Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

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  • Did anyone just see the hundreds of lights in the sky, all in perfect alignment traveling...yes traveling west to east? Over at Lake Cachuma.

  • 9:45pm 5/22/21: A seemingly endless profession of lights at high altitude passed overhead west of Goleta headed northeast at 9:45pm Saturday evening. 40-50 lights appeared one after, popping into view in the western night sky. In close and irregularly spaced intervals, the lights headed single file northeast. A low sound similar to jet engines could be heard coming from the same direction. 

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macpuzl May 25, 2021 03:10 PM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

More developments for Starlink.

PitMix May 24, 2021 07:44 AM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

We saw them too. It was very weird. We counted about 50 total that seemed to be grouped in lines of 3 and then with a space, and then another 3. The altitude and brightness are factors in how they affect astronomy. Maybe planet based scopes will become useless? Thanks to the FCC for giving the store away to the company that has theirs at 1200 km because they have more impact.

GeneralTree May 23, 2021 09:17 PM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

Unidentified Submersible Objects (USO) have been using the deep water past the Channel Islands since pre-Chumash times. Encounters with these extra-worldly machines are widely documented in Chumash cave paintings.

FondofSB May 24, 2021 08:01 PM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

Ask yourself this simple question : where do they come from ?
And then : how long does it take them to come here ?
And then : what do they eat and drink during the (at least ) 100 years (and probably much more) time the trip takes. All of that in a "flying saucer" smaller than a city bus !!!
And then you'll understand that there are NO aliens "hanging around" here !!!

Bodyboarder73 May 24, 2021 08:00 AM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

Even commercial/Navy pilots coming forward with stories won't convince the masses of sheep. But you're correct.

macpuzl May 23, 2021 05:05 PM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

Efforts to reduce Starlink reflections:

What's coming up:

macpuzl May 23, 2021 04:53 PM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

There's nothing mysterious about them, but they are terrific, in the sense of doing potential harm. Not only do they threaten the data collection of large synoptic survey telescopes used to look for potentially dangerous asteroids and comets, but with multiple companies (Starlink (Musk) and Amazon (Bezos)) planning to launch tens of thousands of these smallsats, we risk a collisional debris chain reaction that could lock us out of space exploration for centuries (see Kessler Syndrome).

a-1621814536 May 23, 2021 05:02 PM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

And not only that, they are an intrusion on one of the greatest things we can experience: the wonder of a star lit sky. It was interesting to see them, the first time I did so, but now I see them as space junk, ruining the night sky in pursuit of corporate profits for tax dodgers.

elaz May 23, 2021 03:00 PM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

A friend had told us about seeing these recently in the Utah desert. Previous to that convo I had never heard of Starlink or of this phenomenon. We were out one night last week with neighbors trying to spot the chain of satellites. We had bad info... timing wasn't right. That hour last night would have been terrific on a clear night. Hope to see this soon.

macpuzl May 23, 2021 12:58 PM
Mysterious High Altitude Lights?

Just another load of Starlink satellites. Dynamic display here, where you can see the initial strings that gradually disperse:

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