Monopoly Santa Barbara Edition Unveiled at Lobero Theatre Celebration

Mr. Monopoly reveals the Monopoly Game - Santa Barbara Edition at the Lobero Theatre in downtown Santa Barbara on November 28, 2023 (Photo: Jacqueline Dyson)

The highly anticipated “Monopoly Santa Barbara Edition” was unveiled during a lively celebration at the Lobero Theatre in downtown Santa Barbara on Tuesday.

Mr. Monopoly himself made a special appearance to introduce the game, which highlights the charm and landmarks of Santa Barbara.

The customized Monopoly board features 32 homes, 12 hotels, and an array of iconic locations suggested by the local tourism bureau, Visit Santa Barbara.

Players can explore the city both on land and water, hopping aboard the Landshark or enjoying a show at the Lobero Theatre while recognizing familiar celebrations like Old Spanish Days and the Summer Solstice Parade, represented by actual photographs.

Santa Barbara photographer Fritz Olenberger expressed his enthusiasm for having his photos featured on two squares on the Monopoly board. He was honored to contribute his photography, including a captivating image from the Summer Solstice Parade.

True to the original Monopoly rules, players can find themselves in jail if they’re unable to pass Go and collect $200. A card within the game assigns players the role of a new police recruit with the Santa Barbara Police Department, where they must collect $50. The Santa Barbara Police Station is even featured as one of the squares, with players paying $150 in rent if they land on it and it’s owned by someone else.

Photo by John Palminteri

Various local establishments, such as Joe’s Cafe and Rusty’s Pizza, are represented on the game board. These businesses recently hosted a celebration for the Santa Barbara Edition of Monopoly. Produced by gaming company Top Trumps USA Inc., the Santa Barbara Edition offers a nostalgic twist on a game that has captivated generations since its inception in the early 1900s.

To ensure community involvement, businesses paid for their squares on the board, with prime locations commanding higher fees. The funds raised from the venture covered the costs of squares for local nonprofits.

With the Monopoly Santa Barbara Edition priced at approximately $40, both Visit Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Zoo, among others, will soon offer the game for sale. Additionally, the game can be purchased online at, making it the ideal holiday gift for Santa Barbara enthusiasts.

This special version of the classic board game showcases the beauty, landmarks, and distinctive character of Santa Barbara, preserving its essence for current and future generations of players to enjoy.

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  1. I love the squares they chose. Sure there are a couple of advertised spaces, but even those are local businesses so I’m not mad about it. If it brings them business, good for them, just as I’m happy for any local retailers it brings business to. And the release was perfect timing for Christmas and holiday gifting. I’ll be getting at least one as a gift!

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