Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike title=
Photo: Montecito Fire Department
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Source: Montecito Fire Department

This past weekend, your Montecito Firefighters rescued a dog that had become lost on the Hot Springs Trail.

A couple hiked to the hot springs Saturday evening with their dog. Around midnight, the dog ran off. The couple searched for the dog on their own until finally calling for help around 3 a.m. Sunday.

Your Montecito Firefighters hiked up to the couple’s location and were able to find the dog on a steep hillside. We devised a technical rope rescue system to lower the dog and firefighters down safely. The dog was reunited with its owners just before sunrise Sunday.

We love a happy ending & any opportunity to help our community!

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millimesa Jul 06, 2021 03:28 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Disappointed this write up doesn’t include anything mentioning you should not be at the hot springs during night. People like this are exactly what ruin special places.

Minibeast Jul 06, 2021 06:37 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Pro tip from someone who has hiked trails with dogs off-leash for five decades: If you don't have complete, fail-proof voice control over your dog(s), then don't take them on trails off-leash day or night. My dogs wouldn't dare chase after anything. It's called training. And if your dog is off-leash, you need to keep that dog with you------not allow it to go running off into the bushes. Poison oak, ticks, dog off a cliff. Those will be the least of your worries if your pet thinks it's good fun to chase after Bears or Mountain lions or go poking their noses near a Rattlesnake.

Marathoner Jul 06, 2021 10:39 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Minnbeast you have it right. Upvote. Going on a hike is not a license to disregard leash etiquette and often the consequences are real pain for human and animal.

BDM 1868 Jul 06, 2021 07:17 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Last time I checked its a free country. Pretty sure that mountain trails aren't closed at night.
If you think that's a waste of tax dollars you should talk to Gavin.

edney Jul 06, 2021 08:06 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Good points.
The taxpayer waste is infintesimal compared to the fraud from the CA Covid Cash that went to Nigeria, China, Russia and to CA prisoners who gamed the system... what is it now, $10B? All because the state of CA waived verification of eligibility (yet still have not given some people their benefit).

Its a free country but ideally people should act like it is a valuable thing. Next time you roll up to a traihead and its closed at dusk.....

Marathoner Jul 06, 2021 10:36 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Good that the dog was found however this highlights the problem of irresponsible hikers who let their dogs off leash despite not properly training their dog in call response. They let their dogs rush up on strangers, including leashed dogs, with no regard for the legitimate rights and concerns of those others. Dogs are dogs and some do not take kindly to being rushed by stranger dogs nor do owners care for such hiking incidents as those who have 85 pound Rottweilers who roam off leash and in some cases not even within the sight line of their owners. Typically such owners react emotionally self righteously and angrily when asked to leash their dogs. Yet consider the response of law enforcement officers when rushed by large or aggressive dogs - often leading to a tragic outcome for the dog. Why then do we tolerate this lawlessness by dog owners off leashing their poorly trained dogs while we grant law enforcement a 007 license to defend themselves from the prospect of getting bitten? the anwer really is that it is not tolerated, and if these people can't train their dogs to come in when approaching others they need to leash up. Need we recant the incident when an off leash dog killed another dog on Hendry's Beach? Dog ownership entail responsibility and sadly many owners do not step up to the task.

a-1625691544 Jul 07, 2021 01:59 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Problem is too many folks rant and rave about their freedoms and don't CONSIDER the consequences to themselves or others. Why? I'll bet you anything they were raised that way.

FondofSB Jul 07, 2021 09:20 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Marathoner : You're absolutely right.
Problem is most dog owners think they're "cool" because they have a dog and this (according to their selfish selves) allows them to have no respect, whatsoever, of others. And if "others" try to argue for THEIR rights they get insulted by those dog owners.
It's the exact same with most cyclists who are "cool" because they ride a bike and show no respect to either the driving codes or other people who , there too, get insulted and get sometimes kicked while passing if they don't jump fast enough out of the way of those bikers.
And, of course, don't expect the police to ever enforce any law and penalize any such deviant behavior !

Luvaduck Jul 07, 2021 08:46 AM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Minibeast & Marathoner have it right. As for those who think it impinges on their freedom: "Your right to swing your fist ends <before> my nose." Living in a community means adjusting some personal freedoms which in groups may become aggressions. If one finds that intolerable, s/he is living in the wrong situation.

Bird Jul 07, 2021 09:44 PM
Montecito Firefighters Rescue Lost Dog on Hike

Someones who loved their dog and had tried for about three hours, says the story, to have it come back. ...Wonderful work by the Mont. firefighters! Nice to read such a story!

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