Memorial Weekend Arrests in Santa Barbara

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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

Double Hit and Run Collision – Suspect Arrested for DUI

May 30, 2021 - 6:45pm
State Street and Pueblo Street 

  • Officers responded to a report of a hit and run collision with injuries
  • Victim was driving south on State Street when he was rear-ended by a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed
  • Victim and victim’s passenger sustained minor injuries during the collision
  • Suspect vehicle fled south on State Street leaving the scene
  • Victim obtained the suspect vehicles license plate
  • Several hours later, the suspect vehicle was involved in another hit and run collision near South Salinas Street and Ensenada Street
  • Suspect fled on foot after the second collision.
  • Suspect was located by Officers
  • Suspect was believed to be DUI and was arrested after field sobriety evaluations
  • Suspect identified a 52-year-old Santa Barbara resident
  • Arrested and booked in Santa Barbara County Jail
  • Charges: 20001 VC – Hit and Run with Injury (felony), 20002 VC Hit and Run (misdemeanor), 23152 VC – DUI (misdemeanor), and 11350 H&S – Possession of Narcotics (misdemeanor)
  • Bail $50,000


DUI Traffic Collision Downtown

May 30, 2021 - 8:34pm
Anacapa Street and East Cota Street
  • Officers responded to a report of a non-injury traffic collision
  • Officers believed the driver causing the collision was DUI
  • Field sobriety evaluations were administered
  • The driver, a 37-year-old Santa Barbara resident was arrested on scene for DUI
  • Suspect was booked in Santa Barbara County Jail
  • Charges: 23152 VC – DUI (misdemeanor) and 12500 VC – No Driver’s License
  • Bail: $5,000


Battery Causing Injury Downtown

May 30, 2021 – 9:45pm 
700 State Street
  • Officers quickly responded to fight in progress call between two subjects
  • Investigation revealed the victim was punched in face several times
  • The victim fell to the ground and the suspect then kicked the victim in the face causing intentional injury
  • Victim was transported to Cottage Hospital for medical treatment
  • An independent witness provided officers with an account of the incident
  • Suspect was located and identified as, Juan Manuel Lopez, a 35-year-old transient
  • Lopez was arrested and booked in Santa Barbara County Jail
  • Charges: 245 PC – Battery Likely to Cause Great Bodily Injury (felony)
  • Bail: $30,000


DUI Driver Collides with Boulder

May 30, 2021 – 11:15pm
500 block of Alameda Padre Serra 
  • Officers responded to a possible injury collision involving a vehicle that collided into stone wall
  • Investigation determined the vehicle had collided with a large boulder
  • The driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol when contacted by police
  • Field sobriety evaluations were administered to the driver
  • The driver, a 24-year-old Santa Barbara resident was arrested on scene for DUI
  • Suspect was issued a citation for DUI and released to a family member
  • Charges: 23152 VC – DUI (misdemeanor)


Multiple Felony Vandalisms & Assault with a Deadly Weapon

May 31, 2021 – Multiple times
300 block of W. Montecito Street (5:50 am), 400 N. Milpas Street (4:00 pm), and 1900 State Street (11:10 pm) (multiple locations)
  • Officers responded to several calls throughout the day of a subject vandalizing multiple convenient stores throughout the city
  • It was believed the same suspect committed all the vandalisms based on evidence, video surveillance, and witness statements
  • The suspect was identified as, Brian Burrell, a 36-year-old Santa Barbara resident
  • At 300 W. Montecito Street, Burrell had thrown a large rock through a window of a local store then fled on foot
  • At 400 N. Milpas Street, Burnell started throwing items at the glass windows of the store and made criminal threats towards the clerk then fled the area.
  • At 1900 State Street, Burrell had thrown a large coffee dispenser at the store clerk containing very hot coffee.
  • Burrell was located by Officers several blocks away from 1900 State Street and placed under arrest.
  • Burrell was booked in the Santa Barbara County Jail
  • Charges: 3 counts of 594 VC – Vandalism (felony), 245 PC – Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and 422 PC - Criminal Threats (felony)
  • Bail: $50,000


Prowler & Trespasser Arrested

June 1, 2021 – 2:15am
200 block of Calle Esperanza
  • Homeowners contacted 9-1-1 when they heard loud banging and then glass shattering while sleeping
  • The homeowner armed himself with a firearm and noticed a dark figure walking inside his home
  • Multiple Officers arrived at the call for service with lights and sirens activated
  • Officers evacuated the home and located the suspect inside
  • The investigation revealed the suspect, Eivar Arroyo, a 46-year-old transient, had broken a glass sliding door to unlawfully enter the home
  • Arroyo was arrested without incident
  • During the arrest, Arroyo was making nonsensical statements appearing to be suffering from a mental health illness
  • Arroyo was booked in Santa Barbara County Jail
  • Charges: 594 PC – Vandalism (felony) and 602.5 PC – Aggravated Trespass (misdemeanor)
  • Bail: $20,000
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a-1622843714 Jun 04, 2021 02:55 PM
Memorial Weekend Arrests in Santa Barbara

That, or it's intentional so as to throw a little public shame their way. Nothing wrong with that when it comes to criminals making the obvious bad life choices.

LooseCannon Jun 04, 2021 06:14 PM
Memorial Weekend Arrests in Santa Barbara

I don't have any particular agenda to push, pro- or anti-police, but would like to see public funds used wisely.

This litany of bad behavior shouldn't be taken as anything out of the ordinary, or anything requiring a beefing-up of law-enforcement funding.

Luvaduck Jun 05, 2021 08:27 AM
Memorial Weekend Arrests in Santa Barbara

DUI's shouldn't be straight misdemeaners. Often, the result in permanent injury to someone else or even death. Maybe not "attempted homicide" or "manslaughter" but for sure, their car should be confiscated.

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