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New Year's Resolutions Poll
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By Lauren Bray, edhat staff

It's that time of year when people vow to exercise more, eat healthier, abstain from television and replace it with national bestselling books, travel to faraway lands, and enjoy quality time with loved ones. But how realistic are these goals, especially when most people are going from zero to 100?

Perhaps they never used to go to the gym and now the expectation is to go 5 times a week. Or maybe their job and family commitments prevent them from seeing four new countries this year.

Ultimately the idea behind the lofty goal setting is to achieve deeper meaning, richness, and happiness in our lives. To be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

“If [people] actually are able to set short-term goals that they can achieve... in the end they’ll end up achieving a lot of the same goals over time,” said University of Pittsburgh Medical Center psychiatrist Vint Blackburn in an interview with WESA.

The obvious appears to be clear, make smaller for attainable goals to achieve greater success and less discouragement. An easy example that Blackburn suggested was not to go "cold turkey" on smoking, that is, don't stop all of a sudden.

“While [completely stopping smoking is] very much an admirable goal, even if somebody were to cut down by half, that a huge improvement in health,” he said. “Ideally, we would want them to quit. But if they can successfully cut back for several months, they’re already on their way to quitting.”

However, the same types of goals seem to repeat themselves every New Year. 

A 2015 Neilson Survey found the following as the 10 most popular New Year's resolutions among US consumers. 

  • Stay fit and healthy — 37 percent
  • Lose weight — 32 percent
  • Enjoy life to the fullest — 28 percent
  • Spend less, save more — 25 percent
  • Spend more time with family and friends — 19 percent
  • Get organized — 18 percent
  • Will not make any resolutions — 16 percent
  • Learn something new/new hobby — 14 percent
  • Travel more — 14 percent
  • Read more — 12 percent


How do edhat readers feel about resolutions and which ones will they make? Take our poll below and share your thoughts in the comment section.


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a-1582389478 Jan 01, 2019 04:02 PM
New Year's Resolutions Poll

My resolution is to collect $1.00 each time an Edhat poster, Edhat commenter or Edhat staff uses the word "Namaste." Or writes "your" (when s/he means "you're"), types in unneeded apostrophes (e.g. "it's" when not meaning "it is"), misspells "whoa" as "woah" or else uses the term "NIMBY" or word "snark." I am going to be rich rich RICH.

a-1582389478 Jan 01, 2019 01:36 PM
New Year's Resolutions Poll

I plan to work harder at the exercise I have already been doing. I'll put in more effort, but the same amount of time. Work harder, faster, expend more calories.

CCHandyMan Jan 01, 2019 08:09 AM
New Year's Resolutions Poll

Forget it. I've tried to make resolutions in the past and they're blown by the end of the first week. So, I just try to keep on living my life the best way I know how and loving my friends and family.

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