Multiple Batteries on State Street

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By Scanner Andrew

Caller reporting several subjects committing batteries on each other on the 500 block of state street. Police responding with lights and sirens.

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Byzantium Jul 09, 2021 09:50 AM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Where to move local vagrant camps? They move to Monique Limon and Salud Carbajal's offices and camp out there - this is a state and federal issue to solve, and so far neither Limon or Carbajal are at the table providing solutions. No one city can ever be made responsible to solve this state and federal problem, and it is time voters sent that message to a brand new city council and mayor. Homeless Inc, take your case to state Senator Monique Limon and Congressional Rep Salud Carbajal. It takes their combined leadership and not the local extortion measures which this city cannot afford.

Schifter Jul 08, 2021 10:22 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Word has gotten out that Santa Barbara is generous to the homeless. Just last week, I helped a homeless friend of mine pick up two of his friends from the Amtrak station whom he had invited out from Alabama. It doesn't matter what the City and State does--as long as Santa Barbara continues to provide generous benefits, more and more homeless will pour in from all over the country. The "solutions" are merely making the problem worse.

It would be better to provide local residents facing homelessness with short-term assistance, but screen out-of-state arrivals as much as the law permits. With Medi-Cal, food stamps, and local benefits being among the best in the country--along with the weather and City's reputation--the problem will continue to get worse, not better. Tolerance of violent and drug-addicted criminals is not tolerance, it is a recipe for anarchy. End compassion now!

PitMix Jul 09, 2021 09:39 AM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

An anecdote like this has got to be true. But I also support reserving our resources for the 700+ unhoused that is our share based on County population, and encouraging the rest to go to their home states and ask for help there. Unless our national and State reps start to do their jobs and provide a national solution to this problem.

edney Jul 08, 2021 06:47 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

If the city wanted to, they could provide $6000 huts for the homeless at the Armory and the MacKenzie Army land. That is $500 a month. Instead they want 6-10,000 a month. Why can't the taxpayers point out that the taxpayer is not getting a good deal.
You can rent an 4 bedroom 4 bath house in Montecito for $20,000 mo
but the taxpayers get 4 motel rooms for $24,000 and are not allowed to complain

Byzantium Jul 08, 2021 08:18 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Homeless In math: $3000 for the motel room - $7000 going to Homeless Inc for "services. That is why this will never be a "temporary" project. 70% going for management fees. Mark your calendar four months from now. Taking bets now to see what excuses the city will make four months from now to keep refunding this "temporary" project.

sacjon Jul 08, 2021 02:10 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

For those unable/unwilling to use their thinking skills when attacking my posts, here it is AGAIN, as simple as I can make it.

1) I never once at any time any where said this is "solving the homeless problem" or anything even remotely near that. This is simply one effort to clean up the camps where all these fires have been starting. It doesn't solve anything other than cleaning up hazardous messes and giving the police a chance to better patrol/discourage any new encampments in an effort to stop the out of control fires in these camps.

2) This is TEMPORARY, not a long-term solution. But something, especially according to all you (DUKE, RYPERT et al) needs to be done "NOW." Well, they're trying (and succeeding) in a stop gap effort to reduce the risk of fires in the filthy camps. They're trying to get a foothold on this crises and all you do is complain even more.

Go find something else to spend your day complaining about.

dukemunson Jul 09, 2021 11:13 AM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sac - I was just following your parameters of "understanding a task and then completing it successfully". It's an extreme example of course, but it follows the parameters. I guess I bristle at the idea of success being declared on a task when that task isn't pushing us towards a solution and is exorbitantly expensive (which brought to mind Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of cost and seemingly a misguided wildly expensive "task" from the get go. I just don't have a huge amount of faith as they are only moving a select few people and are doing nothing to stop people from moving a few hundred yards away.

I truly do hope you are right. As we all can see it's a pressing and complex issue...maybe this accomplishes something and can be a springboard towards truly addressing the issue. And since it's already a done deal and happening I'm rooting for it...and as such for SB! Let's hope we can help some people and take a chunk out of the problem.

sacjon Jul 09, 2021 10:48 AM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

DUKE - Comparing the cleaning of encampments to falsely assuming victory in a war is way off. This is only 1 "battle," not the whole war.

dukemunson Jul 08, 2021 09:01 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sac - Perhaps, and I hope you are right! Maybe I am going "glass half empty" here but as per the Edhat article that started this discussion:

"Last Friday, city police notified the growing number of tent dwellers that have been occupying Alameda Park that they needed to pull up stakes and move elsewhere. Exactly where they might go, not even Shaffer pretended to have a clue."

So we are moving a small fraction of the people in the camps (and it's a very small fraction, and it's those who are actually willing to take the assistance and move) and the rest we're spending a bunch of additional money to clean up all the debris and hazardous material and hope they don't move and set up in the same high fire spot a few hundred yards away.

To me this is absolute insanity! We're not accomplishing anything except burning money and hoping that the few that we get into the motels are the fire starters while the thousands we don't put in the hotel aren't going to be an issue.

I'll send it back to you this way, we declared success in Iraq 18 years again (Mission Accomplished!) using a similar metric for success. The accomplishment of a "task". That wasn't success was a rabbits hole of insanity. This (to me) is the same.

sacjon Jul 08, 2021 05:40 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

BASIC - how is there "no temporary?" Your comment makes no sense. They're housing the people from the camps as they clean them up. The housing is not permanent, therefore it's "temporary."

I think I see the problem here. You and others conflate my credit to the City for finally cleaning up the camps your assumptions that I'm really saying the City solved homelessness or something. No. You all complained about the fires and the camps and the City is working on it, albeit by housing TEMPORARILY these people in a hotel using, yes, YOUR tax dollars. My only point through all of this is that it's getting ridiculous how so many complain, and then complain again when the City is making an effort to address their complaints.

What is YOUR solution to cleaning up the homeless encampments that you all have been crying and moaning about for years? I'm sure we're all eager to hear it!

sacjon Jul 08, 2021 05:34 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

DUKE - To quantify success, you need to understand what the task is. Once again, they are cleaning out the homeless encampments. That is a fact. That task is being completed "successfully." Whether or not you think that will help anything is up to you, but the goal of this task is being achieved.

Basicinfo805 Jul 08, 2021 03:40 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sac YOU don’t get it, there is no temporary in this situation. Think critically. Try harder. Come on, try. Does the word “snowball” mean anything to you?

dukemunson Jul 08, 2021 02:30 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

I didn’t notice anyone attacking your posts… perhaps they got deleted? That being said, I am questioning how you are quantifying “success” here?

PitMix Jul 08, 2021 12:39 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

The outfit in charge of moving the unhoused into the motel and providing them services has been very successful with this. Does anyone care?

dukemunson Jul 08, 2021 01:51 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

And as a follow up to the follow up... tax dollars that are being wasted towards not actually fixing problems is the exact thing that we should ALL be complaining about. Like the tax dollars to open the schools last Fall that were accepted and not open the schools. You and I complained about that. This is another example of wasted money...Spending just to spend.

dukemunson Jul 08, 2021 01:47 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sac - I thought I threw some solutions out But here is another issue I have:

In addition to the 10k per month at the hotel we are then on the hook for a section 8 voucher and it's cost in perpetuity. I'd much rather see more vouchers be given to people with families working 2 jobs here in SB and then having to commute in from Oxnard or Lompoc. In trying to spend our way out of a problem we seemingly are creating others (and making the problem at hand worse).

sacjon Jul 08, 2021 01:41 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

PIT - of course no one complaining here cares about this. They're so outraged that their precious
"tax dollars" are being used to address the very thing they complain about, they don't care if it's actually helping. These people complain PURELY for the sake of complaining, no matter the topic at hand. No solutions, just complaints.

a-1625700950 Jul 07, 2021 04:35 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Mayor Murillo and the City Council voted for spending $500,000 per month to house 50 homeless people for four months at a cost of $2,000,000. That's $10,000 each homeless person per month! This is how they are using your tax money while many of you struggle from day to day working to make ends meet!

The SBPD is under funded and under staffed and most of their calls are in the downtown area where they make a valiant effort to keep criminals from attacking each other and Santa Barbara residents foolish enough to go to downtown State Street.

Every member of the Santa Barbara City Council must be recalled! ENOUGH!

edney Jul 08, 2021 07:40 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

You do know that you can't make them accept housing?
The people that do accept are probably are not starting the fires, but if they are, all you do is move them to a motel with no kitchen, so the fire ends up inside the motel.
The person that gets high or drunk and poops wherever know isn't going to magically find the toilet in a motel... in LA the some of homeless in the motels are so high they can't find the bathroom in a motel room and are pooping in the corners. The drug dealers walk down the tiers and knock on the door to deliver

edney Jul 08, 2021 07:35 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Where is your house?
Getting a bulk mailer to your zip code or a cold call doesn't mean much except some realtor is trolling for business

dukemunson Jul 08, 2021 04:08 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Letmego - They aren’t clearing all the encampments… It’s a total of 50 people they are putting up.

letmego Jul 08, 2021 03:44 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

So, I get why people are upset. My tax dollars give the vagrants a place to live. It's a massive amount of money that could be better used elsewhere...on a better solution. That's more permanent. Eventually. But LITERALLY, putting up the homeless in a motel and clearing out the encampments for 4 months is CHEAPER than another Thomas fire. I really don't want to see my entire neighborhood go up in smoke.

a-1625739741 Jul 08, 2021 03:22 AM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

So why do I get phone calls and junk mail weekly, from realtors, asking if I want to sell my house? Why are houses selling promptly for above asking price? I don't see what you do.

FondofSB Jul 07, 2021 09:30 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sacjon : are you naive enough to believe that moving homeless from one part of the city to another will solve ANY of their problems ?

dukemunson Jul 07, 2021 07:04 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sac - I just don’t have that much faith in there being much (if any) effect in moving 50 volunteers into this hotel. I could (obviously) be wrong but it didn’t seem like there was a huge amount of “clearing” going on related to this project… and seemingly any camp they do clear out will move a few hundred yards and quickly start accumulating all the debris that inevitably comes with these camps. Enforcement of existing laws with an actually commitment toward long term fixes seems like the only reasonable course of action here.

sacjon Jul 07, 2021 06:54 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

DUKE - nice idea, but what about the immediate danger and visual blight of the homeless encampments? Leave them there?

dukemunson Jul 07, 2021 06:46 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sac - I did… not sure why it didn’t post. I think we need a secular version of the rescue mission that tests for drugs/alcohol to help those want it and a mental health option that isn’t prison for those that need that. It involves a lot more money than 2 million… but instead of wasting 2 million here and a million there (IV pallet village) let’s actually fix things.

Because this isn’t a solution… it’s a waste of money…

sacjon Jul 07, 2021 06:33 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

DUKE - you refuse to acknowledge the attempt to address your complaints, plain and simple. Instead of constantly complaining, why don't you offer a solution on how to deal with the homeless encampments where all the fires are starting?

dukemunson Jul 07, 2021 06:28 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

I think we need Another (non secular) option like the rescue mission that doesn’t allow for drugs and alcohol and helps those that want to be helped and a mental health institutions that is an option for those that need help and is a better option than prison…

dukemunson Jul 07, 2021 06:23 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

I don’t hate the homeless at all… why would you say/think that? I just think that this isn’t a solution and it’s wildly fiscally irresponsible.

dukemunson Jul 07, 2021 06:19 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

don’t get sensitive here Sac… I didn’t “refuse” to let you explain… I simply am of the opinion that 10k per person for the select few chosen/willing to go to the hotel is a silly solution so I was hoping someone would bring more to the table.

It’s a lot of money… 2 million would be a nice jump start to the Ortega pool project which will (exponentially) benefit more than 50 people for 4 months…

sacjon Jul 07, 2021 06:18 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

DUKE - what's your solution? The camps are being gutted and cleaned as we speak. How is that not an attempt to fix the problem of homeless fires being started in encampments? Yeah, it's not perfect, but the constant whining, even when the City makes a pretty big effort, is jut exhausting. If you hate homeless people that much, move to Goleta. We're pretty free and clear out here!

dukemunson Jul 07, 2021 06:12 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Are they clearing out camps and then making sure new camps don’t pop up? I got the impression they were offering rooms to people that would take it and weren’t going to be able to do much more than house 50 people for 2 million dollars for 4 months…

I guess I’m failing to see the solution you are pointing out… I’m seeing a pit where money is being thrown. Correct me though… how is this a logical or reasonable option?

dukemunson Jul 07, 2021 06:08 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sac - 10k per month for the portion of the people willing to leave is just not a reasonable solution. Considering fire season in SB is what, 9 months of the year AND a large portion of the people won’t leave unless forced… how is this an actual solution?

sacjon Jul 07, 2021 05:54 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

DUKE - You don't really want an explanation, that's clear from your comment, but I'm going to simplify it so that everyone, even you, can't pick it apart.

The problem: fires being started in homeless encampments.

The fix: clear out homeless encampments.

The complaints: I don't want my "tax dollars" going to house displaced homeless people while the City cleans out the camps I've been complaining about.


dukemunson Jul 07, 2021 05:30 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

How is the city trying to "fix" the problem again? And please don't call the 10k per month temporary hotel stay during fire season for a select (willing!!) portion a fix...

sacjon Jul 07, 2021 05:05 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

CHIP - the voters want the problem fixed, the City is trying to do that, despite all the crying about "muh taxdollers!"

Chip of SB Jul 07, 2021 04:47 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

The voters have spoken loudly and clearly for years, and they are with SACJON. I hate to say it, but it’s over. I would advise against buying property, within the Santa Barbara city limits as a general proposition. I would also advise caution if anyone is contemplating living within the city limits; choose a location very carefully and rent rather than buying. Finally, I would advise anyone contemplating bringing children into the city limits to consider going elsewhere or at the very least be very thoughtful about where in the city you go. There are a number of lovely places to visit in this county, but Santa Barbara city is no longer a family friendly option.

sacjon Jul 07, 2021 04:38 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

@4:35 - They are TEMPORARILY housing the homeless while they clean up the encampments were all these fires have been starting. You people kick and scream and demand a solution and the City present you with one. "No! I want it all fixed but I don't want to pay for it!"

Lucky 777 Jul 07, 2021 02:45 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Yes yes, the Grapevine will spread the word far and wide. Come to California, identify as an illegal alien, and immediately you'll get all free medical and the streets are paved with gold. Identify as homeless and you get a free $190 a night hotel room.
There's a land that's fair and bright,
Where the handouts grow on bushes
And you sleep out every night
Where the boxcars all are empty
And the sun shines every day
On the birds and the bees
And the cigarette trees
The lemonade springs
Where the bluebird sings
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

FondofSB Jul 07, 2021 09:28 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Sacjon : You absolutely do GET free medical, no questions asked driving license and free tuition and protection from the police the minute you declare yourself illegal in Ca !

sacjon Jul 07, 2021 04:35 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

@4:29: "Come to California, identify as an illegal alien, and immediately you'll get all free medical and the streets are paved with gold. Identify as homeless and you get a free $190 a night hotel room." That's all hyperbole and inaccurate. You don't just get a "free ride" for being illegal, not do you get a free hotel room simply for saying "hi, I'm homeless."

Critical thinking.....

edney Jul 07, 2021 01:20 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Where does the money in the defunding come from?
The assumption is that the police won't be needed if the homeless are put up in motels.
It simply means that the police will be responding to a motel rather than some random stack of brush, pallets and tarps on the side of the freeway. The police should probably put a substation in each motel
Its expensive to house people this way and they don't get much for the money. Small studio, no kitchen.
$6000 a month, $72,000 a year per person or per couple. 30 homeless for one year single occupancy is $2,200,000. Plus the owners of the motels are going to have to gut the place and fumigate after the homeless leave.
Also a bunch of the homeless like living under their own terms and are fine living outdoors if that is what it takes.
The people that move into a shelter and make a better way for themselves were not the homeless committing crimes, they were the homeless who were the victims of crimes committed upon them by the other type of homeless. The drug addicted, mentally ill and/or dangerous homeless are not going to move into the Rose Garden Inn and magically stop commiting crimes,.

Byzantium Jul 07, 2021 02:05 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

Los Angeles vagrants, put into motels under Operation Room Key, formed a union to complain about lack of services and prison-like conditions they were forced to live under...when they were put up for free in Los Angeles County.

Babycakes Jul 07, 2021 12:54 PM
Multiple Batteries on State Street

For any of you who think "Defund the Police" means to get rid of police, nothing could be further from the truth. What it means is to provide less funds to the police department, and divert that money to programs such as housing street people at the Orange Tree Inn and Rose Garden Inn. When the "areas of concern" (homeless camps) are cleared out, and those people are situated in these hotel rooms, that opens up more room/space at the "areas of concern." The word is out: SB is THE place to be if you are a non-productive person who has issues. Locations with less real estate value just won't do when you've got nothin' to do or even when you have something to do like throw fireworks at gas tanks/pumps. Cathy was SO PROUD when she was interviewed yesterday about her program at the Rose Garden Inn. BTW: you can book a room at the RGI for this Friday....$167 plus tax = $190.


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