Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

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Source: Santa Barbara County District Attorney

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced that late yesterday afternoon on October 6, 2021, a Santa Barbara jury unanimously found Howard W., 59, guilty of guilty of seven counts of child molestation committed on his two daughters.   The jury also found true the special allegation pursuant to Penal Code section 667.61 that the defendant committed the child molestations against multiple victims.

The successful prosecution was the result of the bravery of the defendant’s two daughters who spoke of their abuses to local school counselors, who then notified our local agencies and an investigation ensued.  Through the diligent work of the school counselors, Child Welfare Services and the excellent investigation conducted by Sergeant Matt Banks of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, the defendant was arrested and successfully prosecuted.  

District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley commented “The heroic victims/survivors showed great courage in testifying and confronting their abuser in order to hold him accountable for her horrendous acts of molestation and child abuse.” Prosecuting Attorney, Supervising Deputy District Attorney Benjamin Ladinig thanked the jury for their extraordinary patience with the process and fulfilling their duty to serve during these unprecedented times. 

The defendant is scheduled to be sentenced by the Honorable Judge Thomas R. Adams on November 15, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. in Department 1 of the Santa Barbara Superior Court.  

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Rypert Johnson Oct 07, 2021 11:59 AM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

Courageous and brave kids, horrible human as their dad. Anyone who excuses this kind of vile & lewd conduct toward children should share a cell w/ "Howard W" (the defendant).
This is not an "illness" as some like to claim, it's horrendous behavior committed by a horrendous and vile excuse for a human.
Much love and respect to the 2 survivors of these cruel acts as well as the school counselors, Child Welfare Services and Sergeant Matt Banks of the SBSO that handled this matter. You can rest assured that they too are traumatized by the tales shared with them by these innocent kids.
The real work now begins, these two children will now have to undergo rehabilitation and more to rebuild their trust in adults.
Meanwhile, Honorable Judge Thomas R. Adams, the ball is in your court, your honor. This Howard W individual deserves no mercy from the court.

sacjon Oct 08, 2021 09:56 AM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

RYPERT - does anyone really "excuse" this type of monstrous behavior? I've never heard of anyone sticking up for molesters.

SBTownie Oct 08, 2021 10:14 AM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

Families of molesters and consumers of child sexual abuse imagery often tend to be their biggest apologists. Sadly I know from personal experience.

sacjon Oct 08, 2021 10:21 AM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

SBTOWNIE - I'm so sorry to hear that. I am a pretty liberal person, but I feel molesters are truly broken and beyond rehabilitation. On the one hand, it is sad that they are, but they're too dangerous to our society to be allowed out.

Henry Sarria Oct 09, 2021 05:47 AM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

Sacjon, actually, there are "apologist/excusivist" types to this kind of crime, even condoners. Eve hear of an organization called "NAMBLA"? Look em' up bro, you'll be appalled!
There's others as well & now there's even sociological researchers claiming such behavior is "normal" & should be understood, that just makes for a "WTF?!" moment.
But yeah, man, 100% agree, molesters are truly broken and beyond rehabilitation & they have the highest recidivism rate due to that.
On a personal note, a while back I had some neighbors, these girls, all belonged to the "Jesus Burgers" church group here in IV. They had guy friends, but 1 that stood out was incredibly creepy, just gave me chills whenever he was around.
Well, anyways, the dude eventually got popped for child porn, he served a minimum sentence & was released on condition of mandatory on the spot searches as a requirement of his parole.
So he gets a visit from his PO, the PO notices he's a bit nervous & jumpy, like tryin' to hide something, now the search is on.
The PO notices in the guy's room that the mattress on the bed is kind of oddly bulged, the PO lifts it & underneath the mattress is an iPad & it contains child porn.
Well, that was a quick return to jail ticket for that dude, don't know what happened after that, but again, livin' proof of what you said about broken & beyond rehab.

a-1633635559 Oct 07, 2021 12:39 PM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

Oh, how awful. What brave girls. I hope they consented to this post. Even with a last name removed, they may be identifiable to those who know them.

forrealnews Oct 07, 2021 04:58 PM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

A picture should always be shown of molesters and their full name. It is always possible their are even more victims. This is unfortunately, horribly common.

a-1633707853 Oct 08, 2021 08:44 AM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

This is "rape" and "incest." As a reminder, Californians, unlike, say, Texans, are lucky to have legal, close-to-home options to handle any reproductive results from rape and incest; whether the victim, if pregnancy results, wishes to carry to term, or whether she finds results impossibly repugnant , or finds herself too shocked or depressed or frightened to carry on without surgical intervention in the course of her life that suddenly has, in her estimation, been sent too far off the rails from what she planned, or believes she can bear, whether in the next handful of months, or in the next decade or so.

Luvaduck Oct 08, 2021 09:12 AM
Man Found Guilty of Child Molestation

In the absence of an venue to abort an unwanted fetus, some women resort to horrendously dangerous home remedies; some go the quick way: suicide. No woman should be forced to carry a fetus resulting from incest or rape under any circumstances. Debate the rest if YOU are pregnant or could become pregnant. When some men feel personally affronted, ask if they have married the pregnant woman and put themselves on the line to protect and provide, in sickness and health for the next 18 years. It's easy to be against if you don't have less than a minute in the process.

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