Mission Street Project Update

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

Granite Construction has nearly completed the concrete hardscape work, including sidewalk, access ramps, cross gutters, and alley entrances on both sides of Mission Street. This past weekend, Granite finished pouring the access ramp at the northwest corner of Bath and Mission and at the northeast corner of Castillo and Mission.

This week, Granite plans to install the light pole foundations along Mission Street. Afterward, the Gas Company will perform their line relocation work at Mission and De La Vina. Once the Gas Company completes their relocation, Granite will complete the remaining hardscape improvements, including the relocation of an existing storm drain at Mission and De La Vina.

The Mission Street Paving Project is still on schedule to be completed in mid-September.

The City is appreciative of the community’s continued patience and cooperation during this important safety project. To receive project updates, please subscribe on the project website: www.SantaBarbaraCA.gov/MissionStreetPaving

Reconstructed sidewalk on De La Vina Street at Mission Street

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a-1590897307 Aug 21, 2019 08:50 AM
Mission Street Project Update

Does anyone know if they plan on landscaping all the dirt and weed strips along either side of mission st? Such an eyesore in its current state.

RHS Aug 21, 2019 08:36 AM
Mission Street Project Update

Yes, good news. But having seen the new concrete work I am disappointed that the severe gully/drains that cross Mission do not seem to have been alleviated. These deep drains have wreaked havoc with cars on that heavily trafficked road for decades. Maybe I am missing the plan?

PitMix Aug 21, 2019 02:01 PM
Mission Street Project Update

Would be very expensive to install an underground storm drain system across Mission. Plus the traffic people might think the cross-gutters help to calm traffic and they are probably right.

tagdes Aug 21, 2019 01:59 PM
Mission Street Project Update

Can't happen, the roadway crown has to match the adjacent top curb face ( TCF ) or you create a lake and if you lower the flow line grade it can't come back up on it's own and would just flood the intersection. It's all relative to flow rate of the discharge ( Q ) can be seen comparatively along State during heavy rains. Above Mission, steep grade...no problem, lower State flat... curb to curb water. Chapala, steep...no problem, Bath and Castillo....flat, not conducive to moving water efficiently.

RHS Aug 21, 2019 01:02 PM
Mission Street Project Update

Tagdes, thanks for the information. I understand the flow has to be maintained but was hoping they could lower the crown of the cross streets or even create some sort of pipeline channel under the streets to get their drainage water across Mission which would allow a relatively flat transit. Not going to happen I guess.

tagdes Aug 21, 2019 11:58 AM
Mission Street Project Update

It says the new X-gutters are done and they have to maintain the same grade across Mission to match the existing flow lines. When they grind and pave in Sept. they will grind adjacent the X-gutters for the new AC paving. I haven't looked at the plans but if they use Cold-in-place recycling the approaches will have the same grade coming in but, if they use the traditional overlay it will be a 0.1' or so higher which would make even steeper approaches. The trend is recycling and likely here.

Flicka Aug 20, 2019 03:31 PM
Mission Street Project Update

Seems there were comments here about how the project would go on for ages. Seems it is getting done on schedule.

a-1590897307 Aug 20, 2019 12:37 PM
Mission Street Project Update

Hooray. Good news. It wasn't too much but it was enough to annoy people. I hope the dust and noise wasn't too awful for people living nearby.

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