Offensive Sign Found in Santa Barbara

By an edhat reader

I found this sign hanging from the STOP sign at Arrellaga and Garden street. I don’t know exactly what it means but I know it is not something I want to see in Santa Barbara. Edhatters please keep a look out for these stupid signs and remove them.


Written by SB1Love

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  1. There is an artist in Santa Barbara laughing their tails off over all the people who are melting down and totally freaking out over their “offensive” art!!! LOL!!! Reminds me of the peeps who went into hysterics over Tinky Winky the Telletubbie. SB people sure are thin skinned….in New York you would be laughed all the way back to the Denny’s near Ontare Road where you can have your Safe Space free from microaggression. LOL!!!

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