Marymount of Santa Barbara Changes Name to The Riviera Ridge School

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Source: The Riviera Ridge School

Marymount of Santa Barbara’s Board of Trustees and Head of School are pleased to announce the name of the School is being changed to The Riviera Ridge School, beginning with the 2021-2022 school year. This name change aligns with the strategic vision and purpose of the School, and is critical in clarifying the School’s present and future identity. 
After earning a full seven-year accreditation from the California Association of Independent Schools in 2018, The Board of Trustees and members of the administration and academic leadership teams embarked on a forward thinking 10-year strategic plan. Upon its completion, the Trustees determined the first major action item to address was the School’s identity: revising its mission, vision, and values; policies for diversity, equity, and inclusion; and reviewing the “Marymount” name itself, which is affiliated and committed exclusively to the global network of Religious of Sacred Heart of Mary schools, and is not an accurate representation of the School as it is today. 

“While we were founded as a Catholic school over 80 years ago, the School has evolved over the past several decades to be inclusive of all moral and ethical teachings as well as spiritual beliefs. Today, with our signature curricular program, Kaleidoscope, we are proud to be an independent day school, celebrating the diversity of all history, backgrounds, and cultures of our students and families,” says Christina Broderick, Head of School. “Our former name has been a large source of confusion among prospective families and the community at large for many years. It was critical we address this deliberately and decisively. We will, as The Riviera Ridge School, continue to be the home of academic excellence, where we provide an environment that balances the social, emotional, and ethical dimensions of teaching and learning to create a future-proofed skill set.”

“This name change represents the natural progression of the School’s evolution,” says Alexis Weaver, President of the Board of Trustees. “With the completion of our 10-year strategic plan, the Trustees determined it was time to clarify the School’s identity. ‘The Riviera Ridge School’ name reflects its idyllic location on the Santa Barbara Riviera, and speaks to the love of our local community. And, most importantly, while the name of the School is changing, the School itself remains unchanged. It is the same incredible faculty, staff and School community that have always been the heart of the School.”

The new name further embodies the School’s academic programs, particularly their signature Kaleidoscope Program, in which they prioritize the study of historical, cultural, ethical, and moral perspectives through a reflective view of world religions. Through this lens, students are given the unique opportunity to experience and study the traditions and values of world religions and diverse cultures through a global and unifying perspective. With a focus on inclusivity and educating the whole person, SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and DEIJB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging) are the cornerstones of academic excellence at The Riviera Ridge School. The School adopted its new mission, vision, and values in 2020 to reflect the importance of personalized learning, philanthropic studies, and instilling the importance of seeking a “purpose beyond self” in all that they do and learn. The Riviera Ridge School continues to be the school where every student matters. 
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a-1625839069 Jul 09, 2021 06:57 AM
Marymount of Santa Barbara Changes Name to The Riviera Ridge School

I attended Marymount in the mid 70's just after they cut ties with Sacred Heart of Mary. I believe the parents, at that time, purchased the school from the nuns. I know only part of the property was purchased at that time and later on they purchased more of the original property. At one time it was an all girls boarding school.

chico berkeley Jul 09, 2021 06:14 PM
Marymount of Santa Barbara Changes Name to The Riviera Ridge School

Thanks for letting that by....
That school was the pre-UCSB campus,wich moved to the City College site and eventually to the army school at College Point.
Riviera Theater was a part of that campus.
I grew up calling the point at UCSB "College Point" since I learned to surf there in 1967.
Still a great palace to learn to surf.

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