Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases title=
Supervisor Gregg Hart During a COVID-19 Press Conference
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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County officials pleaded with the public to stop gathering and to wear a face-covering in order to reduce COVID-19 cases.

The county has been on the state's monitoring list for 32 consecutive days due to a high number of hospitalizations and cases while failing to meet the thresholds.

Supervisor Gregg Hart stated every area of the county is experiencing an increase in cases and the biggest risks are workplaces and gatherings. 

"We need to do more and quickly to stop the virus," said Hart.

Cottage Health's Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons stated COVID-19 is regaining momentum with record-high case counts, more hospital admittance, and deaths. 

She stated that more is known about the virus since March when the outbreak began as physicians now understand how to diagnose and prevent the disease while using several treatment options. We also know how our immune systems responds to this virus and some people fail or lose neutralizing antibodies making herd immunity very difficult to achieve, she said.

Dr. Fitzgibbons urged the community to physically distance, consistently wear masks, and frequently wash hands. "If our whole community acts together, we can do this simply," she said.

Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (PHD) Director Dr. Van Do-Reynoso agreed with the officials stating, "if you cannot maintain six feet of distance, you shouldn't be there. Period."

The Numbers

PHD is reporting 137 new cases bringing the county's total to 4,759. Of those, 394 cases are active with 81 people hospitalized including 27 in the intensive care unit (icu).

The county's case rate is ten times higher than the state's acceptable threshold and the testing positivity is 1.6% over the allowed percentage.

Contact investigators determined 42% of positive cases were from community spread while 50% were due to person to person contact.

When asked why PHD data does not match the state's Dr. Do-Reynoso confirmed the state has yet to share their coding and methodology so the numbers can be in sync. She said its mostly due to a lag time in reporting.

Business Complaints

PHD reported there have been 352 complaints from members of the public related to food facilities not following COVID-19 prevention protocol. 

Dr. Do-Reynoso confirmed all of the businesses received a phone call and most received a site visit. From these there were four notices of violations, one permit notice, and one hearing. "All resulted well," she said.

A state enforcement team linked to Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) licenses have also visited local businesses for employees not wearing masks or not wearing them properly, not enforcing physical distancing requirements, and for allowing indoor privileges while all operations must take place outdoor.

Dr. Do-Reynoso said she anticipates further modifications from the Governor in the future.

Schools Cannot Reopen

Earlier today, Governor Newsom announced Central Coast schools will not be allowed to reopen and must offer 100% virtual learning since the tri-counties are on the state monitoring list. 

Assistant Superintendent of the Santa Barbara County Education Office Ellen Barger stated they are expecting more specific guidelines from the state on Monday but each district has been working on distance learning processes. 

Barger confirmed that distance learning will look much different in the fall as districts were in "crisis mode" during the spring. 

"We all need to come together and think about how we can support our children, teens, schools, and each other as we work hard to beat our numbers, to get our numbers back where they need to be so we can eventually open our schools," said Barger.

More details on the current COVID-19 cases within Santa Barbara County can be found here.

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Bird Jul 20, 2020 12:29 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

The news from this weekend shows a major drop in reported cases: 4 on Saturday, 16 on Sunday:

a-1595258401 Jul 20, 2020 08:20 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

........."Why don’t the media report the case fatality rate (CFR), the number of confirmed deaths divided by the total number of confirmed cases?

The U.S. sits at 3.8 percent, below the world average at 4.3 percent and the EU's at 10.3 percent. Countries praised by the American left are faring worse – France at 17.3 percent, the U.K. at 15.4 percent, and the Netherlands at 11.9 percent....... (American Thinker"

PitMix Jul 20, 2020 09:20 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

The news conferences I saw have been very consistent about the need to shut down, stay socially distant, and protect yourself. Which ones did you watch? Of course they would love to open everything back up to get the economy moving again, so they are torn between these two goals.

PitMix Jul 20, 2020 07:29 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

CSF, my understanding at the time was the shortage of masks for medical staff was leading the experts to try and reserve them for that purpose. They didn't want everyone running out to get masks and putting the doctors and nurses at risk. It was more political than medical. We still have shortages of PPE for the hospitals.

ChemicalSuperFreak Jul 19, 2020 06:52 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

SANDYS: 21 weeks ago the CDC issued statements like this tweet from Feb 27: "CDC does not currently recommend the use of facemasks to help prevent novel #coronavirus. " If the CDC just said that we could get this under control in 4-8 week, think where'd we be if they said that 21 weeks ago. I've always been a proponent of wearing masks, even when the CDC said not to. As far as I, and many others are concerned, the CDC has lost all credibility with this and other backtracked pronouncements. As the saying goes, you only have one time to make a first impression. I'll continue to wear my mask, but I completely understand why some people won't listen to health officials anymore.

a-1595202274 Jul 19, 2020 04:44 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

CDC is simply trying to deflect from their own failures. It is the Wild West from here on out. CDC knows this won't happen so they can now say, see we tried. Wasn't our fault. CDC has been a huge failure and embarrassment for "government health care". Remind me what CDC stands for: Center for Disease Control. What have they been doing these past 50 years to be so flat-footed and ham-handed during this particular election year?

a-1595176714 Jul 19, 2020 09:38 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Universal mask mandate is nothing more than useless symbolism. There is no proof to support this mandate. Targeted mitigation is key among known vulnerable populations: elderly and very ill. Instead carry your kerchief mask in your pocket at all times, and your cover mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands frequently and wash your pocket kerchief frequently.

PitMix Jul 20, 2020 12:23 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Listen to Chip, he knows more than Dr. Fauci or the head of the CDC or the head of WHO. Probably more than anyone on the planet. Why does it chap your hide to wear a mask? My only complaint is you can't see people smile but I and others can live with that.

Chip of SB Jul 20, 2020 10:35 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

The fine aerosol particles that hang in the air for long periods of time and get carried through HVAC systems are far smaller that even an N95 mask can filter. Aerosolized particles freely pass through masks, and they can carry a viral load sufficient to cause infection. At best, masks can catch some fraction of the larger droplets that people expel. There are a number of peer reviewed studies that have found masks achieved no reduction in viral transmission. However, masks concentrate any infectious material they filter (large droplets) and get it all over people’s hands every time they adjust their mask which could increase transmission via touch/surface contamination.

Chip of SB Jul 19, 2020 09:26 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

I think you nailed it 9:38. It’s actually illegal to market a medical device that has not been appropriately vetted in clinical trials and approved by the FDA. That’s why mask packaging includes a disclaimer stating that use of the product will not protect you from covid-19.

MountainMan4865 Jul 18, 2020 11:40 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

I have a friend whose son is in the military. He said his entire base was tested and everyone came up positive, although not one of them are exhibiting any symptoms.... food for thought. Didn't ask what state he was in.

MountainMan4865 Jul 18, 2020 07:32 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

This is, for me, heatening dialog. I imagine this is why so many national and local media groups shut down their comment sections... civil discourse. There will always be trolls, but those of us that are adults can see past that and have conversation. I am so grateful for edhat to be able to provide a public forum for this, and any other topic that might come up. Thank you, edhat. Please don't lose the faith.

PitMix Jul 20, 2020 12:28 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

But what a pain that they have to nanny so many comments. A lot of nice people don't comment here anymore because I think they got tired of reading the negative comments and some personal attacks. I say zero tolerance for any commentor that uses their comment for a personal attack.

Bird Jul 18, 2020 07:57 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Yes, agree, completely, thanking Edhat for not shutting down public comment the way the Independent and Noozhawk have. It's the reason why I willingly pay the annual subscription fee here. (And do not for the Indy or Noozhawk.) It's increasingly rare to have any chance of public comment: city commissions now are limited to two minutes no matter how complicated the topic. Council but three minutes and sometimes, two. And it's unlikely they pay much attention to what's said in those few minutes, especially now that the speaker can't be seen. So thanks, Edhat, for keeping the flame of public discourse and participation alive!

SBLetsGetAlong Jul 18, 2020 06:45 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Do you know how the State evaluated whether we can open or not.
394 Active Cases out of 445,000 residents. (0.08%)
4,759 “confirmed cases” out of 445,000 (about 1%)
Not 10% of our population.
So where does the 10% positive rate come from?
Have you asked these questions? Probably not, why would you. The headlines say it all, “Active Cases Increase”. They failed to tell you Active Cases decreased. But they are quick to scare the crap out of you.
They didn’t tell you that the 10% is based upon the number of tests given, not the population size. They use 10% positive out of the people “tested”.
So if 100 people out of 445,000 take a test and are positive that’s a 10% positive rate. We’re shut down.
But if 1,000 people get tested and 10 are positive we are good to go.
So how do we fix this? How about judge what percent of the population has Covid (0.08%) or what percent of SB has tested positive for Covid (About 1%)
Stop using fear mongering to control the people, report the full truth in the headlines of just post “update”
The news media and government is charging the people with negative misinformation.
Yes, there are people who are sick. But over 99% of SB is not. Why does no one care about the 99% that are suffering?

sacjon Jul 19, 2020 03:58 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

GINGER! - here, let me try to help you with this. I'm asking what would the CDC gain from intentionally falsifying the numbers and lying to us? What good does it do them? How will they benefit from making the numbers higher than they are?

ginger1 Jul 19, 2020 03:42 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

What do they have to gain by generating increased number of COVID death certificates by falsifying reporting?

What do they have to gain by raising mortality percentages so that they remain ABOVE epidemic threshold?

Did you not understand what I wrote about maintaining fear and panic? Perhaps they are right---the only way to get people to follow three simple rules (social distancing, mask wear when that's not possible and in enclosed spaces (and they don't mean your car!) and hand washing) is to scare the $h!t out of our citizens.

ginger1 Jul 19, 2020 03:14 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

In the beginning of the CV crisis, they co-mingled influenza and COVID stats, so neither was of any value. Easiest fix, make it go away. Later, they listed hospitalization stats, for which they had decent influenza data, and called it COVID. Then, it was found out that the vast majority of states/hospitals did not report (and still do not) COVID hospitalizations and so they simply deleted that section of the FluView and COVIDView web pages.

And now, even you will have to acknowledge that the reported deaths are far from accurate and about to get even worse, with no requirement for proof of CV infection to declare cause of death COVID-19.

Now go to their COVID page and observe this: week ending July 4 they reported that deaths decreased and were lower than the threshold to be considered epidemic, having decreased from 6.9% to 5.5% week 27. (I have screenshot, because that is now deleted.) For the week 28 ending July 11 they reported the rate continues to decrease and the level is now above epidemic and report the week 27 data as 8.1% (remember they wrote 5.5%) and week 28 at 6.4%. How can that be? Here's how: they do not want to report that the US fatality rate is below epidemic. So they just changed the numbers.

Is that clear enough for you? So go ahead, keep trusting what "they" tell you. I don't know which is worse, cable news or the government. They both lie to secure their narrative and we are left dazed and confused. Seems to be their plan.

a-1595196609 Jul 19, 2020 03:10 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

SacJon - government agencies, iike CDC, need to justify their continued existence and budget increase demands. So yes, they have plenty of reason to lie --- we are facing the Zombie Apocalypse- send money! -- - and continue to demand more money if any of their work product deficiencies are exposed. This is a truism when spending OPM: Government work expands to consume all available resources. Only when spending your own money, is there hope to get cost:benefit value in return. OPM is a very seductive, but inefficient lubricant.

ginger1 Jul 19, 2020 01:20 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

I'm so glad to see that others are finally getting that the numbers are bull$!t. The CDC lies and deletes stats that do not fit its narrative (I've got screenshots of that) and a few days ago eliminated the requirement for a positive virus test to list a death as from covid. We knew the numbers were lies and now there's proof that it will be worse going forward.

Case numbers, always BS because the testing protocols are constantly changing here and everywhere. In our family, only one of three of us was "approved" to be tested. Does that make any sense?

What's with car wash employees being essential workers but not teachers? Who's the moron who determined that? How about the Sears Covid Surge Center? Remember Newsom demanded 55,000 more hospital beds and used 3,000? Our hospitals are advertising for elected surgeries while laying off staff.

And so people drive alone in the cars wearing masks and gloves. Does that make any sense at all? Sure, we have to take measures to protect our citizens. But that should be based on science and not CNN or Fox News where "if it bleeds, it leads." Like on KEYT's webpage. All is normal until you scroll down to COVID news which is placed on the brightest, bloodiest red background they could find.

Your brains are being manipulated. We do not need to be frightened into compliance for doing the right thing. Education is the key. But let's keep our kids out of school and their parent too frightened to go to the beach.

dw2000 Jul 19, 2020 11:31 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

No idea where Riconer got his CDC alternative facts. According to their site 2017/2018 flu season (a very bad year) had 61,000 deaths. So yeah we have had more than twice as many deaths from Covid.

SB Barbarian Jul 19, 2020 11:12 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

We were not wrong in either case. It is a false equivalency based on lack of educating one's self. Coronavirus is not "the flu". Throwing them both into one big pot is comparing apples and oranges, a proper color for this discussion. If it makes you feel better, that is OK, but please don't inflict your ignorance on my health. Oh, and even if your numbers are correct even though no citation was included, we're at 138,000 halfway through the seventh month of the year, and the cases are increasing exponentially. Your critical math skills could use a little work.

Bird Jul 19, 2020 09:26 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Rinconer, I don't think that "were we wrong (then) or are we wrong now?" is the right question. We're only 6 months into the C-19 pandemic and, unlike elsewhere, it's increasing in the US, including California. The questions of right or wrong re decisions are ones to ask afterwards. The question now is, imho, what level of risk are you willing to take? for yourself? to subject your family? to subject our public and private employees? This is a very litigious society and another factor is, no doubt, weighing the costs of lawsuits if we make wrong answers, solutions. I don't think these are easy questions and find it hard to blame politicians like Hart (and Newsom, taking the burden off local school admins) for choosing the lowest level of risk. But they are politicians.

SantaBarbaraObserver Jul 19, 2020 08:40 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

"Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' ― Isaac Asimov

Rinconer Jul 19, 2020 08:13 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Thank you SBLetsgetalong,
Good to see critical thinking and math skills. Yes, I’m concerned about the .04% of Americans at risk.
Am also concerned about the 48 million Americans who lost their job, also all my friends who worked extremely hard for decades to establish and maintain, that are destroyed by a politically motivated public health decree.
The fact remains that according to the CDC’s records, in 2017, the flu killed 126,000 U.S. Citizens.
In 2020, that number increased 10% to 138,000.
Given these numbers, here is the big question, so were me wrong in 2017 not to shut the country down, or are we wrong now?

LCP112233 Jul 18, 2020 01:26 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

There are a lot of people breaking the rules out there. From all political sides. Old, Young, Men, Women. But the youngsters, by far, break the rules the majority of time. Parties everywhere. There are so many places I won't go anymore because of the youngsters hanging on each other getting drunk and hootin', hollerin' and huggin'. Can't really blame them for being young and wanting to have fun and break the rules. Lord knows I did when I was younger.

LCP112233 Jul 19, 2020 02:13 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

We were fortunate to have lived young lives without a pandemic going on. But yes, myself, I would not likely be hugging and going to parties if there was a pandemic going on when I was young.

SB Barbarian Jul 18, 2020 04:32 PM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Likely you never hugged anyone who you know had a good chance to have a communicable disease. Even young people have to respect the boundaries of civilized society. I was young once, too, but I cannot imagine that I would willingly do anything that I factually know could cause other people, including myself, to become ill or die. As Jesse Pinkman would say, "It's science, b**ch!

Lorax Jul 18, 2020 11:54 AM
Officials Plead With Public to Help Lower COVID-19 Cases

Check mate. Get the schools back open, wear a mask! If not because you believe in the protection because the economy, young people and families are being hurt by overreaching orders.
unless these numbers go down and we get off the "hit list' we are stuck with virtual education.
Our kids are falling further behind in this political war of manipulation.


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