MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN – A Rough Day on the Cliff

Motion Picture News, June 26, 1915 (Courtesy)

Dateline: June 1915

The title of this “Flying A” silent movie was “The Right to Happiness,” and it doesn’t sound like it involved a lot of rough play, but for one actor involved, it was not a happy time.

“You’d hardly recognize Joe Galbraith if you’d meet him face to face today. Great patches of court-plaster practically obliterate his features . . . Galbraith, in the role of a miner-husband, was pulled from a dangerous position by means of a strong rope fastened about him . . . the dangling Joe received a scraping and scratching along the face of the cliff up which he was pulled . . . and for three days or more, he hobbled about, disgusted with himself, the world and all moving picture directors.”

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