MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: A religious movie in Montecito

MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: A religious movie in Montecito title=
Image: Cinema News & Property Gazette, January 15, 1913
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By Betsy J. Green

Many of the movies filmed in Montecito were set in exotic locales such as Hawaii, Ancient Rome, or France in the 1500s. But "The Law of God," actually took place in Montecito somewhere along the train tracks. Not the most picturesque spot in the community, but this one-reel movie from 1912 dealt with a would-be train robber who got religion at the last moment.

Jim, an atheist, falls in love with a minister’s daughter. (You can see where this story is headed.) She and her father give him the heave-ho, so he joins a gang of robbers, which pretty much confirms their assessment of his character, I’d say. But don’t worry, folks! Jim reforms before the credits roll.

This was one of several silent movies filmed in Montecito with a religious theme. It was filmed by our local "Flying A" studio.

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Luvaduck Sep 12, 2021 07:33 AM
MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: A religious movie in Montecito

Back when dads had a better chance to decide who their daughters married, and most girls were more scared and docile since they didn't have many good choices for making a life on their own. This movie sounds like "Born to Be Wild" meets " born to be a breeder" with Daddy Righteous as the ref. The surprising thing is, often it worked out OK.

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