Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration title=
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By the edhat staff

A campaign to restore the historic Band Shell at Plaza del Mar has raised $45,500 to bring back live entertainment.

The Parks and Recreation Community (PARC) Foundation partnered with the City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department to secure the funds needed to achieve the renovation. 

Plaza Del Mar, located near the Harbor and Los Banos Pool, is one of the city's oldest city parks established in 1899. It was a favorite location for strolling and outdoor gatherings with the band shell constructed twenty years later to provide a venue for public concerts.

Five thousand people attended the band shell's opening concert on May 4, 1919, which featured a 22-piece municipal band. Since then it hosted concerts, dramatic performances, recitals, and speeches. Designed in the Mission Revival style by Winsor Soule, it is the only remnant of the iconic entertainment structures which once graced historic Plaza del Mar.

An assessment of the building condition in October 2020 revealed that the band shell needs structural repairs to the building frame, roof, and the wooden stage surface in addition to façade repairs. Electrical upgrades and restoration of the original lighting will allow a wide range of future uses. Lastly, the renovation will achieve accessibility improvements to the building and the stage, according to PARC.

PARC hopes the renovation of the band shell will revitalize Plaza del Mar for music, drama, dance and celebratory events.

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Basicinfo805 Aug 19, 2022 03:56 PM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

Another vote for not doing anything with it until there’s a legitimate, serious community impetus to change what’s happening with all our parks citywide, and start making them family-/public-friendly again. Until then, don’t do it. Save the money for something else. I don’t see it.

Babycakes Aug 19, 2022 08:20 AM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

It will be super nice to have this venue up and running again for local performers. As someone who has performed publicly for many years to earn money by playing music, I can tell you that very few businesses in town fork out dough for live entertainment. One must work really hard to get paying gigs, and it certainly helps to know someone who knows someone who needs/wants live music.

For anyone to say that the vast majority of locals avoid Pershing Park due to the clientele who are there day in and day out just does not have a grasp on how things work. Of course, you can go there with your kids and have bowl after bowl of the weed and puff away all day....even have 40s and pints of Popov....yes, yes, and yes. However, most parents and citizens really don't want to be around the folks high and drunk all day, no one wants to be around addicts when they go to the park. Fights, screaming matches, cops, and ambulances are frequent visitors to Pershing Park.

Time to clean up before we continue on the path like these places in the news today:

(UK Daily News) "The death of downtown: San Francisco, Cleveland and Portland have seen activity drop by almost 50 percent - as soaring crime in the Democrat-run cities forces workers, tourists and homeowners away
- San Francisco's downtown activity was down to 31 compared to 2019 as the city contends with high crime despite finally agreeing to shut down its controversial open-air drug market by the end of the year
- Cleveland's downtown activity was down to 36 percent, a blow to the city making strides to fight back decade high crime rates and giving police more leeway to crack down on crime
- Portland had the third worst downtown activity since its pre-pandemic era, down to 41 percent, as homeless encampments surge in the city that championed the defund the police movement."

So, yeah, by all means, double-down and allow bad actors to destroy Pershing Park (Oak Park, Leadbetter, Chase Palm, Alameda, ...... on and on), and head there with your families to escape reality through drugs and alcohol. Be our guest to provide examples of bad behavior, which some consider "good" behavior.

ZeroHawk Aug 19, 2022 09:08 AM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

just sayin you don't even go there. you don't frequent it, you don't live close to it. neither does Fernaldpoint93108. I was there with my dog this morning, at 550am. 1 homeless guy sleeping quietly. Yeah it's just horrible! Whats horrible? People like you shamming others with less than you. Snob at best. Glad you have your silly immature nicknames for a place you don't frequent. The people that live around there refer to it as "The Park". Fernald, please share with the rest of us when these glory days happened? 1929? The park is absolutely fine. I see two groups here. I see people with a brain and common sense and then i see a group of people with nothing good to say. a group that really doesn't know anything about the park. a group of people that don't use it, or even visit it. A group that may have driven by one time and saw some guy taking a nap. Guess what, they are in your area too. In fact there are dozens of homeless in Cito. All along the beach. There goes the neighborhood. Seems the glory days of Montecito are gone. Place is occupied with both snobs and homeless.

22701015201 Aug 18, 2022 02:31 PM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

What will the City do about the homeless? Their "occupation" of the park and the feeding station that is set up at the park is a huge issue for thoes that might want to enjoy the park and a show.

MarcelK Aug 19, 2022 08:02 PM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

What is the city going to do about sociopathic trolls with numbers for names? I don't want such nasty judgmental people around while I'm trying to enjoy the park and a show. /s

ChillinGrillin Aug 19, 2022 10:55 AM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

You hit the nail on the head, Zerohawk. I went to Plaza Del Mar last week to sit under a palm tree and read a book. A few homeless were there and didn't bother anyone at all. Just relaxing in the park like anyone else. I don't want to live in a society that doesn't let them do that. At this point, the right wingers are just making stuff up.

a-1660927316 Aug 19, 2022 09:41 AM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

Zero, maybe 227 confused you with one of the homeless people as you admittedly were doing drugs in the park, as some of the homeless are observed doing. I'm 420 friendly but in Santa Barbara burning a bowl in public is verboten.

a-1660916381 Aug 19, 2022 06:39 AM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

People eating really bothers you that much? The homeless are just people, just like you and me. Sad when folks like you think they are l "other" and above those down on their luck.

a-1660879300 Aug 18, 2022 08:21 PM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

There is an influx of homeless in this area but it shouldn't deter people from enjoying our beautiful parks and open space. We still go to Alice Keck and Alameda. I do wish there could be a better solution so these people don't have to hang out in parks all day.

ZeroHawk Aug 18, 2022 03:36 PM
Nearly $50K Raised for Bandshell Restoration

Whoa wait a moment. I happen to live a block from there, I am there every day. I spent two hours there Saturday with my dog and daughter having a nice quiet picnic, then played tennis. I went back Sunday with my dog, had coffee, burned a bowl, listened to some music and had coffee and a pastry. So where are all of these homeless people crowding up the park as you insinuate? Or excuse me, their "Occupation" of the park. "Feeding station"? Please elaborate on this as well. Then you go on to say those things are huge issues for others who may want to enjoy the park. Right.
So let's make something crystal clear dude, those homeless people that occupy a few feet of grass are human beings. They have every right and i mean it EVERY right to be there as you or I do. Why are you any better? Because you have a roof? Shallow at best pal. Basically I'm calling you out. You're straight up fear mongering and making up false claims and drama. I counted 3 homeless people there. So WHAT. They do not bother anyone. You obviously, by your statements, rarely if ever spend ANY time there, right? Right. Feeding station. Ohhh you mean the church that shows up for 2 hours early sunday morning to provide a hot meal for a few people in dire need of nutrition? Yeah you're a real gem. You have made false claims, lied, attempted to make drama, shamed people for being hungry and for being down on their luck and have to sleep on the grass. They also do not sit there all day as you also assume. Just awful, maybe someday you will be there in that sad state and we can all talk about you then?

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