Materials Exchange Website Launched

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Materials Exchange Website Launched
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Source: County of Santa Barbara

A free materials exchange website has been established by Santa Barbara County’s Public Works Department to assist the public to share materials deposited by the devastating debris flows in Montecito in January.

A link to the website is available at or can be found directly at:

The purpose of this online resource is to facilitate the sharing of materials while limiting the debris going into landfills. The website allows homeowners, contractors, landowners, famers, and others, inside and outside of Montecito, to connect directly with Montecito residents who have materials on their property that need to be removed.

“The new materials exchange website will provide an easy, convenient and mutually-beneficial way for our community to share usable materials that might otherwise be wasted,” said Leslie Wells, collections and materials manager for the Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division.

“There may be folks who can use free rocks for decorative or protective purposes on their properties or others who may need soil. Each exchange, large or small, will help ease the impact on our local landfills, as well as reduce costs to homeowners. Our new website is just one example of the County’s commitment to developing creative solutions,” Wells added.

All materials listed on the website are free. The parties involved in the exchange will determine how the material is transported from one property to another. There are currently five exchange categories in which individuals may post advertisements or review listings: rocks, soil, mulch, boulders, and other. The materials exchange website is only intended for natural materials; household items such as appliances, electronics, or furniture should not be listed.

For more information on the materials exchange, please submit an inquiry via the “contact us” page of the materials exchange website or call the Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division of the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department at (805) 882-3600. To post, click on “publish new” on the materials exchange website.

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MountainMan4865 Mar 05, 2018 06:06 PM
Materials Exchange Website Launched

This is pretty awesome! Great thinking. When I lived in Austin, they culled the stuff that was being dumped at the dump and things that were not broken or were reusable were set off in another area to be purchased for a low low low cost. Kept a huge amount of stuff out of the landfill, and added a little to the County coffers.

Flicka Mar 06, 2018 08:49 AM
Materials Exchange Website Launched

MOUNTAINMAN, Time was people could go root around in our local dump and although I never did I had friends who went home with amazing treasures. A shame to bury useful items.

RHS Mar 06, 2018 09:48 AM
Materials Exchange Website Launched

Another voice of support for this. And please note that this is an example of government (bureaucracy!) doing good which it almost always works to do.

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