Nurseries Give Away Potting Soil and Vegetable Seedlings Orcutt Students

Nurseries Give Away Potting Soil and Vegetable Seedlings Orcutt Students title=
Nurseries Give Away Potting Soil and Vegetable Seedlings Orcutt Students
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Source: SEEAG

Students in the Orcutt Union School District who are participating in SEEAG's "Let's Grow A Garden" summer gardening program received free potting soil from Engel & Gray and seedling from Plantel Nursery to commemorate Earth Day last week and to help start their home gardens.

Over 200 bags of compost-blend potting soil and 2,000 kale, lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, Brussels sprout, broccoli and cauliflower seedlings were handed out to participating students at Olga Reed Elementary and Joe Nightingale Elementary School. 

Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SEEAG) also mailed over 250 packets of organic seeds to 126 recipients across the Central Coast with the help of The Plant Good Seed Company in Ojai.
"A home garden, whether in-ground or in pots, is a fun, family activity," says Caitlin Case, SEEAG program director. "It shows kids that hard work and patience can pay off with tasty home-grown vegetables that they can proudly share with their family."

It's not too late for kids in Santa Barbara County to participate in SEEAG's Let's Grow A Garden. They can access gardening tips and fun garden-related activities by going to the website ( Students can enter photos of their garden with a chance to win garden-themed prizes. 

Beginning May 3, nutrition and agriculture program lessons will be posted weekly on SEEAG's website with new lessons added every Monday. The site also contains Information about local agriculture and links to where families can order seeds and gardening materials online. 

No registration is required. Let's Grow a Garden is for elementary school teachers, students and their families. For more, go to SEEAG will be holding its 3rd Annual Santa Barbara County Farm Day on September 18, 2021. To learn about SEEAG, go to

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MountainMan4865 May 02, 2021 05:48 PM
Nurseries Give Away Potting Soil and Vegetable Seedlings Orcutt Students

That's awesome! I remember growing radishes in kindergarten. It was an extremely valuable lesson. It not only taught me the actual process, but that I, even as a five year old, could do it. That, and my mother planting a potato in the back yard of our rented house, and it magically made MORE potatoes! Fast forward thirty years later, helping plant a garden at my son's school, and a fourth grader starts to tell me about all that she is growing, corn, beans, tomatoes. I ask about where she lives - in an apartment. I ask if she's growing in containers - very impressed. She starts to tell me that if she doesn't make sure the workers get water, they die. I blink. It's a video game. She had zero connection to what she was talking about. Giving a child the knowledge that they can grow something, regardless of how small, that they can eat or give to their family is invaluable. Thank you for doing this.

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