More Cases of Coronavirus in California

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The global map of the spread of the coronavirus on January 31 (slide 1) and January 26 (slide 2) [Photos: CDC]
Update by edhat staff
February 3, 2020

The total cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus detected in California have risen to six as of Monday, February 3.

There are 11 total confirmed cases in the United States, none of these are in Santa Barbara County.

Ventura County released a statement that two people were tested for the virus. One of the tests came back negative while results are still pending for the other test. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus on the Central Coast of California.

On Sunday, a husband and wife were diagnosed with the virus in San Benito County. The husband traveled to Wuhan, China, where the virus is believed to have originated, but the wife contracted the disease in the second person-to-person transmission in the U.S., according to a statement from health officials. The husband was screened at San Francisco International Airport on January 24 and was without systems, although he and his wife developed them days later. Both have remained in their home since the diagnosis.

Another case was reported in Santa Clara County after a woman traveled from Wuhan to the area. This is the second case in Santa Clara County, however, officials state the two cases are unrelated, CNN reported

Earlier this week edhat reported two cases in Southern California, Los Angeles and Orange counties.

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (SBCPHD) is working closely with the California Department of Public Health and the CDC to respond to the outbreak of this novel coronavirus. SBCPHD is communicating with local health care providers on how to safely and effectively evaluate ill people who have been to China. They are providing updates on their website.

The coronavirus has caused 361 deaths and more than 17,000 people have been diagnosed, most of which are in China. All deaths related to the virus have taken place in China except for one reported in the Philippines. The virus has spread to more than 20 countries and territories.

A global emergency was declared last week by the World Health Organization and the Trump administration announced a public health emergency Friday while evacuating citizens and personnel from China. A temporary travel ban was approved to bar foreigners from entering the U.S. if they have been to China in the past 14 days, with exceptions for the immediate family of American citizens and permanent residents.

By edhat staff
January 26, 2020

Two cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus that originated in China have been detected in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

The outbreak of this respiratory illness started in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. It causes some patients have a mild illness while a small number have had a more severe illness, and a few have died. Cases have been diagnosed in fourteen countries and now in California, Washington, and Illinois.

Health officials confirm the cases in Southern California came from people who recently traveled to Wuhan. A returning traveler who landed in Los Angeles County is receiving medical treatment. The patient in Orange County is in good condition and is isolated at the hospital. 

Health officials state the risk of local transmission remains low and anyone who has come into close contact with the patients has been contacted.

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that are common among animals and humans. In rare cases, animal coronaviruses can be transmitted from animals to humans. This novel coronavirus is a newly discovered coronavirus that has not been previously detected in animals or humans. The source of the novel coronavirus is not yet known.

Early on, many of the patients in the outbreak in Wuhan, China reportedly had some link to a large seafood and animal market, suggesting animal-to-person spread. However, a growing number of patients reportedly have not had exposure to animal markets, suggesting person-to-person spread is occurring. At this time, it is unclear how easily this virus is spreading between people, according to the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

Typically, human coronaviruses cause mild-to-moderate respiratory illness. Symptoms are very similar to the flu, including: runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath.

Most people with illnesses due to common coronavirus infections recover on their own. There are no specific treatments but for patients who are more severely ill, hospitals can provide supportive care. 

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (SBCPHD) is monitoring the situation and working with partners to identify any possible cases. No cases have been reported in Santa Barbara County.

If you have traveled to China between December 15, 2019 and now, and you have become ill with fever, cough or shortness of breath, call your health care provider. Please be sure to tell your health care provider about your travel history.

For the most up to date information regarding the 2019 novel coronavirus, visit

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NamasteYogi Feb 03, 2020 07:59 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

100% agree. Just like all the other diseases and viruses that we’re gonna wipe out humanity over the last 20 years, this too will disappear into the news cycle.

a-1580768361 Feb 03, 2020 02:19 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

UCSB, Santa Barbara County? "It appears that schools, colleges, and universities (across United States?) being asked to exclude newly arriving travelers from China for school for 14 days per LA County Health.” Feb. 3, 2020. LA Public Health Announces Updated Guidance in Accordance with CDC Declaration of Public Health Emergency.Public Health Communications
(213) 240-8144.

a-1580781291 Feb 03, 2020 05:54 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

County Santa Barbara Health Department: "Providers should call the Disease Control & Prevention Program immediately to report suspect cases of 2019-nCoV. Call 24/7 Phone : 805-681-5280."

Shasta Guy Feb 03, 2020 06:08 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Death count at 426 now at a steady ~2%. This graphic puts this disease into perspective with ordinary flu and other nasty things *** *** Zerohedge always needs to be read with a grain of salt because they tilt towards that catastrophe is just around the corner. In this case they report officially released numbers so I trust what 5hey report on the Wuhan virus. The comments on the site are completely unmoderated, so you’ve been warned. In terms of officially reported deaths, this will overtake SARS very soon. I don’t trust the Chinese official statistics. I think it’s a lot worse than they are willing to disclose.

ChemicalSuperFreak Feb 03, 2020 07:23 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

I would be cautious on how some people are arriving at that stunningly low mortality. They're using the total number of infected in that calculation, which is wrong. Mortality is defined by dividing the total number dead by the sum of the dead and those who survived, then multiplying by 100 (mortality = dead/(dead+recovered)*100). If you do this the mortality is currently 40%. You cannot count the total infected, because they have neither recovered nor died, so their fate remains to be seen. To get the current dead and recovered, see the John Hopkins website:

Shasta Guy Feb 03, 2020 07:49 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

I totally understand that there are several ways to assess the figures of merit on this outbreak. I don’t think the Chinese gov’t is releasing proper numbers. A harmless cold would not warrant this level of quarantine and disruption to business and travel. This thing is still playing out, and if it’s as bad as it’s reported to be then we’ll soon start seeing cases cluster here and in other countries.

ChemicalSuperFreak Feb 03, 2020 08:21 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Agreed, I don't think we're getting accurate numbers from within Mainland China. It's possibly nefarious, and possibly just that they're overwhelmed and/or unprepared. I've been downloading the numbers from the JH website I cited and running the numbers myself. It's worth noting that the morality number was only 10% yesterday for those outside of China, before the Hong Kong case, and I expect that number to remain below the 40%+ number inside of China. It's my suspicion that the Chinese government is just quarantining and letting people die. No one in the US had died yet, probably because the CDC is administering antibiotics (to stave off pneumonia) and a combination of expensive/experimental anti-retrovirals to those confirmed 11 cases within our border. If the WHO is on the ground inside China, and their hands aren't tied, I'd bet the WHO doctors are attempting the same advanced treatments on patients in their care. But for the most part I don't expect the Chinese government to invest the time and materials (that they may not even have) on saving the vast majority of their cases....and now they have a simultaneous outbreak of bird flu.

MarcelK Feb 04, 2020 05:06 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

"I don't expect the Chinese government to invest the time and materials (that they may not even have) on saving the vast majority of their cases" ... um, they just built a 645,000 sq ft hospital with 1000 beds in 10 days, staffed with 1400 medical workers:

MarcelK Feb 04, 2020 01:47 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Indeed, only cases that have run their course should be included ... thus comparison charts to past pandemics are extremely misleading.

ChemicalSuperFreak Feb 04, 2020 06:31 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

MARCELK: Correct, and if you included what a wrote a few sentences before, rather than quoting me out of context, you'd see that I acknowledged that effort. That hospital is a quarantine. There are not enough anti-retroviral doses in existence to manage 24,000+ infected patients in Mainland China. Moreover, it's not even clear at this time whether such drugs have an affect on the virus. I'm personally curious as to which drugs the CDC has been using to treat the US cases and how those influence the progress of the infection, and will be looking forward to a scientific publication on the subject.

a-1580796753 Feb 03, 2020 10:12 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Very good information is available on Youtube channel MEDCRAM. There is a short daily update given by a pulmonologist on this Coronavirus outbreak. Each video appears to contain accurate information and is easy to understand.

jqb Feb 04, 2020 04:55 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California 362 deaths, 487 recovered ... this suggests that the mortality rate is possibly a lot higher than the 2-3% being reported based on deaths/cases. And the mortality rate for those who entered the hospital is at least 15% (it's not clear how representative those people are). People who think this is just about the media making bucks are dimwitted and dangerous.

a-1580824712 Feb 04, 2020 05:58 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Too many people getting flu shots these days. forces viruses to mutate into new forms for their own survival. They are part of the web of life too, We could use being a little messier existence, and developing more resilience to enduring outside threats. We cannot demand magic bullets that protect us from everything. And fall apart when magic totems yet again fail.

PitMix Feb 04, 2020 08:48 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

This fake news post made me google vaccination rates. Data shows that only 43% of the general population got a few shot this year, and only 78% of Health Care Professionals. So apparently you have a lot of people in agreement with you about the messier existence required for more resilience. The craziness just expands, like entropy.

jqb Feb 04, 2020 01:40 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

"Too many people getting flu shots these days. forces viruses to mutate into new forms for their own survival. " -- This is utterly false, and isn't how mutations and evolution work. "We could use being a little messier existence" -- perhaps so, but that would be for the sake of our immune systems, which would pose an even greater threat to the virus, contradicting the previous nonsense.

a-1580830280 Feb 04, 2020 07:31 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide 3 Feb 2020: Australia-12, Belgium-1, Cambodia-1, Canada-4, China-20,438, Finland-1, France-6, Germany-12, India-3, Italy-2, Japan-20, Malaysia-10, Nepal-1, The Philippines-2, Russia-2, Singapore-24, South Korea- 16, Spain-1, Sri Lanka-1, Sweden-1, Taiwan-10, Thailand-25, United Arab Emirates-5, United Kingdom-2, United States-11, Vietnam-10.

a-1580901840 Feb 05, 2020 03:24 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Why aren’t any quarantined individuals going to Florida? There are military bases there as well. I say they should be sent to MarA Lago until all this is over.

TWOSCOOPS Feb 04, 2020 08:02 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Cheatsheet. If you are slowly storing more food items, remember, lots of chocolate bargains right now, prior to Valentine's Day. What's on your fun cheatsheet?

a-1580849583 Feb 04, 2020 12:53 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

LAX, passenger with symptoms sent to March Air Force Base, today. Also, a child who was already in quarantine at March Air Force Base was taken to Riverside hospital last night, and had been part of 195 people quaranteed for a week at March.

a-1580851998 Feb 04, 2020 01:33 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

From CDC: Interim Guidance for Implementing Home Care of People Not Requiring Hospitalization for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): The patient is stable enough to receive care at home. Appropriate caregivers are available at home. There is a separate bedroom where the patient can recover without sharing immediate space with others. Resources for access to food and other necessities are available. The patient and other household members have access to appropriate, recommended personal protective equipment (at a minimum, gloves and facemask) and are capable of adhering to precautions recommended as part of home care or isolation (e.g., respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, hand hygiene); There are household members who may be at increased risk of complications from 2019-nCoV infection (.e.g., people >65 years old, young children, pregnant women, people who are immunocompromised or who have chronic heart, lung, or kidney conditions). Complete instructions from CDC:

Byzantium Feb 07, 2020 08:44 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Thank you 1:33 for the CDC protocols. A shorter version: Isolate Patient-Protect Caregivers-Exercise Scrupulous Hygiene-Assess Risk Exposure.

ChemicalSuperFreak Feb 04, 2020 08:47 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

JQB: After reading the article and reflecting, I'm wondering your thoughts on my following concerns.
1. The article states, " On the other hand, seasonal flu kills fewer than 0.1% of those it infects...", yet the CDC gives a much higher number for flu mortality...currently around 6.7% (, which is more than an order of magnitude than your link cites. Furthermore, resent analysis published in the Lancet show much higher rates as well ( So I guess I'm wondering what you think about those glaring discrepancies?
2. The article also states, "But SARS has a molecular proofreading system that reduces its mutation rate...". Not sure what they mean by that statement, but what about the "molecular proofreading system" of the host (i.e. the DNA and RNA polymerases), which, along with recombination, give use our unique differences? That is a serious source of mutation rates that are not accounted for in this article.
3. The fact that much of our DNA is junk, and likely the result past viral integration is also not addressed in this article. Viral integration is somewhat directed, based on nucleotide sequence, but also random. The effect of prolonged exposure to endemic infections is also not addressed, and could have long term consequences as those can be accumulated over the evolution of species infected by this virus. Your thoughts?

jqb Feb 05, 2020 02:16 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

It says "6.7% of the deaths occurring during the week ending January 18, 2020 (week 3) were due to P&I" (pneumonia and influenza). That's not a flu mortality rate, that's the percentage of all deaths (I assume ... no qualifier is given) that are due to P&I. The Lancet paper calculates that the flu mortality rate is upwards of double of previous estimates ... I'm in no position to evaluate their work, but it seems plausible to me. On molecular proofreading, see ... and a lot of so-called "junk" (non-coding) DNA may not really be junk, having undergone exaptation: Some of the long-term consequences of viral infection and incorporation into the genome may positive ... evolution makes use of whatever is available.

ChemicalSuperFreak Feb 04, 2020 09:53 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Good and bad news. I've been crunching numbers and I can tell all of you the following:
1. THE GOOD: The mortality for infection is dropping worldwide after a spike. Mortality worldwide is Jan. 25 (53.3%), Jan 27 (62.9%), Feb. 4 (35.4%). In China it's basically the same with Jan. 25 (53.3%), Jan. 27 (64.1%), Feb 4. (35.5%). This isn't surprising since most of the cases are in Mainland China. Outside of China, the opposite is happening. Mortality for countries excluding Mainland China are Jan. 25 (0%), Feb. 1 (10%), Feb. 4 (18.2%). In the US, no one has died.
2. THE BAD: The infection is still spreading exponentially. Despite these frightening increases, people outside of China have less to fear, because the containment efforts are having some effect, and more notably the quality of heathcare outside of China seems to be having a dramatic effect on survival. The true numbers inside of China will always be consider suspect, so the we may never know the true danger of the "novel" corona virus.
JQB posted a nice article that suggests one possibility of us having to deal with this being an endemic virus we have to worry about seasonally. Given the current mortality, I certainly hope not.

Shasta Guy Feb 04, 2020 10:29 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

So far it’s encouraging that we haven’t seen clusters of a dozen cases pop up in Chicago, LA, and New York by now where the first infections were reported. Either containment is working well, or we still need a little more time for new cases to ripen.

Shasta Guy Feb 05, 2020 06:36 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Another case on US soil in Wisconsin. It’s just like wind in a wildfire sending off embers that cause spot fires. Hopefully we can keep them from turning into a conflagration here. Pretty soon we’re going to start seeing supply chain disruptions with all those factories shut down for weeks, and who knows when they’ll get reopened.

a-1581013111 Feb 06, 2020 10:18 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Santa Ynez couple quarantined on cruise ship until mid Feb. KEYT report. Where is our County Health Department, and where is UCSB, nobody is talking. Has anyone in S.B. County been told to self-quarantine? Our town in blessed in so many ways, especially wealth, allowing many to travel internationally, and come back to S.B. And, what about visitors here, from all over the world. Students.
How about a press conference, folks?

a-1581015042 Feb 06, 2020 10:50 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), CDC, has begun, (Feb. 6, 2020) distributing new 2019nCoV laboratory test kit to select US labs. Each kit can test approx. 700-800 patient specimens. Results in 4 hours!

a-1581029814 Feb 06, 2020 02:56 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

The Pentagon is preparing reserve and active duty military installations in U.S. for quarantined coronavirus people. All located near major airports, Atlanta, DFW, LA, NY and more if needed. Effective today 6 Feb 2020. Per Mike Glenn, Pentagon report for Washington Times & former Army officer.

a-1581090264 Feb 07, 2020 07:44 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

New Jersey port, ship Anthem of the Seas (Royal Carribean Cruise Lines) patients taken off ship that is quarantined there. Also, Diamond Princess port of Japan, quarantined, patients removed to hospital. Several other ships are quarantined, too. I wonder if Cottage is prepared to take patients IF a cruise ship in our channel is quarantined? Also, are our EMS people prepared with appropriate gear to protect them? Photos of New Jersey show the EMS people with NO FACE MASKS, no protection whatsoever, and pushing the patients to the waiting ambulances.

a-1581090729 Feb 07, 2020 07:52 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

EMS: gloves, gowns, and respiratory protection required by CDC. Photos of New Jersey "unprepared" EMS people and safety PPE instructions here:

AdamVant Feb 07, 2020 08:32 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Believe nothing the evil communist Chinese government says. No one from Wuhan or who traveled through Wuhan should be allowed into the US. Everyone who travels here from China should be screened and quarantined. America First.

a-1581108049 Feb 07, 2020 12:40 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

1/27/20 Oceania ms Insignia was here --S.B--. Coming soon: to Santa Barbara: 3/4/20 Amadea; 3/24/20 Grand Princess; 4/6/20 ms Eurodam; 4/8/20 Star Princess; 4/24/20 Volendam; 4/27/20 ms Oosterdam; 4/28/20 ms Maasdam; more in May/June/July.

a-1581117387 Feb 07, 2020 03:16 PM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Youth Preparedness Council (work w/FEMA to help Americans), 8th - 11th grade eligible until March 8, 2020, NOT related to coronavirus:

a-1581163541 Feb 08, 2020 04:05 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

UCSB students concerned about their health, and coronavirus possible exposures. They're _not _ convinced enough done to pro-actively protect them, by either Student Health or S.B.County Health Dept. Unfortunately, frustration is vented in wrong direction:

a-1581181976 Feb 08, 2020 09:12 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Brilliant, one page diagram of Novel Coronavirus symptoms and where in body involved:

a-1581182987 Feb 08, 2020 09:29 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

JAMA study. "Latest coronavirus study implicates faecal transmission. The digestive tract may be a secondary path of transmission for the novel coronavirus, scientists said following the publication of the latest study reporting patients with abdominal symptoms and loose stool. The primary path is believed to be virus-laden droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze, though researchers in early cases have said they focused heavily on patients with respiratory symptoms and may have overlooked those linked to the digestive tract. A total of 14 out of 138 patients (10 percent) in a Wuhan hospital who were studied in the new paper by Chinese authors in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) initially presented with diarrhoea and nausea one or two days before developing fever and laboured breathing."

a-1581184325 Feb 08, 2020 09:52 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

We always wash our hands after coming home from any outing, and have for many years. Now I'm thinking more closely, and realize that the steering wheel has never been washed nor the door handles. I asked at my favorite coffee shop where I eat b'fast..."do you have a dishwasher?" and was told no. Handles/utensils for the food I eat there, unheated. Even the handles of my own silverware at home are suspect...but I DO use my dishwasher. Money can also be contaminated by fecal transmission of coronavirus (Hep A type precaution). I'm not doing handshakes anymore, just bow and clasp hands in prayer mode, which I learned from my doctor who has always done this. Thank you Dr. Marta Sovilj.

a-1581190638 Feb 08, 2020 11:37 AM
More Cases of Coronavirus in California

Autoimmune illnesses (immunocompromised dangers re CDC) list, and if you have any of these you are at increased risk (and if you are a senior citizen even moreso) from coronavirus. Examples are lupus, MS, myositis, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, pernicious anemia. Here's the list: t


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