Man Hiding in Women’s Bathroom at Chase Palm Park

Male suspect captured on video leaving the women's bathroom after being kicked out in Santa Barbara's Chase Palm Park on June 15, 2024 (video screenshot)

Update by the Santa Barbara Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Department was made aware of a video that was posted on social media that depicted a man entering the women’s restroom at Chase Palm Park.

On Sunday, June 16, 2024, a reporting person called the SBPD dispatch center and informed the dispatcher that there was a man “hiding” in the women’s restrooms at Chase Palm Park.  Officers were provided with a description of the subject that matched the description of the man that is depicted in the video on social media. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the subject. We ask anyone with information about this incident to contact SBPD’s Dispatch Center at 805-882-8900.

*Note – There appears there is no call for service pertaining to this incident that has been logged in our system occurring on Saturday, June 15, 2024.

Reported by an edhat reader

A video has been going viral online about a man hiding in the women’s bathroom at Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara this past Saturday (June 15, 2024).

According to the video and reports from a neighbor, this white male wearing a black baseball hat was seen lingering inside the women’s restroom.

A neighbor stated she was in the bathroom and this man was peeping over the stall at her. She ran out when she noticed him.

Someone called the Santa Barbara Police Department but an officer never showed up. Apparently the cops either called the Parks Department or someone on the scene called them and a worker arrived to kick this man out and close up the bathroom. The below video footage on TikTok shows the man walking out of the bathroom.

The full video is below with the caption:

“Chase Palm Park Beach, he was in the women’s restroom. Was there on Saturday after walking on the beach. Didn’t realize the guy was hiding inlooked center stall and he looked over at me as I was standing up to zip my pants and saw him. Scared me, didn’t want to come out and noticed his feet and I ran out. I tried to get a Pic of him as he walked out 10 minutes later, but I was walking away already to get a close-up. I followed him and he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. Didn’t want to get too close. Apparently, the person who took this video called the cops but they didn’t show up. So she waited till finally the guy closing the the restroom up told him to get out and she shot this video. Beware! “


@owlfutura Yesterday we stopped to go to the bathroom and noticed a man in the womens bathrooms. We stayed for a while waiting to see if he would come out or warn women going in, but we actually kept noticing he would stand on top of the toilet, pop his head out, waiting for someone to go in. He did that REPEATEDLY. We stayed for about 20min and then called the cops. No one showed up until, someone that works for the city was closing the bathrooms and noticed a man was in there. He refused to leave. He just kept hiding. ALWAYS go with someone else to the restroom, and try to carry a water flask, pepper spray, anything for protection. See something, say something #watchout #publicrestroom #warning⚠️ #warning #manonthestreet #seesomethingsaysomething ♬ original sound – Owlfutura


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    • SBSURFER – thanks for the info, I learned something new from all this!

      Unfortunately, we still have many here and all over the world who’s fear of trans or even gay people is so entrenched that they’ll never really understand that crimes like this are most often perpetrated, by a vast majority, by straight, cis-gender men, not members of the LGBQT+ community.

      • Glad to hear it.
        And yes, you are correct. Most sexual assaults, abuses, molestations are perpetrated by white cis-men who identify as straight, with an alarming percentage of those abuses being connected to churches. So if we wanted to boil it down further, one could realistically state that white christian nationalists are the highest percentage of sex abusers.

  1. Never let your kids go into public restrooms alone because of men like this.

    And thank you for including the videos and commentary. That guy on instagram is absolutely correct, these instances are overwhelmingly perpetrated by cis-men and not transpeople no matter how much the GOP cries and creates anti-trans propaganda.

        • ANON and CALIB – Woke is defined as ” aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice” –

          So, tell me… why do you rejoice in being – “anit-woke” or whatever you folks call it? It’s like you celebrate ignorance and poor education. Why is that something you’re all proud of? Weird. I’d be ashamed to be admitting that day in day out. Different strokes for different folks, I guess….

          • Possibly the Ol’ Schoolers feel that “Woke” may need to be considered a linguistic flaw or Joke. One who may have awakened by education, science, Socio-Economics, Political Science, Geothermal Analysis of the planet, other Environmental-Sciences, Oceanography, and more. Woke, maybe sounds like Ain’t, Ain’t, is a contraction for I-am-not.

            I woke up this morning an realized I love Eileee or Amy, One of those would likely be a correct form of the use of the English Language. If One used ” Isn’t” for” is-not” it may be questioned by a scholar or a random troll on the webby-web of Information and fake manipulation. Imagine “I became WOKE thanks to my extensive education, it made “this-individual” appreciate the opinions of other scholars.”

            Those, [politicians, Social Influencers, Con-Artists] who DO NOT quickly spill anger on Social Media and use the media for emotional and sensational drama to get quick emotional reactive responses often affecting the Political-Landscape, plus the impressionable young And even the elderly to create Hateful tendencies. Such as to alienate, manipulate, segregate, negate, thus making it impossible for Americans and the Whole-Wide-World to come together and peacefully congregate and hopefully intellectually relate and integrate in order to problem solve instead of hate! Instead of creating more problems to Humanly disassociate. Hopefully, All-of-Thou can collectively at some point truly find a way to relate and globally Re-Create.

  2. If you watch the video there’s another guy going into the women’s bathroom right after he leaves! Those SB waterfront bathrooms have long been sketchy. Imagine the weirdos that are ready to hit up the unisex ones.

    • Nope, just curious why you think weirdos are waiting to hit up unisex bathrooms. Did you know there are already lots of those? Just more typical fear mongering from an ignorant point of view.

      Also, you’ve already proven your bigotry toward the LGBQT community so would I wait until next week to call you out on it? Dumb, indeed…..

  3. Cis? Does that explain why he was looking over the stall. Seriously, your go to is to blame GOP instead of reading the story, “ this man was peeping over the stall at her”
    Stop politicizing mental illness and just plane old predators.

    Guess bathrooms should be designated XX or XY
    There is no disputing that. Science!

    • SBLETS – uh…. do you know what “cis” means? It would absolutely explain why a man is looking over a stall in the women’s bathroom. A male attracted to women, is straight, cis gender.

      Would labeling the bathrooms differently stopped this man from peering over the stall at the women? Nah.

      Just more flaming the fire of ignorance here.

      • BASIC – nothing “woke” about my comment. Just explaining to SBLETS why their comment doesn’t make logical sense. Cis men are attracted to women, as was this pervo apparently. How is that so hard for you two to understand?

        Looks like we should add “cis” to the plethora of trigger words for the ignorant.

          • ANON – understood and noted. I think my point was that the outrage over the term “cis” was misplaced.

            Do you really think a cis gay man would be peering at women in the bathroom? Point, again, is that all this panic and fear of LGBQT folks is founded in ignorance of reality as the facts show that most sexual predators are cis, straight men.

          • Thank you for this clarification. As I mentioned in a separate comment, the fact that this person’s gender or sexual identity is brought into question is absolutely ridiculous when the whole point of the post is they were peeping at a woman using the restroom and continued to hide in there.

            • No one brought this fellow’s gender or sexual identity into question. The whole point of thatdaneshguy’s comment was that this is almost certainly a straight cis male, not a trans person who the right wingers routinely and falsely accuse or warn of entering restrooms to peer at women. The pervs and pedophiles are mostly found among right wingers and the clergy (here’s an ongoing list that is up to 1304 entries:, not among the trans or gay community.

      • With respect sacjon, it does not seem that a male attracted to a female (for sexual purposes) would go into a private space and sneak a peek at a woman engaged in non-sexual bodily actions. Whatever this attraction is it is not common male-female sex). So this action, if true, is certainly aberrant enough to raise concerns.

        • ANON – eh….. people have weird kinks and messed up minds. I think it would be pretty hard to argue this guy is not attracted to women in some, albeit deviant, sexual way. That’s why I rebutted the claim that he’s not “Cis” or whatever SBLETS was trying to get at.

        • “With respect sacjon, it does not seem that a male attracted to a female (for sexual purposes) would go into a private space and sneak a peek at a woman engaged in non-sexual bodily actions.”

          How naive. What do you suppose motivates people who sneak selfie sticks under women’s skirts?

          “Whatever this attraction is it is not common male-female sex”

          False dichotomy and strawman … there’s no claim that it’s common.

          “certainly aberrant enough to raise concerns”

          It would “raise concerns” even if it *weren’t* aberrant.

      • “do you know what “cis” means? It would absolutely explain why a man is looking over a stall in the women’s bathroom. A male attracted to women, is straight, cis gender.”

        cis is simply the exclusive opposite of trans. (It’s also a banned word on Twitter/X, because Elon Musk is a deranged transphobe who hates his own trans daughter.)
        A man attracted to women might be either cis or trans … in fact most trans men are straight or bisexual and attracted to women.

    • Lets, there are many chromosomal combinations possible.

      “In humans, the presence of the Y chromosome is responsible for triggering male development; in the absence of the Y chromosome, the fetus will undergo female development. There are various exceptions, such as individuals with Klinefelter syndrome (who have XXY chromosomes), Swyer syndrome (women with XY chromosomes), and XX male syndrome (de la Chapelle syndrome, men with XX chromosomes), however these exceptions are rare. In some instances, a seemingly normal female with a vagina, cervix, and ovaries has XY chromosomes, but the SRY gene has been shut down.”

      “Intersex can be divided into four categories which are: 46, XX intersex; 46, XY intersex; true gonadal intersex; and complex or undetermined intersex.”
      See for discussion of each category.

    • Anonymous – Can’t blames the cops for lack of response. But I would like to know why (if) there was no or delayed response. Back in the day when there were plenty of cops available to respond to calls, I’ll guess there could have been a response within a matter of minutes.

      • DOULIE – Really surprising the cops didn’t show. Then again, sounds like they weren’t actually called:

        “*Note – There appears there is no call for service pertaining to this incident that has been logged in our system occurring on Saturday, June 15, 2024.”

        I’d be surprised if they were called and then for some reason chose not to go investigate. There are usually a few patrol cars near the area at all times.

    • Police posted an update in the above article that they did arrive and searched the perimeter. Interesting though as the reporting party in the video stated they waited for 20 mins and cops had yet to arrive.

    • “say he is a trans and gain access”

      Transphobes are so warped.

      The fact is that trans men prefer to use men’s bathrooms and trans women prefer to use women’s bathrooms — and that is what the deranged right wing transphobes are up in arms about, passing laws that *force* trans men to use women’s bathrooms (sending the women screaming) and trans women to use men’s bathrooms (where the trans women are likely to be attacked).

  4. Also, it’s important to acknowledge that most of the people on this thread questioning this person’s sex and gender identity are not doing so to be thoughtful or courteous. They are doing so to poke fun at and exploit other people’s minority identities. These people are assholes and should be named as such.

    This person caught on camera, regardless of how they identify, was reportedly peeping on people using the restroom and attempted to hide and leave when a parks worker demanded it. This has NOTHING to do with gender, biological sex, or sexual identity. Those who do are simply uninformed, ignorant, agitators, or all of the above.

  5. See something. Do something. Don’t take a photo. Call the police. Follow the person until police arrive. Get a license plate… I really can’t understand why anyone would be a bystander in this situation. The man is a predator and the next time some poor girl or woman could be physically hurt or RAPED. I wouldn’t want that on my conscious, but you will have to live with this. Be a better person.

  6. Does section code 647(j) apply? Likely, peeking/peeping/loitering/invasion of privacy. Unfortunately, it is a just a misdemeanor. If found guilty, a sentence of less than a year would likely apply and furthermore possibly fines may also apply? Anyone??

    IDK, about peeping-tom-laws, anyone?

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