Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Harwood “Bendy” White

Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Harwood “Bendy” White title=
Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Harwood “Bendy” White
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This is the last installment in our "Meet Your Mayoral Candidates" series. Every day this week we've featured information and a video interview from our five applicants vying to be the next Santa Barbara Mayor in alphabetical order, because Ed does not take sides. All past candidates can be seen here. Today, we're featuring Harwood “Bendy” White, learn more about him below. 

Bendy White is a current city councilmember elected to a 4-year term ending in 2017.

A lifelong Santa Barbara resident, Bendy White is hoping to maintain the upkeep of City streets, parks, buildings. He also promotes slow growth and neighborhood preservation. He is committed to protecting the character, quality of life, and resources that Santa Barbara has to offer.

Currently, he sits on the committees for Finance and Sustainability and has served on the County and City planning commissions.


Below is a video interview conducted by Jerry Roberts:

Thank you Newsmakers with Jerry Roberts for conducting the interview and sharing the video with edhat readers.

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SBCountyLocal Sep 29, 2017 08:45 AM
Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Harwood “Bendy” White

YES! YES! & YES! ------- Bendy has my vote for Mayor! ---------- He has a firm understanding of how this City works, a level head, a wealth of knowledge about our City and his decisions are well thought out, rational and I can respect him. More importantly, if things change he will re-evaluate his first decision and make adjustments. You can't say that about Murillo and more importantly, unlike Murillo, Bendy has been fighting to make sure we fix the problems we have in the AUD program. That program was supposed to be designed to create housing affordable for our workforce and we've seen anything but that be built so far... Bendy led the charge to get the AUD 125 Cap and metering in place and he is fighting to make sure that only the best projects (i.e. affordable and compatible with the neighborhood) are built each year. Murillo on the other hand voted against the CAP and is trying to dismantle the entire program. We need housing, but it has to be the right kind of housing or things will only get worse not better for our workers and renters in the City. I'm confidante that Bendy is the RIGHT Choice for Mayor and I urge everyone to vote for him.

a-1507037007 Oct 03, 2017 06:23 AM
Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Harwood “Bendy” White

I could not agree MORE with your comment about Bendy! He definitely DOES have the experience and qualifications unlike Cathy Murrillo. She would be an absolute DISASTER as Mayor so, I urge everyone to vote in November for Bendy White!!

Tootie Sep 29, 2017 09:44 AM
Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Harwood “Bendy” White

Bendy was my neighbor when I moved to Santa Barbara 33 years ago. I have known him to be the "real deal" friendly, helpful, concerned, and informed. He is the most qualified candidate for mayor; Bendy genuinely cares and weighs all the facts carefully, sometimes with a sense of humor, to arrive at a sensible conclusion. A great choice for Santa Barbara!

SBCountyLocal Sep 29, 2017 09:40 PM
Meet Your Mayoral Candidate: Harwood “Bendy” White

At the end of the day folks need to decide if they want Murillo to win. A vote for Hal and not Bendy will seal the deal. ----- Bendy is the better candidate and he is what the City needs right now.

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