Montecito Fire Rescues Hiker on Romero Trail

Montecito Fire Rescues Hiker on Romero Trail title=
Photo: Montecito Fire Department
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Source: Montecito Fire Department

Yesterday afternoon Montecito Firefighters responded to a hiker suffering a heat emergency on the Romero Trail.

Along with Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue, AMR Santa Barbara,  and a quick assist by Santa Barbara County Air Support Unit, we were able to locate the patient, provide treatment and hike him down the trail in a stokes basket.

Remember to prepare your body for the rigors of hiking in the front country of Santa Barbara. It is steep and rugged here. Take plenty of water and have some type of food on hand for those unexpected needs.

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a-1609559135 Jan 01, 2021 07:45 PM
Montecito Fire Rescues Hiker on Romero Trail

I had the same reaction yesterday. Minus the drug stuff! I too wonder how someone could get overheated. Though local backyard weather stations reported a high of almost 69. :-) I was cold all day til I ate a lot. I'm in San Roque well below Cater water treatment plant. I can't stand central heating at night, so my place is usually 62 or 63 every a.m. Given that, my gas bill went from 50 last month to 80 this month.

LCP112233 Jan 02, 2021 02:26 PM
Montecito Fire Rescues Hiker on Romero Trail

Never mind the weather or temperature. If you start out dehydrated and don't take enough water for the journey, I can see running into some problems. In addition, some of the south facing trails in the blazing sun when you are working up a sweat can be problematic when dehydrated. If there is no wind, it can be hotter than the average temp of the day in some places.

ChemicalSuperFreak Jan 02, 2021 04:44 PM
Montecito Fire Rescues Hiker on Romero Trail

LCP, yeah that section between the junction (center part of the figure 8) and the saddle faces SW and has zero cover. Some days it can feel like you're under a magnifying glass and frozen Nalgene liter bottles are a huge relief at that point. The full figure 8 is 10.3 miles, goes road to road (Bella Vista Dr. to E. Camino Cielo) and takes about 4 hours with huge elevation gain. Great training but not for the inexperienced.

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