New Bald Eagle Debuts at the Santa Barbara Zoo

Amelia Earhart the Bald Eagle debuts at the Santa Barbara Zoo (courtesy)

Welcome, Amelia Earhart

Welcome to the Zoo, Amelia! Named for the famous aviator, this beautiful female bald eagle joined habitat mate Avalon yesterday and they are getting to know each other. She is estimated to be about 8 years old.

Amelia was found in the Mississippi River in Dyer County, TN by a good Samaritan in November of 2022. She was brought to the Memphis Zoo’s medical center and was found to have a fracture of her left humerus. She was well-cared for by the veterinary team, but once her wing healed, she was deemed non-releasable by her veterinarian as she cannot fully extend her wing.

Memphis Zoo did not have a permanent space for her, so they were searching for another location for Amelia to live.  After our eagle Betsy died, we wanted a companion for Avalon and saw that Amelia was available for placement. We applied for the permitting through USFWS, who is responsible for approving all bald eagle holding/movements. Once we had the permits, she transferred to the Zoo in April.

Amelia and Avalon will get to know each other over the coming days as Amelia gets to know the sounds and patterns of the Zoo. Our animal care experts will provide plenty of food and keep a close eye on them to ensure we can offer any support to the birds that may be needed. We are excited to once again have two of these magnificent birds at the Zoo!


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