Montecito Community Survey on Evacuation Readiness

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Source: Montecito Fire Department

Montecito Fire wants to hear from you! We would greatly appreciate your participation in this community survey to help us understand your household’s evacuation readiness and past experiences during evacuation events. 

Montecito Fire is analyzing evacuation scenarios to understand more about travel demand and roadway operations during an evacuation. This information will help us identify opportunities to improve residents’ experiences during future evacuation events. 

We are working with a team of traffic engineers and wildfire specialists, using simulation methods that consider travel impacts from neighboring communities, differences in time of day, direction of wildfire spread and evacuation phasing. 

The results of this study will allow us to fine-tune and improve the efficiency of our evacuation plans. This community survey is a critical element to achieving the goals of this study and offering our community the highest level of service. 

Thank you for sharing your perspective with us. We also encourage you to review our “Ready! Set! Go!” wildfire action plan and talk through your family’s evacuation plan. Visit for preparation resources and follow @MontecitoFire on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for updates.

Click the link to take the Community Survey on Evacuation Readiness:

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