Old School Surfing

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Old School Surfing
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By Tom Modugno of Goleta Surfing

A group of photos appeared on my phone recently and the classic style and feel of them jumped out at me.

They were of our good friend and Goleta legend, Turtle, (Jeremy Castillo), shredding some fun waves this summer.

This is what surfing is all about. Skill, finesse, freedom, style.

It just made me realize, the more things change, the more they stay the same...

These photos could have been taken at the same place, 50 years ago. (Except for the wetsuit and goofy kayaker in the background)

In these days of Costco boards and wave machines, there ain't nothing like the real thing baby. Turtle on a real board, made by a real human, at a real beach, with waves made by God this summer 2018.

Turtle learned to surf on the shores of Goleta and he swears by his Wayne Rich boards.

Just goes to show ya, style never goes out of style.


Photos by John Roskoski and Jack Meyer

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Flicka Sep 10, 2018 10:59 AM
Old School Surfing

40 year olds are "old kooks"? Is this being written by children?

a-1594592793 Sep 10, 2018 11:46 AM
Old School Surfing

Yes, anyone over 13 years old on a Costco foam board qualifies as a kook. Get a real board.

surfergirl69 Sep 09, 2018 03:30 PM
Old School Surfing

The difference between surfing and volleyball is that there are only a few precious waves.

a-1594592793 Sep 08, 2018 01:38 PM
Old School Surfing

Costco foam boards are such a good learning tool for kids. And no more ding repair! But yeah, a dozen forty-year old kooks at Campus point on Costco boards is depressing.

EastBeach Sep 09, 2018 11:53 AM
Old School Surfing

40 year old "kooks" on foam boards … why is that "depressing"? I used to coach volleyball classes at the Y. There were a lot of "older" adults who wanted to learn how to play. They really stood out by the clothes they wore and didn't look "cool". But in the end they all learned, had a good time, and some picked up a new passion that served them well for a long time. Learning and participating is way more important than how you look.

Flicka Sep 08, 2018 08:55 AM
Old School Surfing

Nifty photos. Costco sells surfboards? I've heard you can even order a casket there. Many of our friends surfed in the 60s, some champions, some on the cover of Surfer Magazine; one friend was the 1st woman on the cover.Times have changed but like you say, "Style never goes out of style."

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