MTD Unveils New Agency Logo & Branding

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Source: MTD Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara MTD has launched a new logo and color scheme to represent the organization. It has been over 30 years since the agency last selected a new logo.

The concept behind the MTD logo comes from recurring forms found in our community: like the curves of an open road, and the curves of an ocean wave. Curves are organic shapes that represent a free sense of movement and in this case symbolize the movement of MTD getting people where they need to go.

The chosen colors “Sea Blue” and “Teal” are also associated with the natural elements of our local community. MTD staff worked with transit marketing firm Celtis Ventures, Inc., to develop the new style.

“With so many new and exciting offerings coming to customers in the near future—a real-time arrival app, new electric shuttles, new fare collection technology—we are excited to reintroduce MTD to the community with a refreshed and refreshing image,” said MTD General Manager Jerry Estrada.

The MTD Board of Directors recently voted to adopt the new look and adopted a 5 Year Marketing and Communications Plan. There are four core goals of the plan: improve customer experience and satisfaction, grow ridership and expand partnerships by marketing MTD services, support financial stability and an engaged workforce, and promote alternative fuel and sustainability.

The process of updating MTD’s branding will take place in a fiscally-responsible and phased approach, beginning with low-cost online elements and printed materials. A new look on MTD’s buses will come with the next planned order of bus replacements, and the repainting of existing buses will occur on a mid-life refurbishment schedule.

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a-1502204932 Aug 08, 2017 08:08 AM
MTD Unveils New Agency Logo & Branding

No doubt their intentions are good, but I hope they didn't spend any money developing this logo. The only thing that will really increase ridership is more frequent, more extensive bus service. I won't take the bus if it can't take me where I need to go, or if it takes too long to get me there. A pretty logo won't increase my "customer satisfaction." They can use the logo as part of their marketing, but it seems rather beside the point.

yetti Aug 08, 2017 08:15 AM
MTD Unveils New Agency Logo & Branding

You can always tell when an organization is having an identity crisis.. instead of better serving their customers and maybe lowering expenses, they spend time and money on "new color schemes". Funny, they are the only public transit system in the SB area.. as a result, they have no competition and their identity just does not matter. At least, they are trying to phase in the actual cost of this major technological improvement in a sensible way.

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