Mountain Biker Seriously Injured in Crash

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By the edhat staff

A mountain biker sustained a spinal injury on Tunnel Trail after crashing Sunday morning.

At 7:27 a.m., Santa Barbara County firefighters and County Search & Rescue responded to the scene and rendered aid to the 47-year-old cyclist.

Air Support Helicopter 4 arrived and with a hoist rescue the cyclist was lifted into the helicopter and transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

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ZeroHawk Nov 22, 2022 10:38 AM
Mountain Biker Seriously Injured in Crash

Bicyclist, , i've been a downhill mountain biker since the 90s, you can't put on enough protective gear. I wear full body armor and a full face helmet. Not even that could protect you from a spinal injury. The majority of us riders don't even have well fitted and secure helmets, and those who do would still get a spinal injury. Considering he was out that early tells me this guy is experienced and knows what he was doing. Sad for sure and I truly hope he heals fast and is back on the trails ASAP.

Babycakes Nov 22, 2022 11:33 AM
Mountain Biker Seriously Injured in Crash

ZeroHawK: Sadly, many "Sunday" mountain bike riders don't know their limits, and it happens all the time just like this case. Muscle mass, strength, and reaction times decline with age, even the healthiest riders...that's life (and physiology). How many times do we hear of aging surfers, hikers, mountain climbers, you name it, go beyond their limits. Oftentimes, the person does not realize that they have "reached their limit" until it's too late. I certainly hope the cyclist recovers, but more importantly, has a serious mental self-discussion about their fading capabilities.

bicyclist Nov 21, 2022 03:47 PM
Mountain Biker Seriously Injured in Crash

Out for a "Sunday ride" can go really bad if you don't have the right protective gear (always)! I'd probably go out (due to heart failure from the height thing) from that lift ride. Hope this "Mount biker " recovers well from this. [going out on a limb here and "Assume" that the wording on Scott Safechuck's site/link should be worded as: 47yo male Mountain biker... [but I understand that brevity is important w/tweets, & the amount of information that's provided very impressive]
So, I hope this dude gets back on it soon! think good thoughts....

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