Monroe Elementary Beautification Day and United Way Day of Caring

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The PTA sponsored Beautification Day at Monroe Elementary was an amazing event! Over 60 volunteers came out to beautify Monroe for our community. A beautiful campus instills pride and inspires learning!

We had 60 tons of mulch delivered and we went to work on distributing it around campus. 20 tons were spread out in the front of the school and the parking lot area. 40 tons were spread near the Cliff Drive fence line using a Bobcat tractor. This mulch will help keep the weeds down and keep the soil from drying out. We planted over 200 plants in the front of the school and around the office and cafeteria, so look for these improvements as you enter Monroe. We power washed the corridors from ceiling to floor, all the classroom entrances are clean and looking great! We swept, planted milkweed, and mulched Kinder playground to fill the gopher holes. We pulled dozens of huge dead plants from under the pine trees leading down the path to the playground near the portables. We swept and cleaned playground entrance areas and painted the benches on the playground Mustang Blue. We trimmed trees, weeded, cut dead palm fronds, manicured bushes, watered, and picked up litter all day. Some of us spent 12 hours working very hard.

Special thanks to the Faculty/Staff who came out as they put the true meaning in PTA(Parent Teacher Association):
Marla Greer (Garden Educator)
Cory Cordero-Rabe and his family (6th Grade)
Sondra Burnworth (Library Tech)
Deborah Rankin (Special Education Resource Teacher)
Rosalyn Tomblin (TK Teacher)
Brian Naughton (Principal)

I wish I could thank everyone by name but these three people went over and beyond by volunteering their time before and during the event and they donated majorly monetarily, by provide resources to the cause.
Matthew Roberts (McLain family)
David Boone
Jimmy Welch
Without these three we would not have accomplished what we did. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Check out the pictures and all the fun!

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