Multiple Highway 101 Collisions in Goleta

By Bob on the Scanner

There are three separate traffic collisions on Highway 101 between Fairview and Patterson exits.

Around 4:30 p.m. [Mon] CHP received reports of a vehicle traveling at high speeds passing other vehicles while in the center divider on Highway 101 southbound near the Fairview exit.

CHP then updated the report to a traffic collision between a Uhaul and SUV that are blocking the fast and middle lanes. Unknown if there are any injuries. 

Around 4:50 p.m. in the northbound lanes near Patterson Ave, three vehicles collided in a separate incident. One of the vehicles is reportedly smoking or on fire. Unclear if any injuries. 

Around 4:53 p.m., CHP logged a separate collision in the same area, although additional details have yet to be provided.

Could be a total of two collisions but currently CHP has it listed as three.



Written by BobScan

Bob is a volunteer scanner reporter for who posts breaking news heard on emergency traffic frequencies.

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  1. Recent posts on edhat and next door addressed the increased danger of vehicle accidents in this exact area due the highway bridge construction. The NB on ramp at Patterson is incredibly short and the two highway lanes offer no shoulder.
    It is basically 4 lanes to 2 without proper signage and many trees are blocking the posted construction signs.

    • 100%. I called Cal Trans today outlining the problem since I almost got run off the road this morning after peak commute time. I got a call back. Apparently there were a ton of emails/calls from local residents over the weekend. Whomever I spoke with said the matter was discussed with the management team this morning and it has been referred to engineers to reassess the current configuration. I think this afternoon’s commute is going to get a bit more giddyup in their timeline. At least I hope so.

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