Nesting Bird Box Tips

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Nesting Bird Box Tips
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By TwoScoops
Not all birds use nesting boxes, and sizes vary.  If you want a barn owl, you use a much larger box.  Freezing temps, fires/smoke, drought, are all stressors for birds.  This beautiful handmade bluebird nesting box is at Island Seed & Feed in Goleta. 
Here's how you can help:
1.  Water.  Running, dripping, or just in a shallow cup or bowl.  If you water your plants, trying drip watering, a slow drip 3 or 4 feet above ground, or higher, above the plant.  The birds will find this water and love it.  We bought our fountain at Terra Sol Nursery in Goleta. The birds love it.  You can use bird baths, but keep the water depth 2 inches or less.  Song birds don’t swim, so they like shallow water.
2.  Food.  Nuts, sunflower seeds, black-oiled sunflower seeds, millet, thistle, crushed corn.
3.  Nesting support:  Nesting box (see photo) for bluebirds.  Also, human hair (take out of your brush), dog hair, feathers,  spider webs, twine/string, natural fibers such as cotton and burlap. Yard debris such as pine or wheat straw, tiny twigs. Leave grass clippings on ground.  Put in hanging basket or as hanging ornament, or just throw on ground, or in shallow basket on deck.
NO DRYER LINT, no synthetic material, no synthetic string - no fishing line or nylon twine.  
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a-1519229603 Feb 21, 2018 08:13 AM
Nesting Bird Box Tips

Wild birds are the best "pets". They don't require you walk them, or take them to the vet, or dispose of their poo. They come and go as they please.

edwardchapeau Feb 21, 2018 09:01 AM
Nesting Bird Box Tips

Once you give birds a reason to come to your yard, you're in for a lot of (free) enjoyment.

If we get no more rain this season local birds are going to have their stress levels cranked up even higher.
Making water available, in the manner TwoScoops suggests, is probably the easiest and most effective contribution to sustaining the bird population through hard times.

a-1519238569 Feb 21, 2018 10:42 AM
Nesting Bird Box Tips

Pretty cool and fun to watch for sure. Though fair warning, ours became a vending machine for the neighborhood falcon ..

a-1519248536 Feb 21, 2018 01:28 PM
Nesting Bird Box Tips

Okay. Here is why you should NEVER put out human hair or string as nesting material for birds and why dryer lint is such a bad idea, from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue: ***************** " Our good intentions have led to some horrendous outcomes.

Every year, the rescue organization takes in baby songbirds that have terrible injuries from these good intentions. The fibers may tangle around the bird’s legs, neck or wings. They act like a tourniquet and cut off the blood flow and cause injuries that can lead to loss of limbs and even death.

Birds and other animals can choke and have internal obstructions from eating the string.

If that’s not enough reason to not offer string-like fibers as bird nesting material, I have seen several mentions of birds getting trapped in their nests. The fibers get wrapped around the birds and literally tie them into the nest.

Think those fuzzy bits of drying lint would make a great option? That too is a bad idea. When it gets wet, it loses its shape and can leave holes in the nest. Additionally, the lint dust is bad for birds. And, if that wasn’t enough to keep you from using dryer lint for bird nesting material, think about the bleaches, laundry softeners and other chemicals that we all use to keep our clothes clean. Doubtful any of that stuff is bird-friendly."--------------- Read the rest of the article to find out what you can put out into your garden and what plants you can grow to help birds with nesting materials.------------

Also: I want to caution anyone who is thinking about providing a bird bath or bird food for wild birds: Just know that this hobby can be quite time consuming and not inexpensive. You will need to keep water in those bird baths. I don't recommend cleaning the baths, ever, but only giving them a good jet of water every day or so, to keep the water clean and the bath from accruing moss/mold. Be prepared for neighborhood bees to come to your bird bath(s), particularly on hot days.-------
Buying bird seed is costly. You will need to keep the feeders clean, too. And there can be issues with squirrels and rats if you don't get the correct (read: costly) bird feeders. Every feeder in your yard will have bird seed strewn below it and this attracts pests. I am not trying to discourage any Edhatters from feeding birds and providing water, I only want you to know that you should be prepared to spend time and money on your hobby. PLEASE DO help wild birds, just understand that it's like acquiring any "pet." You need to commit some time and money to it.

TWOSCOOPS Feb 21, 2018 07:47 PM
Nesting Bird Box Tips

Attracting birds to your garden is a good way to get rid of bugs, naturally.

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