Naloxone Training for Prescriptions?

By an edhat reader

Was curious,  if readers had experience,  with this? I fractured my back, a few weeks ago…went to Goleta Cottage,  ER..they were great. Anyway,  was sent home with a prescription, for 8 pills, opioids….also heard the Doctor talking to my husband,  on how to revive me. We went to pick up the prescription  and he had also prescribed Naloxone…not covered by insurance…$96.00! Declined it….not a drug person, am a senior. 

Anyway,  is this just done at Goleta Cottage? Being so close to UCSB? On the east coast,  in a very small town I lived in 20 years ago…they have Naloxone training,  every Saturday,  at the library…free supply, training  certificate…
I hope the police,  Council members,  will consider this…people need to know how to use it…


What do you think?


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  1. you declined it yet want to know how to use it?
    the opioids needed for a broken back are pretty strong. hence why you only got 8. your doctor, who went to school for this, prescribed it. probably for good reason.
    and wow im sorry but why would the proximity to UCSB be an issue? you seem to think our UCSB is filled with people overdosing constantly? but yet arent overdosing elsewhere? like downtown SB?
    this post is full of head scratching comments

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