Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available title=
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available
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By edhat staff

MarBorg Industries and Heal the Ocean have created a pilot program for Styrofoam recycling in Santa Barbara.

Heal the Ocean states the program is "a powerful attack on an exceptionally destructive source of ocean pollution." Recycling Styrofoam will slow down the waste stream going into the Tajiguas landfill. 

The types of Styrofoam accepted is the stuff used to ship electronics, construction materials, and even meat trays. All Styrofoam must be cleaned and free of tape, aluminum, wrapping, food, or any other material. Currently packing "peanuts" and softer Polyurethane foam materials used in memory foam, packing cloth sheets, etc. are not allowed as they gum up densifiers. They can, however, be taken to various mail services who reuse them.

The accepted Styrofoam of all shapes and sizes can be dropped off for free at MarBoarg in Goleta (20 David Love Place) and Santa Barbara (132 Nopalitos Way).

MarBorg will then densify the Styrofoam into viscous material that is reformed into usable products such as mirrors, picture frames, and new packing material. 

Heal the Ocean also reminds the community that Styrofoam cannot go in the blue recycling collection bins as it will negatively impact all recycling.

MarBorg Industries is a family-owned business that has operated waste management in Santa Barbara for over 75 years and is also CalRecycle Certified. Health the Ocean is a 3,000 member citizens action group addressing ocean-pollution issues. Learn more about this program at

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a-1594491904 Aug 15, 2019 10:30 PM
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

The pilot program for Styrofoam recycling in Santa Barbara is really a good news. Styrofoam is recyclable, and it can be effectively recycled by GREENMAX foam recycling machines. The Styrofoam compactor helps you reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 50:1, and greatly save storage spaces and transportation cost. Now Styrofoam recycling has become a business that can make profits to you. More information for Styrofoam recycling, please visit:

NostraChumash Aug 11, 2019 12:52 PM
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

I hope folks realize something; There is NOTHING...repeat, No-thing, that humans can do today that will reverse, control, fix or heal, any part of the planet!?.. Event-horizon was surpassed long ago, & today, we are experiencing the agonal breathing of a dying, nearly dead (as for supporting human life) planet.

Flicka Aug 10, 2019 04:36 PM
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

Marborg has always been on the leading edge of recycling, long before it started nationwide. They started in the 1930s.

RHS Aug 10, 2019 08:39 AM
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

Expanded foam has been a disaster to our environment for decades. But it is not recyclable in practice. Whatever this gimmick is, one should suspect it is a way for the plastics industry to continue to use the product while offering some dim hope that the product will be "recycled". I respect Heal the Ocean but I think they are being co opted in this one. Much better to ban expanded foam altogether (or minimally make the users of the product accept it back so they will have to deal with it instead of thousands of local land fills).

RHS Aug 11, 2019 12:39 PM
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

Eastbeach: Bottom line of this is that the cost and practicality of any recycling of this stuff is pie in the sky. While "possible" it will not happen, especially as the cost of the fresh stuff is so incredibly cheap. Basically it is material that the oil industry would have to pay to haul away as waste were it not able to sell it to us gullible folks.

EastBeach Aug 10, 2019 05:01 PM
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

Agree it'd be great if EPS wasn't used, but Google searches do indicate recycling of EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) while a challenge, can be done. Densifying is key, and the material must be clean ....... ........

EastBeach Aug 10, 2019 08:27 AM
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

Great news. Recently purchased a bed frame from one of the more popular online foam mattress companies. It was delivered in a very large box with huge pieces of styrofoam.

a-1594491904 Aug 09, 2019 10:53 PM
Marborg Stryofoam Drop-Off Now Available

Thank you Heal the Ocean and Marborg. This is a terrific step in the right direction. I wish now we had saved all the clean styrofoam meat trays we stored for years in our garage, while waiting for this very moment to arrive. Unfortunately, we finally gave up and put all 200+ of them in the trash several years back. Gah.

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