Nine Sheriff’s Custody Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

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Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

A group of 9 Sheriff’s Custody staff are recovering at home after testing positive for COVID-19 and additional staff are awaiting test results. Four civilian staff and 5 custody deputies became symptomatic on their days off and were tested for COVID-19 starting last Friday. Each of these staff members stayed away from work after becoming symptomatic. All of the civilian staff members work in Custody Records, where they do not have direct contact with inmates. Four of the custody deputies are assigned to administrative roles and do not have direct contact with the inmate population. One custody deputy does have contact with inmates, but did not work after becoming symptomatic. Nine additional custody staff who are experiencing symptoms are at home awaiting test results. The Sheriff’s Office is working in conjunction with Public Health to conduct contact tracing and have all remaining jail staff tested for COVID-19.

No inmates in the general population are symptomatic. Two inmates who recently exhibited COVID-19 symptoms during booking are being quarantined for 14 days in the Inmate Reception Center.

Separately, two Sheriff’s deputies assigned to the Santa Barbara Superior Courthouse, where they serve as bailiffs, were in a courtroom with a staff member who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. These deputies are self-quarantining at home, and are presently asymptomatic. 

Public Health has asked that we remind the members of our community of the following COVID-19 workplace guidelines:

·      Employees should wash their hands thoroughly and often, and should stay six feet away from those living outside their home as much as possible.

·      Face coverings should be worn in accordance with current guidelines set by the California Department of Public Health.

·      Employees should actively monitor themselves for symptoms and stay home if they feel sick.

·      If possible, avoid public transit or carpooling with persons not living within the same household.

·      Use videoconferencing or teleconferencing when possible for work-related meetings and gatherings. If a meeting must take place in-person, limit the number of attendees, ask them to wear facial coverings, and consider holding the meeting in a space where those in attendance can maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from one another.

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m-cubed Jun 18, 2020 09:21 PM
Nine Sheriff’s Custody Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

you're clearly upset. why dont you just go have your mask-free fun and stop pouring so much energy into trying to convince people who want to act cautiously that they are fools. if you really believed that you wouldn't be posting anything to begin with.

420722 Jun 18, 2020 10:06 PM
Nine Sheriff’s Custody Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

Don’t worry M-cubed I am having a lot of mask free fun. 3 months and counting and out of the hundreds of people I know from age 0-100 not one of them has it or knows anyone that has had it. Why don’t you stop putting your energy into making people that don’t live in fear like they are bad.

Keepitreal Jun 19, 2020 04:44 AM
Nine Sheriff’s Custody Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

No one is saying that everyone is going to get it. Just saying don’t be an idiot. I personally know some of these people mentioned in this article and in speaking with them some sound like they have a foot in the grave. Don’t be ignorant. Be smart about it. It’s real. Here’s hoping you don’t get it. Wouldn’t want to read your commentary here about how bad it is.

a-1592548087 Jun 18, 2020 11:28 PM
Nine Sheriff’s Custody Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

I worked in a SB County facility in south county for 5 years. Built so that there was little air flow, useless if any AC, cramped. In summer/fall, it was regularly in the 90's in the office space. I will commend them for not disciplining me for wearing a long dress with "spaghetti" straps. I can only imagine the working conditions of people in "Records" in the jail branch of the Sheriff's office. I mean: not good. Best wishes for their recovery. Oh -- I wear a mask!

Luvaduck Jun 19, 2020 07:40 AM
Nine Sheriff’s Custody Staff Test Positive for COVID-19

Wearing the mask over only your mouth is like building only half of a dam. Not until we all protect others are we ourselves protected. Whether you believe or not, treat this as a threat to health & life and don't risk being wrong and harming or killing others.

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