National Historic Landmark For Sale in Downtown Santa Barbara

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By Hayes Commercial

The Gonzalez-Ramirez Adobe—a National Historic Landmark and nearly 200-year- old masterpiece of Santa Barbara’s colonial architecture—has undergone a meticulous renovation by Becker Studios and is now offered for sale. The 0.62-acre property at 835 Laguna Street has versatile CG zoning, allowing for residential or a variety of commercial uses. Embodying the spirit of Old California, this unique property comes complete with pristine finishes while honoring the authenticity of the original Spanish adobe style.

First built by the Mayor in 1825, the structure received a 1956 addition to create a larger, vaulted conference room with views of the Riviera. The property was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970, citing its "exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States.” In 2022, a thoughtful reimagining by Darrell and Kirsten Becker’s team has added a few essential modern conveniences, yet restoring wherever possible the grandeur of the original.

Features that define the home include the L-shaped floorplan, one-story massing, white-washed adobe walls, viga-style ceilings, and restored brick and tile. The grounds offer a long, private driveway entrance, two courtyard areas, covered verandas, beautiful old-world carpentry, thoughtful plantings, and extensive parking.

The $4,995,000 offering is co-listed by Marsha Kotlyar of Bershire Hathaway and Greg Bartholomew and Liam Murphy of Hayes Commercial Group.

"This property is a historic treasure,” Kotlyar said. “There are only a handful of residences from this era - prior to California being part of the United States - and to see one that has been so beautifully preserved yet ready to be immediately occupied is even more rare. "

While originally a residence, the property has been utilized by businesses as well, and most recently housed a dealer of rare books. “From a commercial perspective, there are many possibilities here,” Barthomew said, “including an event/wedding facility, wine tasting, or even a family office.”

[Ed Note: The provided photos of the Gonzalez-Ramirez Adobe have been removed at the request of the photographer]

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WhoKnows Nov 27, 2022 01:58 PM
National Historic Landmark For Sale in Downtown Santa Barbara

That place is haunted. The area itself holds alot of history, not in the best way. The late Jay Thomas owned property across the street/corner. That place also underwent renovation but that doesn't change its history. Owners always end up selling.

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