MTD Launches Public Survey and Seeks Feedback

MTD Launches Public Survey and Seeks Feedback title=
MTD Launches Public Survey and Seeks Feedback
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Santa Barbara MTD has launched a community survey, seeking feedback from community members--current, former, and (hopefully) future bus riders. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing so much about how our community lives, works, plays, and travels, we want to hear your current take on transit. Are you using transit to get to an essential job? What would make you feel more comfortable riding the bus?

The survey also describes service changes that will go into effect on August 17, 2020. Due to the public health and fiscal emergency declared by the MTD Board of Directors, service levels will be lower than normal on certain lines, with some lines remaining suspended for now. These levels may be adjusted in coming months as workforce constraints, ridership, and fiscal pressures changes.

Links to the online survey can be found at in both English and Spanish. 


Esta encuesta es para obtener los pensamientos de la comunidad: actuales, anteriores y (con suerte) futuros pasajeros de autobuses. Con la pandemia COVID-19 cambiando tanto sobre cómo vive, trabaja, juega y viaja nuestra comunidad, queremos escuchar su opinión actual sobre el tránsito. ¿Estás usando el transporte público para llegar a un trabajo esencial? ¿Qué te haría sentir más cómodo en el autobús?

La encuesta también describe los cambios en el servicio que entrarán en vigencia el 17 de agosto de 2020. Debido a la emergencia de salud pública y fiscal declarada por la Junta Directiva de MTD, los niveles de servicio serán más bajos de lo normal en ciertas líneas, y algunas líneas quedarán suspendidas por ahora. Estos niveles pueden ajustarse en los próximos meses a medida que cambien las restricciones de la fuerza laboral, la cantidad de pasajeros y las presiones fiscales.

 Los enlaces a la encuesta en línea se pueden encontrar en en inglés y español.

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OpossumBoy Jul 03, 2020 01:41 PM
MTD Launches Public Survey and Seeks Feedback

I noted the grammatical error in their write up, then clicked on the link to take the survey. It led to “Survey Monkey,” which was dysfunctional. Down for maintenance it said. That about says it all.

RHS Jul 03, 2020 06:34 PM
MTD Launches Public Survey and Seeks Feedback

I absolutely hate questionaires that won't take "no comment" for an answer. The arrogance that requires you to comply with their directives in a voluntary exercise is bad. I spent time thoughtfully answering questions on this form but it would not let go when I didn't choose answers they provided and when I didn't comment. This sort of crap leads to bad information and bad policy.

OpossumBoy Jul 03, 2020 11:44 PM
MTD Launches Public Survey and Seeks Feedback

I agree. I went back and ran through the survey once the SurveyMonkey was working again, and what really got my knickers in a knot was not having room for my open ended input on how they’re doing and how they could improve. It seemed like the alternatives provided as answers were all things they wanted to hear.

Bird Jul 04, 2020 07:16 AM
MTD Launches Public Survey and Seeks Feedback

I tried the survey yesterday and it wasn't working. In answer to the question of what would make me more comfortable riding the bus, the answer would be “only the end of the pandemic and visible signs that the bus is clean, that is, with someone stationed on the bus cleaning.”

a-1593885676 Jul 04, 2020 11:01 AM
MTD Launches Public Survey and Seeks Feedback

MTD should cease operation until the pandemic is considerably weaker in this region; aerosols in confined spaces are dangerous. From the LAT: But other experts contend that the guidance ignores growing evidence that a third pathway (from inhaling from someone in your vicinity and touching a contaminated surface) also plays a significant role in contagion.
They say multiple studies demonstrate that particles known as aerosols — microscopic versions of standard respiratory droplets — can hang in the air for long periods and float dozens of feet, making poorly ventilated rooms, buses and other confined spaces dangerous, even when people stay six feet from one another.

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