Movies Way Back When: The Highest Bid

Movies Way Back When: The Highest Bid title=
Image: Motion Picture Story, September 1916
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By Betsy J. Green

The “Flying A” filmed this movie at one of the mansions in Montecito.

The film was released on July 6, 1916, starring handsome hunk William Russell and the gorgeous Charlotte Burton. (They were married for a while in real life, but that didn’t last long.)

“The Highest Bid” focuses on a young woman who lacks marketable skills and is shopping around for a rich husband. She becomes engaged to a likely prospect (Russell), and seems headed to the altar, until he loses his fortune. So, she loses interest in him.

He heads West; she stays put and manages to hook another prospective spouse with a healthy bank balance. But don’t worry – Russell will get her in the end.

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