Missing Runaway Juvenile Located

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Source: Santa Maria Police

Thanks to the Santa Maria Police Department, Refugio Martinez has been located and safely returned to his parents.

The Santa Maria Police Department is thanking the public's assistance in helping locate a runaway juvenile who was considered at-risk and had been missing since 6-17-17. Refugio Martinez was last seen at his residence after returning from a friend's. Martinez was denied the ability to leave upon return, however he left by unknown means. 

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Flicka Jun 20, 2017 08:58 AM
Missing Runaway Juvenile Located

When parents are worried sick, how else to alert the public to help safely find them? Keeping it all quiet so the kids don't get any "notoriety" or maybe be brought to the attention of future employers down the line is no way to bring them safely home.

Stray Jun 20, 2017 07:12 AM
Missing Runaway Juvenile Located

If the two missing juveniles wanted to achieve notoriety, they've certainly achieved it through the SMPD's publishing of their names to peers, potential employers, teachers, and the entire community.

Is it in everyone's best interest to know their identities? If these teenagers performed only one foolish and non-offensive act, does it deserve to be revealed to and remembered by all?

Just wondering if juveniles in our society deserve a break? Or should we treat everyone like adults?

yin yang Jun 19, 2017 09:00 PM
Missing Runaway Juvenile Located

SBSand, I too went out the window. Indeed, what ARE parents to do?! I was labelled out of control, but juvenile probation wanted nothing to do with me, as I had committed no visible crime. Spent a night at juvenile hall -- it DID help. I was smart enough not to fight that power.
I'm blessed that my and my family's life worked out so well.

yin yang Jun 19, 2017 08:57 PM
Missing Runaway Juvenile Located

I noted that no age was provided. Maybe he IS very young.
Are people thinking the 2 runaways were together only because of the similar timing?
Regarding "where were they," if they're safe it's not our business.

I say this as an almost 60 year old who ran away when I was 14.
I put my parents through hell. I still got to college at 18, and my parents and I were always on good terms.
Hope we don't all get our exercise from jumping to conclusions. So glad the kids are safe!

SBSand Jun 19, 2017 01:22 PM
Missing Runaway Juvenile Located

Here's the problem, he ran away because he didn't want to be there. Hard as it may be, you can't force a kid to NOT run away when they are intent upon doing it, they will just climb out the window. I hope that the officers scared him and that he pulls himself together. From one parent of a complicated kid who hates rules to another, it's so stressful when you have a kid that does that type of thing! And yes, mine started at a young age too, just because he felt like it.

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