out on their own lives. I have 4 children, my husband and I own two businesses, and I am very active in the community. I know a lot of folks through different groups - hiking, yoga, book club, etc. Quite a few of them are teachers and they are working so much almost every one of them I usually interact with isn't participating in anything. One considered not going to a wedding a couple hours south of here because of all the work she had.

Annps Oct 12, 2020 05:07 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Teachers have been at work, and then some. They have essentially had no free time. Your comment shows how ill-informed and out of touch you are.
As for comparing teachers to the other professions you have mentioned, it is apples and oranges. While our delivery drivers should be held up for all the extra hours they are working, (they get overtime, while teachers don't, by the way), they are in a truck by themselves and on empty porches for the most part. Teachers, on the other hand, are in front of sneezing, coughing, nose picking students all day. I'm sure grocery store clerks rarely have their customers yank down their masks to sneeze because they think it's too gross to sneeze directly into their mask.
You have really compared the situations within a classroom to professions that are no where as close.
As for restaurants, I don't have the budget to go out, so I may not have the correct information, but aren't they all outdoors? Are you suggesting that having students outdoors all year, with their mouths covered up? (Again, you are so out of touch. Students need to see their teacher speak and teachers need to see their students speak, something Zoom classes can provide, while in-person teaching doesn't.)

Voice of Reason Oct 09, 2020 08:29 AM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Yes oops, they are. The governor mandated they'd be paid through summer 2021 no matter what. Anyone else here able to not go into work and still get paid, still have a job?

Annps Oct 08, 2020 08:58 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

Brandon Priest, 1) I am wondering how, if you are juggling your own job and "teaching" your child, you had time to listen (and watch) a 30 minute Zoom lesson. Please explain. Along those lines, there are a lot of ways a survey such as the one you described could be used academically. I wouldn't think a credential would be needed to recognize this.
2) I read the 2 1/2 month old article you cited, and A) yes, we all know the benefits of an in-person education (no one is denying this, so...?) B) The "safety" you referred to is one of the benefits of synchronous (Zoom, etc. face-to-face) learning, as apposed to the asynchronous learning families can sign up for when other students return to the classrooms (did you think of this? Clearly not.) C) The "nutrition" that it addresses is being covered by districts. Many districts have extended the age for those receiving free food, making it even more impactful. D) As for "socialization," are you aware that in-person education will be at arms-length, at best? Safety measures, such as no masks, no-touching policies, and limited cohort sizes are all inferior to the maskless, larger cohort that Zoom platforms can provide. I thoroughly advocate for returning to in-person teaching as soon as it is ABSOLUTELY safe.
3) Are you aware that if the county slides back to purple, there are no mandates for putting in-person teaching on hold?
4) As for your child and her academic standing, I am appalled by your willingness to throw your child's information out there. You give your name on this forum, state your child's district and grade, and don't expect that many would know who she is? I can't imagine doing that to a child, let alone her teacher.
5) Speaking of which, through discussions with fellow moms and dads about your post, not only was this information readily available, but it turns out that many parents in your child's class are incredibly grateful to the teacher. This does not surprise me, given the incredible hours both teachers and admin are putting in. Are you aware that the district admin has been working through scenarios since the early days of remote-learning? We're talking still in meetings, on phone calls, or exchanging emails until the wee hours of the morning kind of commitment.
6) I have one more question; if your child had only received the Star 360 (ELA, by the way - and also by the way, if your child completed it that quickly, she unfortunately rushed through the test, something a teacher cannot mitigate in person or remotely) and a quick fluency assessment (all fluency assessments are quick), how did you get her percentile score for math? This does not add up at all. You can't say your child only received ELA assessments, then state her percentile in math.

I hope you are able to address these questions, specifically about how you were able to attend a 30 minute Zoom lesson when you can barely keep up with your job and "teaching" your child, and how you were able to provide your child's current math percentile when you stated that only the STAR 360 (ELA) and a fluency test were administered.

Annps Oct 13, 2020 10:57 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

I am using logic here, and no one seems to be able to address the huge holes in their own arguments.
Since BPriest isn't able to make a coherent response, and you apparently have the basic info, why don't you address this? Or are you, just like your like-minded friends here, just going to continue doling out insults instead of actually addressing the issues with the points you all think you are making?

You are the one who opened this forum, yet you are unable to actually respond to someone.
As for the items that you are not able to form a response to, or you clearly didn't comprehend:
#2, You cited an out of date article, and are apparently unable to address the points I brought up.
#3, Again, are you aware that if the county slides back to purple, there are no mandates for putting in-person teaching on hold? Or are you, again, unable to respond?
#4 You are one of few who have your full name here. Why do you want my name? Sounds very creepy.
Worse yet, you missed my point. You are saying you had the guts to put your name out there. Guess what, you basically put your child's name out there. Yeah, that takes a lot of guts. Putting your 7 year old's info out there in contentious public forum isn't brave, it's irresponsible.
By the way, by you putting your name out there, there has been a lot of talk around town about interactions others have had with you, including a whole lot outside of the schooling realm. Trust me when I say that it puts you in a very unstable light.
#6 You said your child only received language arts assessments, then went on to say she tested at a specific percentile in math. That makes no sense, and again, you can't respond to that.
By the way, your daughter's percentile has to do with how her test results compared to other students around the nation who took the same test on the same day. Given that the majority of districts are not teaching in-person, and the fact that our district is far more affluent than most of the districts whose students took the same test on the same day, your daughter dropped not because of the teaching, but because of something else.

Luckily we can figure out what that "something else is:
She would have taken her last STAR 360 at the END of the previous school year, and then she took it again at the BEGINNING of this school year. That means any drop she had in her score occurred over the summer, when the teachers and school district didn't have any influence over her.
My guess, given how quickly you said she took the test, (I believe there are 35 questions on the test, which means she spent less than a minute on each question) it would stand to reason that she flew through it without giving it her all.
Given that the drop occurred over the summer, it sounds like the only other option is that the drop cannot be "blamed" on the teachers, the district, or the teaching model, but instead it should be "blamed" on you.

Annps Oct 13, 2020 10:52 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

You clearly have absolutely no ability to respond to questions that are in direct response to your ill-informed statements.
I have posed questions that, if you had the ability to answer them, would show that you are wrong. So you of course ignore them.
I think the one that stings the most, and is like all of my other points, grounded in logic is that:
Given that the drop occurred over the summer, it sounds like the only other option is that the drop cannot be "blamed" on the teachers, the district, or the teaching model, but instead it should be "blamed" on you.

bpriest Oct 13, 2020 10:09 PM
One Day Zoom Boycott of GUSD

ANNPS - I will continue to THANK YOU for your contribution to this op-ed. PLEASE, keep going. You have managed to show us your true colors in an attempt to defend, I'm not sure what.


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