Mothers Helpers Helps 57 Families this Holiday Season

Mothers Helpers Helps 57 Families this Holiday Season title=
Robin Unander-LaBerge, Founder of Mothers' Helpers surrounded by a bounty of gifts for the children of our community.
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Source: Mothers' Helpers

For the past 11 years, Mothers' Helpers has been providing material support to the most compromised young families in our community. During that time we have served over 1800 families with items ranging from cribs and strollers down to clothes and diapers.

In 2016 a couple of our frequent supporters came forward asking if we provided Christmas gifts to the children of our community. That year we played Santa to nine families. Fast forward to 2020 and we're going to visit 57 families, with 188 children in all.  Bringing toys, warm clothes and even Christmas trees. The topper this year is we were able to get a car donated for a family in need. We even received sponsorship to ensure it's road-ready and registered.

Like everything we do at Mothers' Helpers, this has become a labor of love and brings great joy to both the families receiving, but to those of us who have the privilege of playing Santa and doing the deliveries. Many of these houses that we have delivered to have had completely barren living rooms.  The joy of filling them up with a tree and brightly wrapped presents is a Christmas gift unlike no other.

Item and funding donations can be made at

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Ahchooo Dec 16, 2020 01:52 PM
Mothers Helpers Helps 57 Families this Holiday Season

This sounds like a great charity. And I learned something unrelated but very useful from their website. You know those old clothes, bedsheets, etc, we all have that are not good enough to donate to the thrift store or a charity like this? Marborg has a textile recycling program. Don’t send your clean rags to the landfill. See the Marborg website for information.

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