Milpas 7-Eleven Looted

By an edhat reader

I went in to 7-11 this morning to buy some beer and noticed the shelves and fridges were empty save for the 7-11 brand snacks. I didn’t see the slurped machines but not surprised if they were empty too.

I asked the cashier and he said they got looted! High school kids did a flash mob it sounds like, I don’t know if the store was closed due to staffing issues or if they just ran in and overwhelmed the place during hours. Apparently the location will be closed permanently as of 12/05.



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    • You are obfuscating the meaning. Yes, there may be slightly fewer cops, but the cop:crime ratio will be much higher. So still, the result is that you get greater, faster, and more focused response to crime. It is too bad they chose the name “defund the police” as the motto, because the benefits of moving both money and responsibilities around actually benefits everyone, including those who want more police response to criminal activity.

    • Agree! Find out who they are, charge them, the example is important to set. When you have a society that allows behavior like this then it is the behavior we will see… limits are needed, many people push until the find the limit and if they can get what they want without working for it why bother working?

  1. “save for the 7-11 brand snacks”…… “the location will be closed permanently as of 12/05.” – So, do you really think a mob of “high school kids” “looted” the place, taking ONLY brand name items and no 7-11 brand items and then it was NEVER reported in the news any where? Or…… is it more likely the clerk was joking and the place is closing (as the OP noted) so they only have 7-11 items being stocked by the franchise, as they cut ties with the other brands due to the upcoming closure?
    Come on folks….

  2. It is no longer illegal to steal if the incident is less than $950.
    So no point in “wasting” time to pull footage And no point in notifying principals & the world.
    Until crime is made illegal this is the norm.
    Gas station stores are looted everyday by homeless stealing chips , drinks, etc.
    The kids & others are taking money from the business but our government says it’s ok.

  3. Just for the record, the “defund the police” movement and slogan was not embraced by most left-leaning people. Obviously the slogan is bad and misleading. Sure, there are some people who want to disband law enforcement entirely. But very few. Most of us want effective, fair policing. We don’t want people killed by police for minor infractions. And we don’t want to coddle criminals, but we want rehabilitation when it’s possible. Put more money into effective K-12 education so we can put less into prisons.

  4. This reminds me of Milpas in the early 1980s: high endless crime. The Eastside Society, businesses, neighbors, and others have made impressive improvements over the last two decades.
    I encourage all Eastside and neighboring residents of Eucalyptus Hill/ and West Montecito to continue to support the Eastside Society.
    Volunteer or send a check to the Eastside Society. The Board is proactive and responsive. Without communication, information, outreach, coordination our part of town can easily return to how it was.
    A loud shout out of THANKS to all neighbors and businesses who stepped up and continue to make the Eastside safer and a wonderful community by not staying on the sidelines, and to Eastside Society for its leadership.

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