Movies Way Back When: One Lucky Dog

Movies Way Back When: One Lucky Dog title=
Image: Motion Picture News, June 17, 1916
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By Betsy J. Green

The “Flying A” Studio put out a call for a dog to play an important role in a new film back in 1916. A local lad brought in his well-behaved pet pooch named Teddy, and poof! A star was born.

“A Man’s Friend” was released on June 2, 1916, and perusing movie mags brought me to a pic of Teddy. At one point in the movie, Teddy rescues a baby from a stream and brings it to a momma dog who is nursing her pups. There were a number of animals used in the studio’s movies, but not all were as well behaved as Teddy. Most notable, there was an octopus that refused to perform on cue. More about that in another post.

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