Old Town Sidewalk Improvement Project to Finish Next Week

Old Town Sidewalk Improvement Project to Finish Next Week title=
Back-in Angled Parking on Magnolia Avenue
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Source: City of Goleta

Final work on the Old Town Sidewalk Improvement Project resumes tomorrow Friday, November 20 through Wednesday, November 25, 2020.  Work is being done to complete the remaining sidewalk infill items. No parking signs have been posted in the impacted areas where the work is being done. Thank you for your continued patience as we complete this important project for Old Town Goleta.

“The City is extremely thankful that Toro Enterprises has agreed to reorganize their workload, remobilize in Old Town, and complete the sidewalk project for our community before Thanksgiving. We know that scheduling can be complicated, and everyone wants their projects to be completed quickly, so we really appreciate Toro’s effort – going above and beyond to schedule this work,” stated City of Goleta Senior Project Engineer James Winslow. 

The final work had been delayed as a result of utility companies experiencing delays relocating their equipment. Southern California Edison (SCE) and Frontier Communications completed their coordination and relocations last week. The City team asked the contractor, Toro Enterprises, to finish the sidewalk infill work before the Thanksgiving holiday. Toro Enterprises reorganized its existing workload to meet the City’s requested schedule. Toro will complete the sidewalk concrete patches around the utility poles, pedestals, meter boxes, and the remaining final contract work items.

Additional project information can be found on our City website at https://tinyurl.com/GoletaOTSW.

For questions, please contact sidewalks@cityofgoleta.org or call the Construction Inspector, Daniel Anderson, at 805.869.3727.

The Old Town Sidewalk Improvement Project included constructing sidewalk on at least one side of each street north of Hollister Avenue between South Fairview Avenue and Mallard Avenue as well as on Pine Avenue south of Hollister Avenue. The new sidewalks connect to existing sidewalk providing a continuous path of travel. There were also drainage improvements, tree replacements, repaving, and the construction of 39 back-in angled parking spots on Magnolia Avenue (for a net increase of approximately 17 new parking spots). Watch this video to learn more about the project.

With the completion of this project, the safety improvements, livability and ability to recreate in Old Town will change dramatically. We are pleased the community will be able to enjoy the improvements for years to come.

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